The Edinburgh Review: Or Critical Journal, Volumen219

A. Constable, 1914
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Página 98 - He who begins by loving Christianity better than Truth, will proceed by loving his own sect or Church better than Christianity, and end in loving himself better than all.
Página 224 - States which have undergone a change of government due to revolution, the results of which threaten other States, ipso facto, cease to be members of the European Alliance, and remain excluded from it until their situation gives guarantees for legal order and stability. If, owing to such alterations, immediate danger threatens other States, the Powers bind themselves, by peaceful means, or if need be by arms, to bring back the guilty State into the bosom of the Great Alliance.
Página 224 - The people of the United States have a vital interest in the cause of popular self-government.
Página 222 - It cannot be too often and too emphatically asserted that the United States has not the slightest desire for territorial aggrandizement at the expense of any of its southern neighbors, and will not treat the Monroe Doctrine as an excuse for such aggrandizement on its part.
Página 326 - C'est que la Liberté n'est pas une comtesse Du noble faubourg Saint-Germain, Une femme qu'un cri fait tomber en faiblesse, Qui met du blanc et du carmin : C'est une forte femme aux puissantes mamelles, A la voix rauque, aux durs appas...
Página 489 - God is our guide ! from field, from wave, From plough, from anvil, and from loom, We come, our country's rights to save, And speak a tyrant faction's doom : And hark ! we raise from sea to sea, The sacred watchword, Liberty.
Página 219 - The acquisition of San Domingo is an adherence to the " Monroe doctrine;" it is a measure of national protection ; it is asserting our just claim to a controlling influence over the great commercial traffic soon to flow from west to east, by way of the Isthmus of Darien...
Página 435 - That all further extension of territory or assumption of government, or new treaties offering any protection to native tribes, would be inexpedient...
Página 42 - Nous avouerons que notre héros était fort peu héros en ce moment. Toutefois, la peur ne venait chez lui qu'en seconde ligne; il était surtout scandalisé de ce bruit qui lui faisait mal aux oreilles.
Página 418 - I heard them both, and oh! I heard The song of every singing bird That sings beneath the sky, And with the song of lark and wren The song of mountains, moths and men And seas and rainbows vie!

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