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8 957.24 Computation of time.

A designated period of time under the rules in this part exclude the day the period begins, and includes the last day of the period unless the last day is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, in which event the period runs until the close of business on the next business day. 8 957.25 Official record.

The transcript of testimony together with all pleadings, orders, exhibits, briefs, and other documents filed in the proceeding shall constitute the official record of the proceeding. 8 957.26 Public information.

The Law Librarian of the Post Office Department shall maintain for public inspection in the Law Library copies of all departmental decisions. The Docket Clerk maintains the complete official record of every proceeding. $ 957.27 Suspension.

(a) Any firm or individual suspended under Part 956 of this chapter who believes that his suspension has not been in accordance with the provisions thereof, or with applicable laws or regulations, may appeal to the Judicial Officer for a review of the suspension.

(b) Any such appeal shall be addressed to the Judicial Officer through the Bureau Head who ordered the suspension within 20 days of the date upon which the appellant has been notified of his suspension. Such appeal shall concisely and in the manner of a pleading set forth the grounds upon which the suspension is contested and may be supported by a brief and such evidence as the appellant may desire to submit.

(c) Should the appellant desire oral argument or a hearing before the Judicial Officer in connection with his appeal, application therefore shall be included in the appeal. In the event that the Judicial Officer grants the appellant's application for a hearing the notice of suspension and the appeal shall constitute the pleadings defining the issues therein and the hearing shall be regulated in accordance with the rules in this part concerning debarment proceedings.

(d) The decision of the Judicial Officer in any appeal shall constitute the final departmental determination of the issues presented thereby. Either party thereto may, however, file a motion for reconsideration thereof, in accordance with the provisions of $ 957.22. (34 F.R. 602, Jan. 16, 1969; 84 FR. 1188, Jan. 24, 1969)

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