Fertilizers and crops: or, The science and practice of plant-feeding; a presentation of facts, giving practical methods for using fertilizers in crop growing, with special emphasis on the reasons underlying their use, and on the conditions of their great efficiency

Orange Judd company, 1912 - 734 páginas

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Página 738 - It contains an account of modern methods in feeding and handling all farm s*:ock, including poultry. The diseases which affect different farm animals and poultry are described, and the most recent remedies suggested for controlling them. Every bit of this vast mass of new and useful information is authoritative, practical and easily found, and no effort has been spared to include all desirable details.
Página 737 - Cornell University. If you raise five acres of any kind of grain you cannot afford to be without this book. It is in every way the best book on the subject that has ever been written. It treats of the cultivation and improvement of every grain crop raised in America in a thoroughly practical and accurate manner. The subject-matter includes a comprehensive and succinct treatise of wheat, maize, oats, barley, rye, rice, sorghum (kafir corn) and buckwheat, as related particularly to American conditions....
Página 735 - CHICAGO ASHLAND BUILDING PEOPLE'S GAS BUILDING 315-321 Fourth Avenue ISO Michigan Avenue Any of these books will be sent by mail, postpaid, to any part of the world, on receipt of catalog price. We are always happy to correspond with our patrons, and cordially invite them to address us on any matter pertaining to rural books.
Página 737 - The Cereals in America," by the same author, it treats of the cultivation and improvement of every one of the forage and fiber crops. With this book in hand, you have the latest and most up-to-date information available.
Página 736 - BURKETT, Director Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station. The most complete and popular work of the kind ever published. As a rule, a book of this sort is dry and uninteresting, but in this case it reads like a novel. The author has put into it his individuality. The story of the properties of the soils, their improvement and management, as well as a discussion of the problems of crop growing and crop feeding, make this book equally valuable to the farmer, student and teacher.
Página 736 - Illustrated. 303 pages. 5^x8 inches. Cloth. . Net, $1.25 Weeds of the Farm Garden By LH PAMMEL. The enormous losses, amounting to several hundred million dollars annually in the United States, caused by weeds stimulate us to adopt a better system of agriculture. The weed question is, therefore a most important and vital one for American farmers This treatise will enable the farmer to treat his field to remove weeds.
Página 738 - Department of Agriculture. HIS is a new, practical and complete presentation of the whole subject of agriculture in its broadest sense. It is designed for the use of agriculturists...
Página 736 - This treatise will enable the farmer to treat his field to remove weeds. The book is profusely illustrated by photographs and drawings made expressly for this work, and will prove invaluable to every farmer, land owner, gardener and park superintendent. 5x7 inches. 300 pages. Cloth Net, $1.50 Farm Machinery and Farm Motors By JB DAVIDSON and LW CHASE. Farm Machinery and Farm Motors is the first American book published on the subject of Farm Machinery since that written by JJ Thomas in 1867. This...
Página 735 - First Book," and will be found especially valuable to those who desire an introduction to the subject, and who intend to do subsequent reading. Illustrated. 5x7 inches. 265 pages. Cloth. Net, $1.00 The Study of Corn By PROF. VM SHOESMITH. A most helpful book to all farmers and students interested in the selection and improvement of corn. It is profusely illustrated from photographs, all of which carry their own story am' contribute their part in making pictures and text matter a clear, concise and...
Página 736 - Profusely illustrated. 55^x8 inches. 520 pages. Cloth Net, $2.00 The Book of Wheat By PT DONDLINGER. This book comprises a complete study of everything pertaining to wheat. It is the work of a student of economic as well as agricultural conditions, well .fitted by the broad experience in both practical and theoretical lines to tell the whole story in a condensed form. It is designed for the farmer, the teacher, and the student as well. Illustrated.

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