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to see ? A man clothed in 2 John sendeth his disciples to Christ. soft raiment ? behold, they

7 Christ's testimony concerning John. that wear soft clothing are in 18 The opinion of the people, both concerning John and Christ.

20 kings' houses. Christ uporaideth the unthankful 9 But what went ye out for ness and unrepentance of Chorazin, Bethsaida, and Capernaum: 25 and to see ? A prophet ? yea, I praising his Father's wisdom in re say unto you, and more than he calleth to him all such as feel the a prophet. burden of their sins.

10 For this is he, of whom ND it came to pass, when it is written, Behold, I send

of comma ling his twelve face, which shall prepare thy disciples, he departed thence way before thee. to teach and to preach in their 11 Verily I say unto you, cities.

Among them that are born 2 Now when John had heard of women there hath not in the prison the works of risen a greater than John the Christ, be sent two of his Baptist: notwithstanding, he disciples,

that is least in the kingdom 3 And said unto him, Art of heaven is greater than thou he that should come, or he. do we look for another ? 12 And from the days of

4 Jesus answered and said John the Baptist until now unto them, Go and shew John the kingdom of heaven sufagain those things which ye fereth violence, and the viodo hear and see:

lent take it by force. 5 The blind receive their 13 For all the prophets and sight, and the lame walk, the the law prophesied until lepers are cleansed, and the John. deaf hear, the dead are raised 14 And if ye will receive it, up, and the poor have the this is Elias, which was for gospel preached to them.

to come. 6 Ānd blessed is he, whoso. 15 He that hath ears to hear, ever shall not be offended in let him hear. me.

16 | But whereunto shall I 7 [ And as they departed, liken this generation? It is Jesus began to say unto the like unto children sitting in multitudes concerning John, the markets, and calling unto What went ye out into the their fellows, wilderness to see ? A reed 17 And saying, We have shaken with the wind ? piped unto you, and ye have 8 But what went ye out for I not danced; we have mourn.

ed unto you, and ye have not swered and said, I thank thee, lamented.

O Father, Lord of heaven and 18 For John came neither earth, because thou hast hid eating nor drinking, and they these things from the wise say, He hath a devil.

and prudent, and hast reveal19 The Son of man came ed them unto babes. eating and drinking, and they 26 Even so, Father; for so it say, Behold a man glutton- seemed good in thy sight. ous, and a winebibber, a 27 All things are delivered friend of publicans and sin- unto me of my Father: and ners. But wisdom is justi- no man knoweth the Son, fied of her children.

but the Father; neither know20 | Then began he to up- eth any man the Father, save braid the cities wherein most the Son, and he to whomsoof his mighty works were ever the Son will reveal him. done, because they repented | 28 | Come unto me, all ye not:

that labour and are heavy 21 Woe unto thee, Chora- laden, and I will give you zin! woe unto thee, Bethsai- rest. da! for if the mighty works, 29 Take my yoke upon you, which were done in you, had and learn of me; for I am been done in Tyre and Sidon, meek and lowly in heart: they would have repented and ye shall find rest unto long ago in sackcloth and your souls. ashes.

30 For my yoke is easy, and 22 But I say unto you, It my burden is light. shall be more tolerable for

CHAPTER XII. Tyre and Sidon at the day of

1 Christ reproveth the blindness of the judgment, than for you.

Pharisees concerning the breach of 23 And thou, Capernaum, the sabbath, 3 by Scriptures, 9 by which art exalted unto heav

reason, 13 and by a miracle. 22 He

healeth the man possessed that was en, shalt be brought down to

31 Blasphemy

against the Holy Ghost shall never' hell: for if the mighty works,

be forgiven. which have been done in made of idle words. 38 He rebuketh

the unfaithful, who seek after a thee, had been done in Sod

sign: 49 and sheweth who is his om, it would have remained brother, sister, and mother. until this day.

T that time Jesus went on

blind and dumb.

36 Account shall be

Bulis say unto you, That At the sabbatheday wrotugn

it shall be more tolerable for the corn; and his disciples the land of Sodom in the day were a hungered, and began of judgment, than for thee. to pluck the ears of corn, 25 T At that time Jesus an- I and to eat.

2 But when the Pharisees What man shall there be saw it, they said unto him, among you, that shall have Behold, thy disciples do that one sheep, and if it fall into which is not lawful to do a pit on the sabbath day, will upon the sabbath day. he not lay hold on it, and lift

3 But he said unto them, it out? Have ye not read what David 12 How much then is a man did, when he was a hungered, better than a sheep? Whereand they that were with him; fore it is lawful to do well

4 How he entered into the on the sabbath days. house of God, and did eat 13 Then saith he to the man, the shewbread, which was Stretch forth thine hand. not lawful for him to eat, And he stretched it forth; and neither for them which were it was restored whole, like as with him, but only for the the other. priests?

