Merry's Museum, Volúmenes7-8

I.C. & J.N. Stearns, 1845

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Página 192 - Lo, such the child whose early feet The paths of peace have trod ; Whose secret heart, with influence sweet, Is upward drawn to God.
Página 152 - Last night the sun went pale to bed; The moon in halos hid her head. The boding shepherd heaves a sigh, For, see, a rainbow spans the sky. The walls are damp, the ditches smell, Closed is the light-red pimpernel. Hark! how the chairs and tables crack...
Página 152 - Careful observers may foretell the hour, (By sure prognostics,) when to dread a shower. While rain depends, the pensive cat gives o'er Her frolics, and pursues her tail no more. Returning home at night, you'll find the sink Strike your offended sense with double stink. If you be wise, then, go not far to dine: You'll spend in coach-hire more than save in wine. A coming shower your shooting...
Página 115 - Robbins, and wounded good young Frye, Who was our English Chaplain; he many Indians slew, And some of them he scalped when bullets round him flew.
Página 192 - And soon, too soon, the wint'ry hour Of man's maturer age Will shake the soul with sorrow's power, And stormy passion's rage...
Página 9 - For them no more the blazing hearth shall burn. Or busy housewife ply her evening care; No children run to lisp their sire's return, Or climb his knees the envied kiss to share.
Página 59 - God made the world; or else I am so sharply taunted, so cruelly threatened, yea, presently, sometimes with pinches, nips, and bobs, and other ways (which I will not name for the...
Página 91 - The north-wind sings a doleful song ; Then hush again upon my breast ; All merry things are now at rest, Save thee, my pretty Love ! The kitten sleeps upon the hearth ; The crickets long have ceased their mirth ; There's nothing stirring in the house Save one wee, hungry, nibbling mouse. Then why so busy thou ? Nay...
Página 59 - I will tell you, quoth she, and tell you a Truth which perchance ye will marvel at. One of the greatest Benefits that ever God gave me, is, that he sent me so sharp and severe Parents, and so gentle a Schoolmaster.
Página 116 - the thief I know is a little man, by his having made a pile of stones to stand upon, in order to reach the venison from the height I hung it standing on the ground ; that he is an old man, I know by his short steps, which I have traced over the dead leaves in the woods...

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