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In this Game the young ladies stand in a row, one acting as Mother. The young gentlemen are ranged opposite as the Knights. One of them, advancing, says to the Mother :

Knight. Here I am come a Knight of Spain,

Ready to marry your daughter Jane.
I'm rich—my wealth is that of a Jew;

I only wish fair Jane from you.
Mother. Your spurs are not gold,

And your steed has grown old.
Knight. I came to marry your daughter Jane

All the way from the land of Spain;

But your daughter's so brown,

And you've such a frown,
I'll go back to the land of Spain-

There are fairer there than your daughter Jane.
Mother. Stay, gentle Knight, I am only fain

That you should marry my daughter Jane.

Knight. Then I will marry your daughter Jane,

And she shall bear a noble name.

Having carried one off, another Knight advances and goes through the same ceremony, the first couple walking behind him ; he in his turn having obtained a "daughter Jane,takes his place in the same way; each Knight and his lady following the couple who preceded him, till at last the whole party advance with the last Knight, who, instead of the last verse, says :

Now we've got all your daughters Jane
We'll keep them safe, my gentle dame.

The Mother now wishes for her daughters back again, and tries to recover them. The gentlemen form a barrier in front of the ladies, but if the Mother can touch one she must be given back. When they have all been touched the game ends.

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In the Game of Force a laughthe children sit round a table ; one begins by exclaiming Ha !" the next repeats it instantaneously, followed by the others, Ha! ha! ha!one after the other, as quick as possible, till at last it becomes so comical that all burst out in a general roar.

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