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CON T E N T 'S.. A Congratulatory Poem, Presented to K. George the Second, at his coming to the Crown

78 Pfalm cvii . 23, &c.

79 Poem on Memory.

ib. Questions and Answers.

80 The Proud Man's Dream:

84 Thoughts on Death. Questions and Answersi.

86 Proverbial Sayings.

100 Some Sayings of King Charles I. during his confinement.

104 Á Meditation when awake in the Night. · 105 Questions and Answers.

106 Perfes wrote by a Gentleman who left his Watch in a Tavern.

114 IVrote by a Gentleman in the hard Frost 15 On a Stone in the Round-Church Yard ib. On a Stone in Carlow. Church. Yard. ib.

On a Stone in Glafnevin Church Yard. 116 A Youth's Request

118 A new Verfion of the 23d Pfalm.. A Contemplative Poem on the Works of God 129 A Letter from a: Duke to his Friend, supposed to

be dictated while he lay on his Death-bed. 131 A Letter from a Lady to her Friend a few Days before she died.

135 Questions and Answers.

137 For the Morning: For the Evening.

150 Words spoke by Curtis-Brett to his Brothers, &c. when going to London

151 Peter Brett's Answer

ib. Texts of Scripture on different Subjects, from

152 to 218 The Lives of some of the principal Bishops of Ireland,

221 SUB




Miel, Alles: Mr. William Barrett.

Mr. Richard Brown.

Mr. John Byrne.
R. Char. Alder. Mr. Thomas Barrett.

Mr. William Barrett, Mr. Thomas Arnet. Mr. John Barrett. Mr. Graves Aichin. Mr. Joshua Brenan.

Mr. Jeremy Brazier. B Rev. Richard Bayley.

с Rev. Dan. Barrett. Rev. Philip Cooley. Clement Barry, Esq; Hill Chetwode, Efq; Mr. John Brett. Mrs. Cath, Courtney. Mr. John Bennett. Miss Fran. Courtney. Mr. Richard Brett: Rev.Chaw. Chambers. Mr. Curtis Brett, in Mr, Timothy Carter.

London, 6 Books. Mr. Thomas ConítaMr. Peter Brett.

ble. Mr. James Brett. Mr. Tho. Cavenagh. Mr. Richard Brett, Mr. Matthew Coogan Mr. Garret Bryan. of Kilkenny. Mr. David Burtchell. ; Mr. Francis Cheevers. Mr. John Beck. Mr. James Campbell. Mr. Bowm. Brennan. Mr. Darby Connelly. Mr. Robt. Brookbank, Mr. LawrenceCollins. Mr. John Beally. Mr. Walfing. Creafe. Mr. William Brown, Mr. John Caffon. Mr. John Briscoe. Mr. Abraham Coats, Mr. Zacheus Barling,

Rev. Mr. Henry Brennand.

50 Books

Subscribers Names.

John Ferrahl, M. D. Rev. Wm. Donnellan. Mc Lofeph Flanagan, Capt. Jonathan Del- Mr. Fran. Ferrall.

myniers, 24 Books, Rev. Wm. Darby.

G Mr. John Dean. Overstreet Grogan, 12 Mr. Dominick Dean. Books. Mr. William Dry. Mrs. Rebecca Gibton. Mr. James Dowling. Mr. William Gray, Mr. Alex. Dixon, Maryborough. Mr. Thomas Dames. Mr. John Gregan Mr. Joseph Dowker. · Mr. John Dowker. Mr. John Donagh.

Rev. Sir Philip Hoby, Mrs. Mary Doolittle.

Mr. Phil. Doddridge. Mr. Loftus How, 6


Mt. Matthew Hoyle. Rev. John Enraght. Mr. Henry Harper. John Exham, Efq; Mr. Francis Halfpen. Mr. Joseph Eaton. Mr. John Hickey. Mr. George Eaton. Mr. Chrift. Hegly. Mr. Richard Eyres,

Mr. Thomas Hall. Mr. Peter Efperiet. Mr. Ran. Hutchinfon, Mr. Michael Ennis. Mr. James Hufley. Mr. John Ennis. Mr. Hugh Harding. Mr. Joseph Evans. Mr, Charles Harding.

Mr. John Hirchcock. F

Mrs. Elizabeth Ha. Rev. J. Fetherstone. milton. Santry Francis, Efq; NIr. Tho. Hazard.. Mrs. Sarah Forstall. Mr. Thomas Hore.. Mr. Charles Farren. Mr. Patrick Hastings. Mr. John Farren. Mr. Edw..Handcock. Mr. Garret Ferrall. Mr. J. Ferrall, Sur...

I geulls.

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4 Books.

Subscribers Names.

Mr. Joseph Miler,
Mr. Wm. Jackson, Mrs. Mary Matty.

Mr. Alex. M'Donald,
Mr. William Jackson,
Mr. Step. Jovamier. Mr. William May.

Mr. Robt. Mafon.

Mrs. Elizabeth Mason,
Rev. Simon Kendrick. Mr. William Mercer.
Mr. Walter Kenedy. Mr. James Mooley.
Mr. Walter Keeling.

Mr. William Makins. Mr. William King. Mr. Daniel Montague.. Mr. Tho. Knowles. Mr. Christ. M'graine. Mr. John Kello. Mr. John Murray;

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Rev. John Lyon. Rev. Albert Nesbit.
Mr. James Diggs La. Rev. Joseph Nelson.

Mr. William Nottley.
Mr. Jofeph Labat.
Mr. Thomas Leicel-

ter, Maryborough. Mr. Walley Oulton,
Mr. Thomas Low. 6 Books.
Mr. John Low. Mr. Charles Oulton.
Mr. Valentine Low,' Samuel Onge, Efq;
Mr. Lawrence Low. Mr. Francis Ozias.
Mr. Nathaniel Low.
Mr. James Lacy.

Mr. Ben. Luffingham. Rev. John Powell.
Mrs. Ruth Lovely.

Mr. John Potter, 6


Mr. Philip Proffer.
Edward Madden, Efq; Mr. Best Packinghana.

Mr. Henry Peyton
Richard Morgan, Efq; Mr. John Parker.
William Milcon, Erq; Mr. Daniel Parker,
2 Books.

Mr. Dan, Mullineaux

3 Books.

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