A List of Maps of America in the Library of Congress: Preceded by a List of Works Relating to Cartography, Volumen2


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Página 917 - Reports upon the survey of the boundary between the territory of the United States and the possessions of Great Britain from the Lake of the Woods to the Summit of the Rocky Mountains.
Página 1126 - The United States in Congress assembled, ordered this statue to be erected in the year of our Lord 1783, in honor of George Washington, the illustrious commander in chief of the armies of the United States of America, during the war which vindicated and secured their liberty, sovereignty and independence.
Página 1001 - The TRAVELLER'S DIRECTORY; or, A POCKET COMPANION. Shewing the course of the Main Road from Philadelphia to New York, and from Philadelphia to Washington, with descriptions of the places through 'which it passes, and the intersections of the cross roads.
Página 996 - The situation of these squares is such that they are the most advantageously and reciprocally seen from each other, and as equally distributed over the whole city district, and connected by spacious avenues round the grand Federal improvements, and as contiguous to them and at the same time as equally distant from each other as circumstances would admit.
Página 582 - A Map of the most Inhabited Part of New England, containing the Provinces of Massachusetts Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of Connecticut and Rhode Island, Divided into Counties and Townships ; the Whole composed from Actual Surveys and its Situation adjusted by Astronomical Observations.
Página 1002 - OF 1812 [Ingraham (ED).] A Sketch of the Events which preceded the Capture of Washington, by the British, on the TwentyFourth of August, 1814. Folding map. 8vo, half cloth, paper label, uncut. Philadelphia, 1849 Presentation copy with the following inscription, — "For G^nl. Tu1autt with the compliments of WH Winden. Wasn. 17 May 1849.
Página 894 - Majesty shall be continued westward along the said forty-ninth parallel of north latitude to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island, and thence southerly through the middle of the said channel, and of Fuca's Straits to the Pacific Ocean...
Página 995 - ... such as public prayer, thanksgivings, funeral orations, &c. and assigned to the special use of no particular sect or denomination, but equally open to all. It will likewise be a proper shelter for such monuments as were voted by the late Continental Congress, for those heroes who fell in the cause of liberty, and for such others as may hereafter be decreed by the voice of a grateful nation.
Página 567 - A New Map of the North Parts of America claimed by France under ye Names of Louisiana, Mississippi, Canada and New France with ye adjoining Territories of England and Spain.
Página 585 - An Impartial History of the War in America, between Great Britain and her Colonies...

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