The Duties of Judge Advocates

Smith, Elder and Company, 1845 - 223 páginas

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Página 48 - Neither will you, upon any account, at any time whatsoever, disclose or discover the vote or opinion of any particular member of the court-martial, unless required to give evidence thereof, as a witness, by a court of justice, in a due course of law. So help you God.
Página 44 - States,' without partiality, favor, or affection; and if any doubt should arise, not explained by said Articles, according to your conscience, the best of your understanding, and the custom of war in...
Página 44 - ... swear, that you will not divulge the sentence of the court until it shall be...
Página 43 - VOU shall well and truly try and determine according to the Evidence in the Matter now before you. So help you GOD.
Página 45 - Crimes therein mentioned, without Partiality, Favour, or Affection, and if any Doubt shall arise which is not explained by the said Articles or Act, according to my Conscience, the 64 best of my Understanding, and the Custom of War in the like Cases...
Página 217 - The officers of the army should recollect that it is not only no degradation, but that it is meritorious, in him who is in the wrong to acknowledge and atone for his error, and that the momentary humiliation which every man may feel upon making such an acknowledgment is more than atoned for by the subsequent satisfaction which it affords him, and by avoiding a trial and conviction of conduct unbecoming an officer.
Página 212 - ... seven years, or to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding two years ; and, if a male, to be once, twice, or thrice publicly or privately whipped (if the court shall so think fit), in addition to such imprisonment...
Página 129 - Every judge advocate, or person officiating as such, at any general court-martial, shall transmit, with as much expedition as the opportunity of time and distance of place can admit, the original proceedings and sentence of such...
Página 105 - ... for the doing justice to the complainant ; from which regimental court-martial either party may, if he thinks himself still aggrieved, appeal to a general court-martial.
Página 158 - Chief, to be by him laid before us for our consideration. And for so doing this shall be, as well to you as to our said General Officers and all others concerned, a sufficient warrant. ' Given at our Court at St. James's, this first day of November, 1808, in the forty-ninth year of our reign.

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