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Página 214 - mid the brown mountain heather, Where the Pilgrim of Nature* lay stretched in decay, Like the corpse of an outcast abandoned to weather, Till the mountain winds wasted the tenantless clay. Nor yet quite deserted, though lonely extended, For, faithful in death, his mute favourite attended, The much-loved remains of her master defended, And chased the hill-fox and the raven away.
Página 137 - These are thy glorious works, Parent of good, Almighty, thine this universal frame, Thus wondrous fair; thyself how wondrous then ! Unspeakable, who sitt'st above these heavens, To us invisible, or dimly seen In these thy lowest works; yet these declare Thy goodness beyond thought, and power divine.
Página 71 - ... flapping and rapping and clapping and slapping, And curling and whirling and purling and twirling, And thumping and plumping and bumping and jumping, And dashing and flashing and splashing and clashing; And so never ending, but always descending, Sounds and motions for ever and ever are blending All at once and all o'er, with a mighty uproar, — And this way the water comes down at Lodore.
Página 163 - The outward shows of sky and earth, Of hill and valley he has viewed ; And impulses of deeper birth Have come to him in solitude. In common things that round us lie Some random truths he can impart, The harvest of a quiet eye That broods and sleeps on his own heart.
Página 215 - When the wind waved his garments, how oft didst thou start ? How many long days and long nights didst thou number Ere he faded before thee, the friend of thy heart...
Página 139 - She was a woman in her freshest age, Of wondrous beauty, and of bounty rare, With goodly grace and comely personage...
Página 276 - European reputation. It has, however, enjoyed enough to compensate for the neglect of all the rest.
Página 217 - Paled in by many a lofty hill, The narrow dale lay smooth and still, And, down its verdant bosom led, A winding brooklet found its bed.
Página 276 - OF CAMBRIDGE In small post 8vo, price 6s. cloth gilt, or 6s. 6d. gilt edges. THE FAIRY TALES of the COUNTESS D'AULNOY, now first translated into English by JR PLANCHE, Esq. With Eleven Illustrations by John Gilbert, and a Portrait, from Original (Sources. COSTBNTS OF THE VOLUME, VIZ. : — Graciense and Percinet.
Página 257 - Her circle. Wait, and Love himself will bring The drooping flower of knowledge changed to fruit Of wisdom. Wait: my faith is large in Time, And that which shapes it to some perfect end.

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