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of God? art thou come hither | unto the sick of the palsy; to torment us before the time? Son, be of good cheer; thy

30 And there was a good sins be forgiven thee. way off from them a herd of 3 And, behold, certain of the many swine feeding.

scribes said within them. 31 So the devils besought selves, This man blasphemhim, saying, If thou cast us eth. out, suffer us to go away into 4 And Jesus knowing their the herd of swine.

thoughts said, Wherefore 32 And he said unto them, think ye evil in your hearts ? Go. And when they were 5 For whether is easier, to come out, they went into the say, Thy sins be forgiven herd of swine: and, behold, thee; or to say, Arise, and the whole herd of swine ran walk? violently down a steep place 6 But that ye may know into the sea, and perished in that the Son of man bath the waters.

power on earth to forgive 33 And they that kept them sins, (then saith he to the fled, and went their ways sick of the palsy,) Arise, take into the city, and told every up thy bed, and go unto thine thing, and what was befallen house. to the possessed of the devils. 7 And he arose, and departed

34 And, behold, the whole to his house. city came out to meet Jesus: 8 But when the multitudes and when they saw him, they saw it, they marvelled, and besought him that he would glorified God, which had depart out of their coasts. given such power unto men.

CHAPTER IX. 9 | And as Jesus passed 2 Christ curing one sick of the palsy, forth from thence, he saw a

of custom, 10 eateth with publicans man, named Matthew, sitting and sinners, 14 defendeth his disci- at the receipt of custom: and ples for not fasting, cureth the he saith unto him, Follow Jairus daughter, 27 giveth sight to me. And he arose, and foltwo blind men, 32 healeth a dumb lowed him. man possessed of a devil, 36 anil hath compassion of the multitude. 10 TAnd it came to pass, as ND he entered into a ship, Jesus sat at meat in the house,

and passed over, and behold, many publicans and came into his own city. sinners came and sat down

2 And, behold, they brought with him and his disciples. to him a man sick of the 11 And when the Pharisees palsy, lying on a bed: and saw it, they said unto his Jesus seeing their faith said disciples, Why eateth your


master with publicans and and worshipped him, saying, sinners ?

My daughter is even now 12 But when Jesus heard dead: but come and lay thy that, he said unto them, They hand upon her, and she shall that be whole need not a live. physician, but they that are 19 And Jesus arose, and folsick.

lowed him, and so did his 13 But go ye and learn what disciples. that meaneth, I will have 20 And, behold, a woman, mercy, and not sacrifice: for which was diseased with an I am not come to call the issue of blood twelve years, righteous, but sinners to came behind him, and touchrepentance.

ed the hem of his garment: 14 | Then came to him the 21 For she said within herdisciples of John, saying, self, If I may but touch his Why do we and the Phar- garment, I shall be whole. isees fast oft, but thy disciples 22 But Jesus turned him fast not?

about, and when he saw her, 15 And Jesus said unto he said, Daughter, be of good them, Can the children of the comfort; thy faith hath made bridechamber mourn, as long thee whole. And the woman as the bridegroom is with was made whole from that them? but the days will come, hour. when the bridegroom shall

23 And when Jesus came be taken from them, and then into the ruler's house, and shall they fast.

saw the minstrels and the 16 No man putteth a piece people making a noise, of new cloth unto an old gar 24 He said unto them, Give ment; for that which is put place : for the maid is not in to fill it up taketh from the dead, but sleepeth. And garment, and the rent is they laughed him to scorn, made worse.

25 But when the people 17 Neither do men put new were put forth, he went in, wine into old bottles: else the and took her by the hand, bottles break, and the wine and the maid arose. runneth out, and the bottles 26 And the fame hereof went perish: but they put new abroad into all that land. wine into new bottles, and 27 | And when Jesus deboth are preserved.

parted thence, two blind men 18 [ While he spake these followed him, crying, and things unto them, behold, saying, Thou Son of David, there came a certain ruler, I have mercy on us.

1 Christ sendeth out his tu'elve apos

28 And when he was come disciples, The harvest truly into the house, the blind men is plenteous, but the labourcame to him: and Jesus saith ers are few; unto them, Believe ye that I 38 Pray ye therefore the am able to do this? They Lord of the harvest, that he said unto him, Yea, Lord. will send forth labourers into

29 Then touched he their his harvest. eyes, saying, According to

CHAPTER X. your faith be it unto you. 30 And their eyes were

lles, enabling them with power to do

miracles, 5 giveth them their charge, opened; and Jesus straitly teacheth them, 16 comforteth them charged them, saying, See

against persecutions : 40 and prom

iseth a blessing to those that receive that no man know it.

thein. 31 But they, when they were ND when he had called departed, spread abroad his fame in all that country. ciples, he gave them power

32 | As they went out, be- against unclean spirits, to cast hold, they brought to him a them out, and to heal all dumb man possessed with a manner of sickness and all devil.

