Reports of Cases Decided in the Court of Appeals of the State of New York, Volumen3


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Página 462 - Indeed the proposition may be stated in a more general form ; that if a creditor does any act injurious to the surety, or inconsistent with his rights, or if he omits to do any act when required by the surety, which his duty enjoins him to do, and the omission proves injurious to the surety, in all such cases the latter will be discharged, and he may set up such conduct as a defence to any suit brought against him, if not at law, at all events in Equity.
Página 42 - ... has departed therefrom, with intent to defraud his creditors, or to avoid the service of a summons, or keeps himself concealed therein with the like intent...
Página 14 - That all actions, suits, controversies, and cases arising under any law of the United States, granting or confirming to inventors the exclusive right to their inventions or discoveries...
Página 389 - But our law, to guard against fraud, gives the entire property, without any account, to him whose original dominion is invaded, and endeavored to be rendered uncertain without his own consent.
Página 485 - ... it shall not be lawful for the Directors of any such company to divide, withdraw, or in any way pay to the stockholders or any of them, any part of the capital stock...
Página 77 - Co., after enumerating all the charges on the cargo and ship, therein charged to the plaintiff a commission of two and a half per cent. 'on the amount of the goods and charges.
Página 551 - To which he is a party, or in which he is interested; 2. When he is related to either party by consanguinity or affinity within the third degree, computed according to the rules of law; 3.
Página 268 - ... into the United States shall forfeit and pay for every such offense the sum of one thousand dollars, which may be sued for and...
Página 33 - Issues or puts in circulation any bank bill or note of any such corporation or banker, unless the same shall be made payable on demand and without interest, except bills of exchange on foreign countries or places beyond the limits or...
Página 240 - ... to make an order for the sale of any real estate belonging to such corporation...

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