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General provisions.
Measurement of vessels.
Documentation of vessels.
Vessels in foreign and domestic trades.
Customs relations with contiguous foreign territory.
Air commerce regulations.
Customs relations with insular possessions and Guantanamo Bay Naval

Liability for duties; entry of imported merchandise.
Importations by mail.
Articles conditionally free, subject to a reduced rate, etc.
Packing and stamping; marking; trade-marks and trade names; copyrights.
Special classes of merchandise.
Examination, measurement, and testing of certain products.
Relief from duties on merchandise lost, stolen, destroyed, injured, aban-

doned, or short-shipped.
Liquidation of duties.
Protests and reappraisements.
Transportation in bond and merchandise in transit.
Customs warehouses and control of merchandise therein.
Disposition of unclaimed and abandoned merchandise.
Cartage and lighterage.
Enforcement of customs and navigation laws.

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24 Customs financial and accounting procedure.
25 Customs bonds.
26 Availability of information.
30 Foreign-trade zones.
31 Customhouse brokers.
32 Trade Fairs.
54 Certain importations temporarily free of duty.
56 Extensions of time pursuant to Proclamation of the President under section

318, Tariff Act of 1930.
Note: Other regulations issued by the Department of the Treasury appear in Title 12,
Chapter I; Title 21, Chapter II; Title 26, Chapter I; Title 27.

PART 1-GENERAL PROVISIONS Sec. 1.1 Authority of Customs oficers. 1.2 Customs regions, districts and ports. 1.3 Customs stations; requirements for

transaction of customs business at

places other than ports of entry. 1.4 Customs offices in foreign countries. 1.4a Assignment of customs regions to Di

rectors, Field Audit. 1.6 Customs Agency Service regions. 1.6 Customs laboratories. 1.7 Hours of business. 1.8 Customs seal.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 1 issued under 77A Stat. 14, sec. 624, 46 Stat. 759, 79 Stat. 1317; 5 U.S.C. 801, 19 U.S.C. 66, 1202 (Gen. Hdnote 11), 1624; Reorganization Plan 1 of 1965, 3 CFR 1965 Supp., unless otherwise noted.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 1 contained in T.D. 66–161, 31 F.R. 10668, Aug. 11, 1966, unless otherwise noted. § 1.1 Authority of customs officers.

(a) No action taken by any person pursuant to authority delegated to him by the Secretary of the Treasury (whether directly or by subdelegation) shall be invalid by reason of the fact that any statute or regulation, including any provision of this chapter, provides or indicates that such action shall be taken by some other person.

(b) Any action performed by a person pursuant to authority delegated to him by the Secretary of the Treasury (whether directly or by subdelegation) shall constitute compliance with any requirement of any statute or regulation which provides or indicates that it shall be the duty of some other person to perform such action.

(c) Any failure to perform any function required by statute or regulation, which failure is attributable to a reorganization of the Customs Service or the consolidation of the functions of two or more persons in one ofice, shall not invalidate any action taken by any customs officer.

(d) Unless otherwise indicated, “district director of customs," "collector of customs," "appraiser of merchandise" and variations of those terms, such as "district director," "collector of the district," "collector," "deputy collector," or "appraiser" as used in this chapter shall mean the district director of customs at a headquarters port (other than the port of New York, N.Y.); the regional commissioner of customs, the deputy and assistant regional commissioners of customs for Customs Region II at the port of New York, N.Y.; and the port director at a port not designated as

headquarters port. Ordinarily each port director will exercise the authority delegated herein only where statute, regulation, or instruction contemplates action at the port over which he has supervision. (T.D. 66-161, 31 F.R. 10668, Aug. 11, 1966, as amended by T.D. 67–8, 31 F.R. 16564, Dec. 28, 1966; 31 F.R. 16765, Dec. 31, 1966)

Customs regions, districts and ports. (a) A customs region is the geographical area under the customs jurisdiction of a regional commissioner of customs. A customs district is the geographical area under the customs jurisdiction of a district director of customs.

(b) The terms “port” and “port of entry,” as used in these regulations, refer

§ 1.2

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(c) The following is a list of customs regions and districts, with a list of the ports in each district. The first-named port in each district (in capital letters) is the headquarters port, and the asterisk preceding the name of a port indicates that marine documents may be issued at such port. The ports were created by the President's message of March 3, 1913, concerning a reorganization of the Customs Service pursuant to the Act of August 24, 1912 (37 Stat. 434; 19 U.S.C. 1). That organization has been changed by subsequent orders of the President and the Secretary of the Treasury. Orders affecting existing ports are cited in parentheses following the name of the port effected.

1 "The President is authorized from time to time, as the exigencies of the service may require, to rearrange, by consolidation or otherwise the several customs-collection districts and to discontinue ports of entry by abolishing the same or establishing others in their stead: Provided, That the whole number of customs-collection districts, ports of entry, or either of them, shall at no time be made to exceed those established and authorized as on Aug. 1, 1914, except as the same may thereafter be provided by law.

(19 U.S.C. 2.) By virtue of the authority vested in him by sec. 1 of the act of Aug. 8, 1950 (64 Stat. 419), the President, by Executive Order 10289, dated Sept. 17, 1951 (16 F.R. 9499), delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the authority theretofore vested in the President by sec. 1 of the act of Aug. 1, 1914, as amended (19 U.S.C. 2), (1) to rearrange, by consolidation or otherwise, the several customs-collection districts, (2) to discontinue ports of entry by abolishing the same and establishing others in their stead, and (3) to change from time to time the location of the headquarters in any customs-collection district as the needs of the service may require.