manner of disease. 33 And when the devil was 2 Now the names of the cast out, the dumb spake: twelve apostles are these ; and the multitudes marvelled, The first, Simon, who is callsaying, It was never so seened Peter, and Andrew his in Israel.

brother ; James the son of 34 But the Pharisees said, Zebedee, and John his brothHe casteth out devils through er ; the prince of the devils. 3 Philip, and Bartholomew;

35 And Jesus went about all | Thomas, and Matthew the the cities and villages, teach- publican ; James the son of ing in their synagogues, and Alpheus, and Lebbeus, whose preaching the gospel of the surname was Thaddeus; kingdom, and healing every 4 Simon the Canaanite, and sickness and every disease Judas Iscariot, who also beamong the people.

trayed him. 36 | But when he saw the 5 These twelve Jesus sent multitudes, he was moved forth, and commanded them, with compassion on them, saying, Go not into the way because they fainted, and of the Gentiles, and into any were scattered abroad, as city of the Samaritans enter sheep having no shepherd. 37 Then saith he unto his 6 But go rather: to the lost

ye not:

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sheep of the house of Is- I wise as serpents, and harmrael.

less as doves. 7 And as ye go, preach, say

17 But beware of men: for ing, The kingdom of heaven they will deliver you up to is at hand.

the councils, and they will 8 Heal the sick, cleanse the scourge you in their synalepers, raise the dead, cast gogues ; out devils : freely ye have re 18 And ye shall be brought ceived, freely give.

before governors and kings 9 Provide neither gold, nor for my sake, for a testimony silver, nor brass in your against them and the Genpurses ;

tiles. 10 Nor scrip for your jour- 19 But when they deliver ney, neither two coats, nei- you up, take no thought how ther shoes, nor yet staves : or what ye shall speak: for it for the workman is worthy shall be given you in that of his meat.

same hour what ye shall 11 And into whatsoever city speak. or town ye shall enter, in- 20 For it is not ye that speak, quire who in it is worthy; but the Spirit of your Father and there abide till ye go which speaketh in you. thence.

21 And the brother shall de12 And when ye come into liver up the brother to death, a house, salute it.

and the father the child: and 13 And if the house be the children shall rise up worthy, let your peace come against their parents, and upon it : but if it be not cause them to be put to death. worthy, let your peace return 22 And ye shall be hated of

all men for my name's sake : 14 And whosoever shall not but he that endureth to the receive you, nor hear your end shall be saved. words, when ye depart out 23 But when they persecute of that house or city, shake you in this city, flee ye into off the dust of your feet. another: for verily I say unto

15 Verily I say unto you, It you, Ye shall not have gone shall be more tolerable for over the cities of Israel, till the land of Sodom and Go- the Son of man be come. morrah in the day of judg. 24 The disciple is not above ment, than for that city. his master, nor the servant

16 T Behold, I send you above his lord. forth as sheep in the midst 25 It is enough for the disof wolves : be ye therefore ciple that he be as his mas

to you.

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ter, and the servant as his came not to send peace, but lord. If they have called a sword. the master of the house Beel. 35 For I am come to set a zebub, how much more shall man at variance against his they call them of his house- father, and the daughter hold?

against her mother, and the 26 Fear them not therefore: daughter in law against her for there is nothing covered, mother in law. that shall not be revealed ; 36 And a man's foes shall be and hid, that shall not be they of his own household. known.

37 He that loveth father or 27 What I tell you in dark- mother more than me is not ness, that speak ye in light : worthy of me: and he that and what ye hear in the ear, loveth son or daughter more that preach ye upon the house than me is not worthy of tops.

me. 28 And fear not them which 38 And he that taketh not kill the body, but are not his cross, and followeth after able to kill the soul : but me, is not worthy of me. rather fear him which is able 39 He that findeth his life to destroy both soul and body shall lose it: and he that in hell.

loseth his life for my sake 29 Are not two sparrows shall find it. sold for a farthing ? and one 40 | He that receiveth you of them shall not fall on receiveth me; and he that rethe ground without your Fa-ceiveth me receiveth him that ther.

sent ine. 30 But the very hairs of your 41 He that receiveth a prophhead are all numbered. et in the name of a prophet

31 Fear ye not therefore, ye shall receive a prophet's reare of more value than many ward; and he that receiveth sparrows.

a righteous man in the name 32 Whosoever therefore shall of a righteous man shall reconfess me before men, himceive a righteous man's rewill I confess also before my ward. Father which is in heaven. 42 And whosoever shall give

33 But whosoever shall deny to drink unto one of these me before men, him will I little ones a cup of cold water also deny before my Father only in the name of a disciwhich is in heaven.

ple, verily I say unto you, he 34 Think not that I am come shall in no wise lose his reto send peace on earth : Il ward.

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