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The Shakspeare Printing Office owes its origin to the publication of that great National Edition of the Works of Shakspeare, which you are now, so much to the honour of our country, happily conducting toward its completion; I therefore feel a propriety and peculiar gratiftcation, in the present opportunity of dedicating to you a production from that Press, which you

have been so instrumental in establishing.

I have the honour to be,
with very sincere regard,

your obliged servant,

Feb. 1, 1795. W. BUL.M.E.R.


To raise the Art of Printing in this country from the neglected state in which it had long been suffered to continue, and to remove the opprobrium which had but too justly been attached to the late productions of the English press, much has been done within the last few years; and the warm emulation which has discovered itself amongst the Printers of the present day, as well in the remote parts of the kingdom as in the metropolis, has been highly patronized by the public in general. The present volume, in addition to the SHAKSPEARE, the Milton, and many other valuable works of elegance, which have already been given to the world, through the medium of the Shakspeare Press,

aI'C particularly meant to combine the various

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