* The customs district of the Virgin Islands although under the jurisdiction of the Secretary of the Treasury, has its own customs laws. (See 48 U.S.C. 14061.) This district, therefore, is outside the customs territory of

the United States and the ports thereof are not "ports of entry' within the meaning of these regulations.

The customs region of New York City, N.Y., and the customs district of New York City, N.Y., are coextensive.

* Marine documents may be issued at Washington, N.C., & customs station in the customs district of Wilmington, N.C.; at Biloxi, Miss., & customs station in the customs district of Mobile, Ala.; and at Houma, La., a customs station in the customs district of New Orleans, La. Marine documents may also be issued at the commercial port of Guam, under the supervision of the district director of customs at Honolulu, Hawaii. Although the status of the port of Newark, N.J., was changed by T.D. 53786 to provide that it shall be operated as an integral part of the port of New York, N.Y., in the customs district of New York City, N.Y., marine documents may continue to be issued at Newark.

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*PORTLAND, MAINE (including territory de.

scribed in E.O. 9297, Feb. 1, 1943; 8 F.R. 1479). *Bangor, Maine (including Brewer, Maine) (E.O.

9297, Feb. 1, 1943; 8 F.Å. 1479). *Bar Harbor, Maine (including Mount Desert

Island, the city of Ellsworth, and the town. ships of Hancock, Sullivan, Sorrento, Goulds. boro, and Winter Harbor) (E.O. 4572, Jan, 27,

1927). Bath, Maine (including Booth Bay and Wis

casset) (E.O. 4356, Dec. 15, 1926). *Belfast, Maine (including Searsport) (E.0. 6784,

June 28, 1934). Bridgewater, Maine (E.O. 8079, Apr. 4, 1939; 4

F.R. 1475). *Calais, Maine (including townships of Calais,

Robbinston, and Baring) (E.0. 6284, Sept. 13,

1933). *Eastport, Maine (including Lubec and Cutler)

(E.O. 4296, Aug. 26, 1925). Fort Fairfield, Maine. Fort Kent, Maine.

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The States of Maine and Houlton, Maine (E.O. 4156, Feb. 14, 1925).

New Hampshire except Jackman, Maine (including the townships of
the county of Coos.

Jackman, Sandy Bay, Bald Mountain, Holeb,
Attean, Lowelltown, Dennistown, and Moose
River) (T.D. 54683).
*Jonesport, Maine (including the towns (town.

ships) of Beals, Jonesboro, Roque Bluffs, and
Machiasport) (E.O. 4296, Aug. 26, 1925; E.O.

8695, Feb. 25, 1941). Limestone, Maine. Madawaska, Maine. *Portsmouth, N.H. (including Kittery, Maine). *Rockland, Maine. Van Buren, Maine.

Vanceboro, Maine. The State of Vermont and ST. ALBANS, VT. (including townships of the county of Coos, N.H. St. Albans and Swanton) (E.O. 3925, Nov. 13,

1923) (E.O. 7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F.R. 1042).
Alburg, Vt.
Beecher Falls, Vt.
*Burlington, Vt. (Including the town of South

Burlington) (T.D. 54677).
Derby Line, Vt.
Highgate Springs, Vt. (including township of

Highgate) (E.O. 7632, June 15, 1937; 2 F.R.

Island Pond, Vt.
Newport, Vť.
North Troy, Vt.

Richford, vt.
The State of Massachusetts.- *BOSTON (including territory, and waters

adjacent thereto described in T.D. 56493).
*Fall River (including territory described in

T.D. 54476). *Gloucester. Lawrence (E.O. 5444, Sept. 16, 1930); (E.O. 10088,

Dec. 3, 1949; 14 F.Å. 7287). *New Bedford. *Plymouth. *Salem (including Beverly, Marblehead, Lynn,

and Peabody) (E.O. 9207, July 29, 1942). Springfield.

The State of Rhode Island.. *PROVIDENCE (including the territory do-

scribed in T.D. 67-3).

The State of Connecticut... *BRIDGEPORT.

*New Haven.
*New London (including Groton) (E.O. 10238,

Apr. 27, 1951; 16 F.R. 3627).
T counties of Clinton, *OGDENSBURG.
Essex, Franklin, St. Law. Alexandria Bay (including territory described in
rence, Jefferson, and

E.O. 10042, Mar. 10, 1949; 14 F.R. 1155).
Lewis in the State of New *Capo Vincent.

*Champlain-Rouses Point (including territory

described in T.D. 67-68).
Fort Covington.
Massena (T.D. 54834).
Trout River (T.D. 56074).

The counties of Oswego, *BUFFALO-NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (T.D.

Oneida, Onondaga, Ca. 56512).
yuga, Seneca, Wayne, *Oswego.
Broome, Tompkins,

Chenango, Madison, Sodus Point.
Cortland, Hamilton, Syracuse.
Schuyler, Chemung, Utica.
Herkimer, Monroe, On-
tario, Livingston, Yates,
Steuben, Orleans, Gen.
esoo, Wyoming, Allegany,
Erie, Niagara, Cattarau-
gus, Chautauqua, and
Tioga in the Stató of
New York.








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