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Página 129 - WE SWEAR to be for ever faithful to the nation, to the law, and to the King ; to maintain with all our power the constitution decreed by the National Assembly, and accepted by the King ; and to remain united to all Frenchmen by indissoluble ties of fraternity.
Página xv - Are what ten thousand envy and adore: All, all look up, with reverential Awe, At Crimes that 'scape, or triumph o'er the Law: While Truth, Worth, Wisdom, daily they decry — "Nothing is Sacred now but Villainy.
Página 157 - I swear to be faithful to the nation, to the law, and to the king, and to maintain, to the utmost of my power, the constitution decreed by the National Assembly and accepted by the king.
Página 313 - France, but are solely desirous to deliver the King, the Queen, and the royal family from their captivity...
Página 61 - State, the people on the one hand, and the Government on the other, with reciprocal rights and duties.
Página 68 - deputations of citizens" have been here, passionate for arms; whom De Launay has got dismissed by soft speeches through port-holes. Towards noon, Elector Thuriot de la Rosiere gains admittance; finds De Launay indisposed for surrender; nay disposed for blowing up the place rather. Thuriot mounts with him to the battlements: heaps of paving-stones, old iron and missiles lie piled; cannon all duly levelled; in every embrasure a cannon, — only drawn back a little! But...
Página 407 - Elisabeth's room, where we played at ball, and battledore and shuttlecock. In the evening the family sat round a table, while the Queen read to them from books of history, or other works proper to instruct and amuse the children.
Página 390 - To a very beautiful person, Madame Roland united great powers of intellect ; her reputation stood very high, and her friends never spoke of her but with the most profound respect. In character she was a Cornelia ; and had she been blessed with sons, would have educated them like the Gracchi. The simplicity of her dress did not detract from her...
Página 141 - Marat, lifted in the arms of some sappers, his brow encircled by a wreath of oak, was borne in triumph to the middle of the hall. A sapper stepped forward from the crowd, presented himself at the bar, and said, " Citizen president, we bring you the worthy Marat. Marat has always been the friend of the people, and the people will always be the friends of Marat. If Marat's head must fall, the head of the sapper shall fall first.
Página 312 - Emperor, and by invading his provinces of the Low Countries. Some of the possessions belonging to the German empire have been equally exposed to the same oppression, and many others have only avoided the danger, by yielding to the imperious threats of the domineering party and their emissaries.

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