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L. M.

1 SWEET is the solemn voice that calls

The Christian to the house of prayer;
I love to stand within its walls,

For thou, O Lord, art present there. 2 I love to tread tbe hallowed courts,

Where two or three for worship meet; For thither Christ himself resorts,

And makes the little band complete. 3 'Tis sweet to raise the common song,

To join in holy praise and love ;
And imitate the blessed throng

That mingle hearts and songs above. 4 Within these walls may peace abound,

May all our hearts in one agree;
Where brethren meet, where Christ is


May peace and concord ever be. 4 1 TO come before thee, Lord, with praise,

How good it is, and right:
The song of grateful hearts to raise,

An ever new delight!
2 With thankfulness we trace in this,

O Lord, the coming joy
Of heaven, with all its holy bliss,

And sanctified employ.

C. M.

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3 The bounding spring of souls at peace,

The voice and gush of love ; The rapture never more to cease,

Of home, with thee above.

4 O happy life! O joyous song!

o blessedness supreme! The eternal concord sweet and strong,

Christ all its source and theme.

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(See Music at the end, No. 5.) 1 HOLY, holy, holy Lord !

By thy Spirit and thy word,
Now to us thy peace accord.

Hear us, Lord, and bless.

2 Lo, we bow before thy throne,

Frail and poor, yet still thine own;
Make thy loving presence known.

Hear us, Lord, and bless.

3 Strength and help, O Lord, we crave,

In thy service to be brave;
From the world's delusion save.

Hear us, Lord, and bless.

4 Fill us with a godly fear;

Let us know thee ever near ;
While glad hope of heaven shall cheer,

Hear us, Lord, and bless.

C. M.

1 APPROACH, my soul, the mercy-seat,

Where Jesus answers prayer;
Then humbly fall before his feet,

For none can perish there.
2 Thy promise is my only plea;

With this I venture nigh:
Thou callest burdened souls to thee,

And such, O Lord, am I.
3 Be thou my shield and hiding-place,

That, sheltered near thy side,
I may my fierce accuser face,

And tell him thou hast died.
4 O wondrous love! to bleed and die,

To bear the cross and shame,
That guilty sinners, such as I,

Might plead thy gracious name. 7

C. M.
1 ONCE more we leave the busy road

Of worldly toil and care,
To worship our Redeemer God,

In his own house of prayer.
2 As strangers in a land of woe,

We pass our mortal days;
Yet now and then rejoicings know,

In God's own house of praise.

3 Ye mourning Christians, join the song,

Your harps once more employ;
Remember, as ye pass along,

This is the house of joy.
4 Dear Saviour, in thy temple shine,

Then shall our souls be blest;
And know and prove the truth divine,

Thine is a house of rest.

L. M.

1 WHO that has felt the heart's deep need,

The woe of sin, the pain of grief,
But loves, in prayer, with Christ to plead

For his upholding and relief.
2 O precious Christ our Lord! thy soul

Knew, and remembers all life's fears; How waves of sorrow o'er it roll,

And hearts record their thoughts in tears. 3 How full of comfort to draw nigh

The mercy-seat, thy special throne ;
And, certain of thy sympathy,

Our burthens and our weakness own.

4 Who, like thee, Lord, can soothe and cheer?

Who, like our Saviour, help and heal? Lord, while we thus to thee draw near,

Thy presence and thy love reveal.


1 LET us pray! the Lord is willing,

Ever waiting, prayer to hear ;
Ready, his kind words fulfilling,

Loving hearts to bless and cheer. 2 Let us pray! our God with blessing

Satisfies the praying soul;
Bends to hear the heart's confessing,

Moulding it to his control.
3 Let us pray! though foes surrounding,

Vex and trouble and dismay ;
Precious grace, through Christ abounding,

Still shall guard and guide our way. 4 Let us pray! our life is praying ;

Prayer with time, alone, may cease:
Then in heaven, God's will obeying,

Life is praise, and perfect peace. 10

L. M.
1 BEHOLD us, Lord, the few, the weak,

Feeble and poor, to thee we come ;
The blessing of thy help to seek,

Thy guidance on our pathway home. 2 To thee our various wants are known;

Life's burthen, with its toil and grief;
O shine the rugged way upon,

And cheer our souls with love's relief.

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