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provide a book in which shall be registered the name, residence, occupation, and religious creed of every boy received into the school; the date of his reception, and the date and condition of his discharge; the names, residence, and occupation of his parents; whether the boy was apprenticed or not, and if so apprenticed, the name, residence, and occupation of the person to whom he was apprenticed. He shall have charge of all persons committed to the institution by any magistrate or court, shall use his best efforts to employ, instruct, discipline, and reform all such persons under his charge, and shall discharge such other dutie as

the said board may direct, and shall at all times be subject to removal by the board for incapacity, immorality, negligence of duty, or cruelty to the inmates.



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§ 17. It shall be lawful for the board, whenever it may deem any inmate of said institution to have been so far refornied as to justify his discharge, to give him an honorable dismissal, and to cause an entry of the reasons for such dismissal to be made in the book of records prepared for that purpose.

All persons thus honorably dismissed, and all those who shall have served the full term of their respective sentences, shall thereafter be released from all penalties and disabilities resulting from the offenses or crimes for which they were committed. Upon the final discharge of any inmate as in this section provided, the superintendent shall immediately certify such discharge in writing, and shall transmit the certificate to the magistrate or court by which such inmate or boy was committed. Said magistrate or court shall thereupon dismiss the accusation and the action pending against said person. Parole.

§ 18. There shall be established in said school a system of marking and grading upon merit or attainments in school and shop and general conduct, by which the boy committed under this act may work out his way to parole and honorable discharge. When in the opinion of the superintendent a boy, by the regulations established for that purpose, has earned the right to a parole, he shall cause to be obtained a reputable home or place of employment where said boy may be employed and earn a living by honorablc labor, and then shall recommend said boy to the board for parole, and if the board is satisfied that it is for the welfare of such boy to be paroled, it shall grant such parole under such condition as it may deem best, which shall be continued until such boy has proved his ability for honorable self-support when he shall, lipon the recommendation of the superintendent, be honorably discharged. Any boy who, while on parole, violates the conditions of the parole may be returned to said school. [Amended, Statutes 1909, p. 964.]



§ 19. Any boy committed to said school who, after due trial, is found to be, in the opinion of the superintendent, incapable of reformation or so morally deficient or incorrigible as to render his retention detrimental to the interests of said school, or when it is ascertained by good and sufficient evidence that said boy has misrepresented his age to the court who sentenced him, or has been previously convicted of a felony, he may recommend such boy to the board for return to the said court, and if the board is satisfied that it is for the best interests of the school that such boy be returned, it shall so cause him to be returned to the said court, and it shall be lawful for said court to annul and set aside the previous commitment to said Preston School of Industry and resume proceedings where the same were suspended when such commitment was made. [.

[Amended, Statutes 1909, p. 964.) Transfer from state prison.

$ 20. Any boy under the age of eighteen years, who is undergoing sentence in any state prison in this state (except such as are undergoing a life sentence), and who shall be deemed a fit subject for training in the said school, may, upon recommendation of the state board of prison directors, with the approval of the governor, be transferred to said school for the unexpired period of his sentence, and when honorably discharged from said school, as hereinbefore provided, shall be entitled to such benefits and immunities. as are provided for the other inmates of the institution.

Aiding escape.

§ 21. Any person who knowingly permits, or who aids any boy to escape from the said school, or who knowingly promotes his departure, or conceals him with the intent of enabling such escaped boy to elude pursuit

, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall, upon conviction, be punished according to law. Any fugitive from said institution, or from the parties to whom he is bound out or apprenticed, may be arrested and returned to the institution by any person upon written request or order of the superintendent directed to such person. . Contracts for provisions.

$ 22. The board of trustees are hereby authorized and required to contract for provisions, clothing, medicines, forage, fuel, and other staple supplies of the school for any period of time not exceeding one year, and such contracts shall be limited to bona fide dealers in the several classes of articles contracted for. Contracts for such articles as the board may desire to contract for shall be given to the lowest bidder at a public letting thereof, and if the price bid is a fair and reasonable one, and not greater than the usual market value and prices. Each bid shall be accompanied by such security as the board may require, conditioned upon the bidder entering into a contract upon the terms of his bid, on notice of the accept

ance thereof, and furnishing a bond, with good and sufficient sureties, in such sum as the board may require, and to their satisfaction, that he will faithfully perform his contract. If the proper officer reject any article as not complying with the contract, or if a bidder fail to furnish the articles awarded to him when required, the proper officer of the school may buy other articles of the kind rejected or called for, in the open market, and deduct the price thereof over the contract price from the amount due to the bidder, or charge the same up against him, Notice of the time, place, and conditions of the letting of contracts shall be given for at least two consecutive weeks in one newspaper printed and published in the city and county of San Francisco, in one newspaper printed and published in the city of Sacramento, and in one newspaper printed and published in the county of Amador. If all bids made at such letting are deemed unreasonably high, the board may, in their discretion, decline to contract, and may again advertise for such time and in such papers as they see proper for proposals, and may so continue to renew the advertisement until satisfactory contracts are made; and in the mean time the board may contract with any one whose offer is regarded just and equitable, or may purchase in the open market. No bid shall be accepted, nor a contract entered into in pursuance thereof, when such bid is higher than any other bid at the same letting for the same class or schedule of articles, quality considered, and when a contract can be had at such lower bid. When two or more bids for the same article or articles are equal in amount, the board may select the one which, all things considered, may by them be thought best for the interest of the state, or they may divide the contract between the bidders, as in their judgment may seem proper and right. The board shall have power to let a contract in the aggregate, or they may segregate the items and enter into a contract with the bidder or bidders who may bid lowest on the several articles. The board shall have the power to reject the bid of any person who had a prior contract, and who had not in the option (opinion) of the board faithfully complied therewith. [Amended, Statutes 1893, p. 40.]

