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said institutions, when so requested, and elsewhere as may be deemed advantageous. The state board of control may apportion the expenses of the said department, among the different institutions receiving the benefit of the work of the department, in such manner as it may deem proper. Clinical psychologist in charge.

§ 2. The said department shall be under the direction of a clinical psychologist, subject to the control of the superintendent of the said school. The said psychologist shall be given a sufficient staff of trained assistants that the intelligence level of each inmate may be established through the standardized psychological tests, supplemented by personal and family history and data from such other lines of investigation as may seem advisable, and that such other work may be done as may be undertaken by the department. The said psychologist and assistants shall be employed by the said superintendent, with the approval of the said board of trustees and at compensation satisfactory to it.


An act relating to commitments to the state school at Whittier and to the Preston School of Industry; fixing the authority to examine and committo such schools with the superior court judges of the counties, and fixing the responsibilities from which commitments are made to the state for maintenance of the persons committed therefrom; providing for the manner of payment thereof, and fixing the responsibility of the parents to the counties from which their children are committed.

[Approved March 26, 1895 ; Statutes 1895, p. 122.] Commitments only by superior judges. Payment by parents.

$1. The superior judge of any county, and no other judicial officer, shall have the power to examine, discharge, or commit any offender either to the Whittier State School or to the Preston School of Industry; provided, that the superior judge shall determine whether or not the parent or guardian of any minor committed to the Whittier State School or to the Preston School of Industry is able to pay to the county in which the commitment is made for the maintenance of such minor during the term of such commitment; and when the superior judge shall determine that said parent or guardian has the ability to pay as aforesaid for the maintenance of such minor during the term of such confinement, the parent or parents or guardian shall pay into the treasury of such.county the sum of eleven dollars per month in advance; and in case of the failure to pay the same as herein provided it shall be the duty of the district attorney of such county to proceed to collect the amount from such parent, parents, or guardian in the manner that other indebtedness against the county is collected.

Payment by county.

§ 2. For each and every person hereafter committed to either the Whittier State School or the Preston School of Industry, the county from which the commitment is made shall pay into the state treasury the sum of one hundred and thirty-two dollars per annum, and at that rate for each fraction of a year. Duties of clerk of court and county treasurer.

$ 3. It is hereby made the duty of the clerk of the superior court of the county from which such commitment is made, to certify to the county auditor the name, age, and date of commitment of each person committed by the superior judge thereof, and the amount due to the state from the county by reason of such commitments, and before the first day of May and December of each and every year to file with the treasurer of the county a statement of the number of commitments, with the date thereof, and the amount due from the county by reason of such commitments, to the state treasurer; and it is further made the duty of the county treasurer, during the settlement or at the time of the settlement with the state during the month of May and December of each year, to pay to the state treasurer, through the state controller, the amount so found to be due to the state by reason of commitments to the state schools as herein provided. Duty of superintendents of state schools.

§ 4. The superintendent of the state school at Whittier and the Preston School of Industry are hereby required to transmit to the state treasurer a statement of all commitments to their respective institutions, showing the name of the person committed, the date of the commitment, and the county from which the commitment is made, and the amount due to the state from the county by reason of such commitments; said statement to be made quarterly as follows: on or before the first day of January, the first day of April, the first day of July, and the first day of October of each year; and it is hereby made the duty of the controller of state to add the amounts due to the state from said counties such sum as may be shown to be due by reason of commitments to such schools, as in section two of this act provided. Conflicting acts repealed.

§ 5. All acts and parts of acts in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. In effect when.

§ 6. This act shall take effect immediately.

CALIFORNIA SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. An act to establish a state training school for girls; to provide for the

maintenance and management of the same, and to make an appropria

tion therefor. [Approved June 14, 1913; amended 1915, 1917; Statutes 1913, p. 857; 1915,

p. 53; 1917, p. 473.] California school for girls.

§ 1. There is hereby established a state training school for the confinement, discipline, and instruction of such girls as may be committed to it by law, to be known as the California School for Girls. Trustees. Vacancies.

§ 2. The government and management of said school shall be vested in a board of five trustees, who shall be appointed by the governor for a term of four years and until their successors are appointed and qualified ; provided, that of the trustees first appointed two shall be for a term of four years, one for a term of three years, one for a term of two years and one for a term of one year, commencing within thirty days after this act becomes effective. Whenever a vacancy occurs the appointment to fill the same shall be made by the governor for the remainder of the term. Such trustees shall receive no compensation for their services, but shall be allowed their reasonable traveling and other official expenses. Officers.

