Code of Federal Regulations

U.S. General Services Administration, National Archives and Records Service, Office of the Federal Register, 1967

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Página 577 - Poisonous gases or liquids of such nature that a very small amount of the gas, or vapor of the liquid, mixed with air is dangerous to life.
Página 11 - Commission regulations for the transportation of explosives or other dangerous articles In effect at the time of shipment. The Importer shall furnish with the order to the foreign shipper, and also to the forwarding agent at the port of entry, full and complete information as to packing.
Página 577 - ... laboratory animals: (1) Oral toxicity. Those which produce death within 48 hours in half or more than half of a group of 10 or more white laboratory rats weighing 200 to 300 grams at a single dose of 50 milligrams or less per kilogram of body weight, when administered orally. (2) Toxicity on inhalation. Those which produce death within 48 hours in half or more than half of a group of 10 or more white laboratory rats weighing 200 to 300 grams, when inhaled continuously for a period of...
Página 8 - Whoever shall knowingly violate any of the provisions of RS 4472, as amended, or any of the regulations established thereunder shall be subject to a penalty of not more than $2,000 for each violation. In the case of any such violation on the part of the owner, charterer, agent, master, or person In charge of the vessel, such vessel shall be liable for the penalty and may be seized and proceeded against by way of libel in the district court of the United States in any district in which such vessel...
Página 133 - Containers must not be entirely filled. Sufficient interior space must be left vacant to prevent leakage or distortion of containers due to the expansion of the contents from increase of temperature during transit. (2) The proper vacant space (outage...
Página 167 - A combustible liquid is defined for the purpose of the regulations in this subchapter as any liquid which gives off inflammable (flammable) vapors (as determined by flash point from Tagliabue's open-cup tester as used for test of burning oils) at or below a temperature of 150
Página 155 - Percussion fuzes, combination fuzes, and time fuzes are devices designed to ignite powder charges of ammunition or to initiate an intermediate charge (booster) in projectiles, bombs, etc. When such fuzes are assembled with booster charges they are properly described as "detonating fuzes
Página 579 - The package must contain not more than 0.1 millicuries of radium, or polonium, or that amount of strontium 89, strontium 90, or barium 140 which disintegrates at a rate of more than 5 million atoms per second ; or that amount of any other radioactive substance which disintegrates at a rate of more than 50 million atoms per second. (c) The package must be such that no significant alpha, beta or neutron radiation...
Página 91 - The incline of the chute to be used in loading explosives shall be such that the velocity of the packages sliding will not be great enough to cause violent shock when coming in contact with other packages, on the chute or when reaching the bottom of the chute.
Página 577 - A poisons or irritating materials, which are known to be so toxic to man as to afford a hazard to health during transportation; or which, in the absence of adequate data on human toxicity, are presumed to be toxic to roan because they fall within any one of the following categories when tested on laboratory animals: * Oral Toxicity.

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