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Effect of other acts in conflict.

$ 25. For the purpose of giving practical effect to the provisions of this act, all laws or parts of laws which conflict with the provisions hereof are, for the purposes of this act only, suspended, and hereby made inapplicable to any boy committed to and in the custody of said school. Sheriffs' fees.

§ 26. In all proceedings relating to commitments under this act the fees and compensation of the sheriff and other officers of the court shall be such as are allowed by law for like proceedings and services in criminal Construction of act.


$ 27. This act shall be construed in conformity with the intent as well as with the express provisions hereof, and shall confer upon the board authority to do all those lawful acts, from time to time, which are necessary to promote the prosperity of the institution and the well being and reformation of its inmates, including the organization of trade schools, the purchase and use of fixed and movable machinery, the erection of necessary buildings for machinery and other purposes, the improvement and management of a farm, orchard, and garden, the purchase of necessary supplies for the institution, and materials for manufacture, and performance of all other necessary and lawful acts, not otherwise prohibited, which may be required to comply with the purposes of this act; but nothing herein contained shall be so construed as to permit said board to incur any indebtedness or obligation in excess of the appropriations allowed by law for the establishment and maintenance of said school.

§ 28. This act shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage.

THE WHITTIER STATE SCHOOL.* An act to establish a school for the discipline, education, employment,

reforination, and protection of juvenile delinquents, in the State of Cali

fornia, to be known as The Whittier State School." [Approved March 11, 1889; amended 1893, 1905, 1907, 1909; Statutes 1889,

p. 111; 1893, p. 328; 1905, p. 80; 1907, p. 3; 1909, p. 988.)

Whittier State School.

§ 1. There shall be established and maintained in this state and located at Whittier, in the county of Los Angeles, an institution for the discipline, education, employment, reformation, and protection of juvenile delinquents in the State of California, to be known as "The Whittier State School" ; and in all judicial, official, or other proceedings, and in all contracts, trans

or other instruments in writing, the above nanie shall be deemed a sufficient designation of said institution. [Amended; Statutes 1893, p. 328.] Board of trustees.

§ 2. The general supervision and government of said institution shall be vested in a board of trustees consisting of three citizens of the State of California, who shall be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The members of said board shall hold their offices for the respective terms of two, three, and four years from the first day of March, eighteen hundred and eighty-nine, and until their successors shall be appointed and qualified said respective terms to be designated in their appointments; and thereafter there shall be one of said board appointed in the same manner every two years, whose term of office shall continue four years, and until his successor is appointed and qualified. If a vacancy shall occur in said board by expiration of the term of any such trustee, or otherwise, when the senate is not in session, the governor shall till such vacancy for the unexpired term, subject to the approval of the senate at its next regular session. Said trustees, before entering on the discharge of the duties of their office, shall each take an oath faithfully to discharge the same. Powers.

*By section 25 of the Juvenile Court Law of 1915, provisions of the above act relating to the mode of commitments were superseded. These provisions, together with sections relating to the first establishment of the school, are omitted in this reprint.

$ 3. The trustees of such institution shall be a body corporate and politic for certain purposes, namely: To receive, hold, use, and convey or disburse moneys or other property, real and personal, in the name of said corporation but in trust and for the use and by the authority of the State of California, and to control, manage, and direct the several trusts committed to them respectively, including the organization, government, and discipline of all officers, employees, and other inmates of said institution, with power to make contracts, to sue and be sued, plead and be impleaded, to have and to use a common seal, and to alter the same at pleasure, and to exercise all the powers usually belonging to said corporations and necessary for the successful discharge of the obligations devolved by law upon said members of trust; provided, that they shall not have power to bind the state by any contract or obligation beyond the amount of appropriations which may at the time have been made for the purposes expressed in the contract or obligation, nor to sell or convey any part of the real estate belonging to such institution without the consent of the legislature, except that they may release any mortgage, or convey any real estate which may be held by them as security for any money or upon any trust, the terms of which authorize such conveyance; and provided, further, that the legislature shall have power at any time to amend, alter, revoke, or annul the grant of corporate powers herein contained.






Trustee not to be interested.

$ 6. No trustee or employee of such institution shall be personally, directly or indirectly, interested in any contract, purchase, or sale made, or any business carried on in behalf of or for said institution. All contracts, purchases, or sales made in violation of this section shall be held and declared null and void, and all moneys paid to such trustee, employee, or any other person for his benefit, in whole or in part, in consideration of such purchases, contracts, or sales made, may be recovered back by civil suit, to be instituted in the name of the State of California, against such trustee, employee, or person acting in his behalf; and in addition it is hereby made the duty of the governor and the board of trustees, as the case may be, upon proof satisfactory of the fact of such interests, to

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