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men this is impossible ; but penny a day, he sent them with God all things are pos- into his vineyard. sible.

3 And he went out about the 27 | Then answered Peter third hour, and saw others and said unto him, Behold, standing idle in the marketwe have forsaken all, and fol- place, lowed thee; what shall we 4 And said unto them; Go have therefore ?

ye also into the vineyard, and 28 And Jesus said unto whatsoever is right I will give them, Verily I say unto you, you. And they went their That ye which have follow-way. ed me, in the regeneration 5 Again he went out about when the Son of man shall the sixth and ninth hour, and sit in the throne of his glory, did likewise. ye also shall sit upon twelve 6 And about the eleventh thrones, judging the twelve hour he went out, and found tribes of Israel.

others standing idle, and 29 And every one that hath saith unto them, Why stand forsaken houses, or brethren, ye here all the day idle ? or sisters, or father, or moth 7 They say unto him, Beer, or wife, or children, or cause no man hatli hired us. lands, for my name's sake, He saith unto them, Go ye shall receive a hundredfold, also into the vineyard; and and shall inherit everlasting whatsoever is right, that shall life.

ye receive. 30 But many that are first 8 So when even was come, shall be last; and the last the lord of the vineyard saith shall be first.

unto his steward, Call the laCHAPTER XX. bourers, and give them their 1 Christ, by the similitude of the la- hire, beginning from the last that God is debtor unto no' man:-17 unto the first. foretelleth his passion: 20 by answer 9 And when they came ing the mother of Zebedee's children that were hired about the elevteacheth his disciples to be lowly : 30 and giveth two blind men their sight. enth hour, they received evTOR

en is like unto a man 10 But when the first came, that is a householder, which they supposed that they went out early in the morning should have received more; to hire labourers into his and they likewise received vineyard.

every man a penny. 2 And when he had agreed 11 And when they had rewith the labourers for aceived it, they murmured

FOR the kingdom of heavery man a penny

against the goodman of the 21 And he said unto her, house,

What wilt thou? She saith 12 Saying, These last have unto him, Grant that these wrought but one hour, and my two sons may sit, the one thou hast made them equal on thy right hand, and the unto us, which have borne other on the left, in thy kingthe burden and heat of the dom. day.

22 But Jesus answered and 13 But he answered one of said, Ye know not what ye them, and said, Friend, I do ask. Are ye able to drink of thee no wrong: didst not thou the cup that I shall drink of, agree with me for a penny? and to be baptized with the

14 Take that thine is, and go baptism_that I am baptized thy way: I will give unto this with? They say unto him, last, even as unto thee. We are able.

15 Is it not lawful for me to 23 And he saith unto them, do what I will with mine Ye shall drink indeed of my own? Is thine eye evil, be- cup, and be baptized with cause I am good?

the baptism that I am bap16 So the last shall be first, tized with: but to sit on my and the first last: for many right hand, and on my left, be called, but few chosen. is not mine to give, but it shall 17 | And Jesus going up to be given to them for whom it Jerusalem took the twelve is prepared of my Father. disciples apart in the way, 24 And when the ten heard and said unto them,

it, they were moved with in18 Behold, we go up to Je- dignation against the two rusalem; and the Son of man brethren. shall be betrayed unto the 25 But Jesus called them chief priests and unto the unto him, and said, Ye know scribes, and they shall con- that the princes of the Gendemn him to death,

tiles exercise dominion over 19 And shall deliver him to them, and they that are great the Gentiles to mock, and to exercise authority upon them. scourge, and to crucify him : 26 But it shall not be so and the third day he shall rise among you : but whosoever again.

will be great among you, let 20 | Then came to him the him be your minister; mother of Zebedee's children 27 And whosoever will be with her sons, worshipping chief among you, let him be him, and desiring a certain your servant : thing of him.

28 Even as the Son of man

came not to be ministered 2 Saying unto them, Go inunto, but to minister, and to to the village over against give his life a ransom for you, and straightway ye shall many.

find an ass tied, and a colt 29 And as they departed with her: loose them, and from Jericho, a great multi- bring them unto me. tude followed him.