14 | Then the Pharisees 5 Or have ye not read in the went out, and held a council law, how that on the sabbath against him, how they might days the priests in the temple destroy him. profane the sabbath, and are 15 But when Jesus knew it, blameless ?

he withdrew himself froni 6 But I say unto you, That thence: and great multitudes in this place is one greater followed him, and he healed than the temple.

them all; 7 But if ye had known what 16 And charged them that this meaneth, I will have they should not make him mercy, and not sacrifice, ye known: would not have condemned 17 That it might be fulfilled the guiltless.

which was spoken by Esaias 8 For the Son of man is the prophet, saying, Lord even of the sabbath 18 Behold my servant, whom day.

I have chosen; my beloved, 9 And when he was depart-in whom my soul is well ed thence, he went into their pleased: I will put my Spirit synagogue:

upon him, and he shall shew 10 s And, behold, there was judgment to the Gentiles. a man which had his hand 19 He shall not strive, nor withered. And they asked cry; neither shall any man bim, saying, Is it lawful to hear his voice in the streets. heal on the sabbath days ? 20 A bruised reed shall he that they might accuse him. not break, and smoking flax 11 And he said unto them, I shall he not quench, till he

send forth judgment unto man? and then he will spoil victory.

his house. 21 And in his name shall the 30 He that is not with me is Gentiles trust.

against me; and he that gath22 | Then was brought unto ereth not with me scattereth him one possessed with a abroad. devil, blind, and dumb: and 31 | Wherefore I say unto he healed him, insomuch that you, All manner of sin and the blind and dumb both blasphemy shall be forgiven spake and saw.

unto men: but the blasphemy 23 And all the people were against the Holy Ghost shall amazed, and said, Is not this not be forgiven unto men. the Son of David ?

32 And whosoever speaketh 24 But when the Pharisees a word against the Son of heard it, they said, This fellow man, it shall be forgiven doth not cast out devils, but him: but whosoever speaketh by Beelzebub the prince of against the Holy Ghost, it the devils.

shall not be forgiven him, 25 And Jesus knew their neither in this world, neither thoughts, and said

unto in the world to come. them, Every kingdom di- 33 Either make the tree vided against itself is brought good, and his fruit good; or to desolation; and every city else make the tree corrupt, or house divided against and his fruit corrupt: for the itself shall not stand:

tree is known by his fruit. 26 And if Satan cast out 34 O generation of vipers, Satan, he is divided against how can ye, being evil, speak himself; how shall then his good things? for out of the kingdom stand ?

abundance of the heart the 27 And if I by Beelzebub mouth speaketh. cast out devils, by whom do 35 A good man out of the your children cast them out? good treasure of the heart therefore they shall be your bringeth forth good things: judges.

and an evil man out of the 28 But if I cast out devils by evil treasure bringeth forth the Spirit of God, then the evil things. kingdom of God is come 36 But I say unto you, That unto you.

every idle word that men 29 Or else, how can one shall speak, they shall give enter into a strong man's account thereof in the day house, and spoil his goods, of judgment. except he first bind the strong | 37 For by thy words thou

shalt be justified, and by thy | when he is come, he findeth it words thou shalt be con- empty, swept, and garnished. demned.

45 Then goeth he, and taketh 38 | Then certain of the with himself seven other spirscribes and of the Pharisees its more wicked than himself, answered, saying, Master, we and they enter in and dweli would see a sign from thee. there: and the last state of

39 But he answered and said that man is worse than the unto them, An evil and adul- first. Even so shall it be also terous generation seeketh unto this wicked generation. after a sign ; and there shall 46 [ While he yet talked no sign be given to it, but the to the people, behold, his sign of the prophet Jonas: mother and his brethren stood

40 For as Jonas was three without, desiring to speak days and three nights in the with him. whale's belly; so shall the 47 Then one said unto him, Son of man be three days Behold, thy mother and thy and three nights in the heart brethren stand without, deof the earth.

siring to speak with thee. 41 The men of Nineveh 48 But he answered and said shall rise in judgment with unto him that told him, Who this generation, and shall is my mother? and who are condemn it: because they re- my brethren? pented at the preaching of 49 And he stretched forth Jonas; and, behold, a greater his hand toward his disciples, than Jonas is here.

and said, Behold my mother 42 The queen of the south and my brethren! shall rise up in the judgment 50 For whosoever shall do with this generation, and the will of my Father which shall condemn it: for she is in heaven, the same is came from the uttermost my brother, and sister, and parts of the earth to hear the mother. wisdom of Solomon; and, CHAPTER XIII. behold, a greater than Solo- 3 The parable of the sower and the mon is here.

seed: 18 the exposition of it. 24 The 43 When the unclean spirit

parudle of the tares, 31 of the mus

tard seed, 33 of the learen, 41 of the is gone out of a man, he walk hidden treasucre, 45 of the pearl, 47

of the drawnet casi eth through dry places, seek

and how Christ is contemned of his ing rest, and findeth none. own countrymen. 44 Then he saith, I

HE same day went Jesus whence I came out ; and l by the sea side.

nto the sea :


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