$ 3. The board of trustees shall elect annually a president, a vice president and a secretary, whose terms of office shall be one year or until their successors are elected and qualified. No one but a member of the board shall be elected president or vice president thereof. The board shall appoint a superintendent, not of their own number, who shall be a woman qualified by training and experience for the character of work to be done at this school, and fix her salary at not to exceed three thousand six hundred dollars per annum. Such superintendent shall hold office at the pleasure of the board. [Amended, Statutes 1917, p. 473.] Rules and regulations.

§ 4. The board of trustees shall make all needful rules and regulations for the transaction of its business and for the management and government of said school. It shall determine the number, title and duties of all other officers and employees, and fix the salaries thereof. It shall see that discipline is maintained and that proper education is provided, to the end that those committed to its charge shall be prepared to become honorable, self-supporting members of society. It is authorized and required to make all contracts for the operation and maintenance of said school that may be necessary, subject to the limitations prescribed by law. Not to be interested in contract.

§ 5. No trustee or employee of such school shall be interested personally, directly or indirectly, in any contract, purchase or sale made, or any business carried on in behalf of, or for such institution, and any money so paid on such contracts or sales may be recovered by civil suit, and it shall be the duty of the governor or the board of trustees, as the case may be, upon proof of the fact of such interest, to remove immediately such trustee or employee. Superintendent's bond, duties, etc.

$ 6. The superintendent shall, before entering upon the discharge of her duties, make and file with the board of trustees an oath that she will faithfully and impartially discharge the same, and file a bond in the sum of ten thousand dollars running to the State of California, and with sureties to be approved by said board, conditioned upon the faithful performance of her said duties. She shall thereupon, subject to the regulations prescribed by the board, be invested with the custody of the lands, buildings and all other property belonging to and under the control of said school, subject to the direction of said board, and shall account to it in such manner as it may require for all property entrusted to her and all moneys received by her as such superintendent, for said school or any of its inmates. She shall appoint, except as hereinbefore provided, all officers and employees of said school, who shall hold office at her pleasure. Bond of officers.

§ 7. The board of trustees shall require such officers as may be entrusted with money belonging to the school or its inmates, or as may be placed in a position of trust and responsibility in the custody of property, or in the handling of supplies belonging to the school, to give bond with sureties to be approved by the board, in such sum as it may determine, conditioned upon the faithful performance of the duties required and the faithful accounting for all money and property coming into their hands, or under their control, by virtue of such office. Conduct of school.

§ 8. The board of trustees shall cause said school to be conducted as may seem best calculated to carry out the intentions of this act. There shall be organized a course of study corresponding as far as practicable with the course of study in the public schools of the state. There shall also be provided in said school the proper facilities and equipment for vocational training such as domestic science, dressmaking, horticulture, agriculture and such business instruction as may be practicable for women, and such instruction and training given to each and every inmate committed to said school to the end that every inmate may, upon discharge, be qualified for honorable and profitable employment.

Superintendent to reside at school.

§ 9. The superintendent shall reside at the school and shall be furnished suitable quarters, furniture, food supplies, and laundry for herself and family. The board may make similar provision for such other officers and employees as the interests of the school may require to reside on the premises.


§ 10. The said school shall receive into its custody all girls who may be committed to it in accordance with law.

Merit system. Parole.

§ 11. There shall be established in said school a system of marking based upon merit or attainments and general conduct, by which any girl committed hereto may work out her way to parole and honorable discharge. When, in the opinion of the superintendent, a girl, according to the regulations, has earned the right to a parole, a reputable home or place of employment shall be provided for her, where she may be employed and earn an honorable living, and said superintendent shall then recommend her to the board for parole, which shall grant it if deemed for her welfare, under such conditions as the board may deem best. This parole shall continue until she has proved her ability for honorable self-support, whereupon she shall be discharged. Any girl, who, while on parole, violates the conditions thereof, may be returned to the school. Girls incapable of reformation.

§ 12. Any girl committed to said school who, after due trial, is, in the opinion of the superintendent, incapable of reformation, or so morally deficient as to render her detention detrimental to the interests of said school, or who has misrepresented her age to the court which committed her, or has been previously convicted of a felony may be returned to the committing court, and said court may thereupon revoke the previous judgment committing her to said institution and resume proceedings where the same were suspended when such commitment was made. Aiding inmate to escape.

Any person who knowingly permits or aids any inmate of the California School for Girls to escape therefrom or conceals her with the intent of enabling her to elude pursuit, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor. Any fugitive from said school, or from the parties with whom she has been placed on parole, may be arrested and returned to said school by any person, upon the written order of the superintendent thereof. [Enacted, Statutes 1917, p. 474. This supersedes § 13 of the act of 1913 but was given no section number in the act of 1917.1

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