Report of the Eighteenth Annual Meeting


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Página 22 - The 90 per cent of the Christian Filipinos who do not speak Spanish are really Christians. They are capable of education, and they have no caste or arbitrary customs which prevent their development along the lines of Christian civilization. They are merely in a state of Christian pupilage. They are imitative. They are glad to be educated, glad to study some language other than their own, and glad to follow European and American ideals.
Página 10 - How charming is divine Philosophy! Not harsh and crabbed, as dull fools suppose, But musical as is Apollo's lute, And a perpetual feast of nectar'd sweets, Where no crude surfeit reigns.
Página 43 - Cavite, where ladronism is so ingrained that it has been necessary at times to declare martial law and to suspend the writ of habeas corpus, this is not true. Everywhere else it is the fact. Now, the question is asked, Are not people arrested for exhibiting seditious plays? My answer to that is that they have been. In Manila the exhibition of a play in which the AMERICAN...
Página 62 - I believe that this pledge has been faithfully kept. As high and sacred an obligation rests upon the Government of the United States to give protection for property and life, civil and religious freedom, and wise, firm, and unselfish guidance in the paths of peace and prosperity to all the people of the Philippine Islands. I charge this Commission to labor for the full performance of this obligation, which concerns the honor and conscience of their country, in the firm hope that through their labors...
Página 59 - Our policy in the Philippines must be "The Philippines for the Filipinos." This duty we have assumed and it is the duty which we shall doubtless discharge. It is fortunate that this policy is also the best policy from a selfish standpoint, for thus we have additional assurance of its being maintained. The more we develop the islands, the more we teach the Filipinos the methods of maintaining well-ordered government, the more tranquility succeeds in the islands, the better the business, the greater...
Página 78 - ... of his rule and by the tact, patience and humanity of his dealings with an alien and subject race. Yet upon the American lawyer steeped in the doctrine and traditions of the past, the inquiry at once forces itself, what place has despotism — even the most benevolent and most intelligent — in our American political system, and where by searching shall we find it out?
Página 76 - ... historic period, if not since Man first became distinctively human. In their mental habits, in their methods of inquiry, and in the data at their command, " the men of the present day who have fully kept pace with the scientific movement are separated from the men whose education ended in 1830 by an immeasurably wider gulf than has ever before divided one progressive generation of men from their predecessors.
Página 79 - ... any authority for purely philanthropic enterprises — any right in that government to turn itself into a missionary to the benighted tribes of islands in the South Seas seven thousand miles from our shores — or any power to tax the toiling masses of this country for the benefit of motley groups of the brown people of the tropics, between whom and the tax-payers there is absolutely no community either of interest or of sympathy.
Página 39 - ... privileges. But all these provisions were WITHIN THE CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITATIONS, which, by virtue of the instructions of Mr. McKinley to Mr. Root, and their confirmation by the Congress of the United States, extended to the people of the islands all the civil rights included in the Bill of Rights, except the right to bear arms and the right to trial by jury.
Página 111 - ... time, one or more Corresponding Secretaries in the different cities or towns of the United States and the British North American provinces. It shall be the duty and office of such Corresponding Secretaries to promote in their respective localities the objects and interests of the Association. SECT. 5. The Council shall have the power to fix the number of members of the Association necessary to constitute a quorum for the transaction of any and all business save that of amending the Constitution,...

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