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Julshare, Wilmatovur, Maurkerlena

12. jan. 1882. Sir, - Iam now forwarding to Shegot? Iniibnen to completeo sofrime TEI of Coffette Potilisé Transiler, begging them to formant it to you in place of the one that put into the set, and which continued only then supplement. With in perfect solume, I also senile no. 13, which is writing in your vohnme X.

I beg to apolojne teiny s mierely


for the trouble I have given gona, oh and and am happy to be able to make him in of the soficiencies without preats delay, as the tourner of the Trepirater in the auch now becoming very scarce. As the non this is the cases, sshomh deem it in live A frent fromin it gee soonlik ularin e dy ther Supplement to men at done time going Foreng fu Stefart. Früber

Prem fallenge the Traposlenme havia fieri con let Terce crean un re." sellest that there simust not be a general incly to the whole 88 rolunues, for unless in case of those who are welle acquainted with the main



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rook and with the events of the years Preris stall it who writin, itini

almost impossible in know where with me to the entfelt sowel altor

say boom brothers, the East of whom . were hiver Lately froh, would face Enam in the charted at with my Fother more

yon ang suspect, but to ganger - realtors, an jenente indley much le Ć Seally naisteary,



1. Sir

your very sincerely,

- Sunan Cobbelt Justin Winson, Esgt.

Sarvarsh Jhary,

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