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Professor of modern languages at the University of Heidelberg,
Author of several “ Conversation - Grammars'', " First German book” &c.

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DAVID NUTT, 270 Strand.

A. FRANCK, 67 Rue Richelieu.
L. W SCHMIDT, 24 Barclay - Street.

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Pre face.

Among those who study German there may be a good many who are satisfied by attaining such a degree as to be able to understand a German book and talk a little German. For them the study of my “German Grammar with conversational Exercises"*) may suffice. But those who are desirous of being able to translate English into good German and to write German letters should continue their practical studies. Now the question arises: “What next, when we have gone through the Grammar?" And here I confess, I was often at a loss when this question was asked of me. 6 German Exercices” are indeed not wanting; but they have to go along with the Grammar. To take an English book and translate some dozen pages, as many try to do, will not answer the purpose either, because there is nothing to explain to them grammatical difficulties, peculiar constructions, idioms, particular meanings of words etc. Proficient students want to be guided in this by a little book composed expressly for that purpose. This idea led the author of this volume to collect a number of short Extracts from good English prose writers for translating into German; to arrange them gradually and to accompany them with the necessary notes, and frequent references to the Grammar,

*) German Grammar with conversational Exercises by Dr. Emil Otto

8th Edition. Heidelberg, Julius Groos. 1867. Price 5 sh.

A Vocabulary is added (p. 160) for the first 65 pieces only, as the author wishes to leave open to the pupil an opportunity for learning the use of a Dictionary.

I am convinced that those who go carefully through a part of this volume will gain a great facility not only in writing but also in speaking German.

Heidelberg, October 1865.

Preface to the second edition.

It seems that the method adapted in this little volume has been approved of, since a new edition has so soon become necessary.

All the pieces have been carefully revised, the notes at the bottom of the pages increased and the Vocabulary at the end of the book greatly enriched, so that many difficulties which puzzled the pupil in the first edition are now removed.

A Key to it will also be published before long.

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