3 And if any man say aught 30 And, behold, two blind unto you, ye shall say, The men sitting by the way side, Lord hath need of them; and when they heard that Jesus straightway he will send passed by, cried out, saying, them. Have mercy on us, o Lord, 4 All this was done, that it thou Son of David.

might be fulfilled which was 31 And the multitude re- spoken by the prophet, saybuked them, because they ing, should hold their peace; but 5 Tell ye the daughter of they cried the more, saying, Sion, Behold, thy King comHave mercy on us,'o Lord, eth unto thee, meek, and sitthou Son of David.

ting upon an ass, and a colt 32 And Jesus stood still, and the foal of an ass. called them, and said, What 6 And the disciples went, will ye that I shall do unto and did as Jesus commanded you u?

them, 33 They say unto him, Lord, 9 And brought the ass, and that our eyes may be opened the colt, and put on them

34 So Jesus had compassion their clothes, and they set on them, and touched their him thereon. eyes : and immediately their 8 And a very great multieyes received sight, and they tude spread their garments followed him.

in the way; others cut down CHAPTER XXI.

branches from the trees, 1 Christ rideth into Jcrusalem upon

and strewed them in the an ass, 12 driveth the buyers and way. seller's out of the temple, 17 curseth 9 And the multitudes that the fig tree, 23 putleth to silence the priests and elders, 28 and rebuketh went before, and that followsons, 33 and the husbandmen, who ed, cried, saying, Hosanna to

the Son of David: Blessed ND

unto Jerusalem, and were name of the Lord ; Hosanna come to Bethphage, unto the in the highest. mount of Olives, then sent 10 And when he was come Jesus two disciples,

into Jerusalem, all the city

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slew such as were sent unto them,

was moved, saying, Who is it, and found nothing therethis?

on, but leaves only, and said 11 And the multitude said, unto it, Let no fruit grow on This is Jesus the prophet of thee henceforward for ever. Nazareth of Galilee.

And presently the fig tree 12 T And Jesus went into withered away. the temple of God, and cast 20 And when the disciples out all them that sold and saw it, they marvelled, saybought in the temple, and ing, How soon is the fig tree overthrew the tables of the withered away! money changers, and the 21 Jesus answered and said seats of them that sold doves, unto them, Verily I say un13 And said unto them, It to you, If ye have faith, and is written, My house shall be doubt not, ye shall not only called the house of prayer; do this which is done to the but ye have made it a den of fig tree, but also if ye shall thieves.

say unto this mountain, Be 14 And the blind and the thou removed, and be thou lame came to him in the cast into the sea ; it shall be temple; and he healed them. done.

15 And when the chief 22 And all things, whatsopriests and scribes saw the ever ye shall ask in prayer, wonderful things that he did, believing, ye shall receive. and the children crying in 23 | And when he was the temple, and saying, Ho- come into the temple, the sanna to the Son of David; chief priests and the elders they were sore displeased, of the people came unto him

16 And said unto him, Hear- as he was teaching, and said, est thou what these say? By what authority doest thou And Jesus saith unto them, these things ? and who gave Yea; have ye never read, thee this authority? Out of the mouth of babes 24 And Jesus answered and and sucklings thou hast per- said unto them, I also will fected praise?

ask you one thing, which if 17 | And he left them, and ye tell me, I in like wise will went out of the city into Beth- tell you by what authority I any; and he lodged there. do these things.

18 Now in the morning, as 25 The baptism of John, he returned into the city, he whence was it? from heavhungered.

en, or of men ?

And they 19 And when he saw a fig reasoned with themselves, tree in the way, he came to saying, If we shall say, From

heaven; he will say unto us, yard, and hedged it round Why did ye not then believe about, and digged a winehim?

press in it, and built a tower, 26 But if we shall say, Of and let it out to husbandmen, men; we fear the people; for and went into a far country: all hold John as a prophet. 34 And when the time of the

27 And they answered Jesus, fruit drew near, he sent his and said, We cannot tell. servants to the husbandmen, And he said unto them, Nei that they might receive the ther tell I you by what au- fruits of it. thority I do these things. 35 And the husbandmen

28 | But what think ye? A took his servants, and beat certain man had two sons; one, and killed another, and and he came to the first, and stoned another. said, Son, go work to day in 36 Again, he sent other serv. my vineyard.

ants more than the first: and 29 He answered and said, they did unto them likewise. I will not; but afterward hé 37 But last of all he sent repented, and went.

unto them his son, saying, 30 And he came to the sec- They will reverence my son. ond, and said likewise. And 38 But when the husbandhe answered and said, I go, men saw the son, they said sir; and went not.

among themselves, This is 31 Whether of them twain the heir; come, let us kill did the will of his father? him, and let us seize on his They say unto him, The inheritance. first. Jesus saith unto them, 39 And they caught him, Verily I say unto you, That and cast him out of the vinethe publicans and the harlots yard, and slew him. go into the kingdom of God 40 When the lord therefore

of the vineyard cometh, what 32 For John came unto you will he do unto those husin the way of righteousness, bandmen ? and ye

believed him not; but 41 They say unto him, He the publicans and the harlots will miserably destroy those believed him: and ye, when wicked men, and will let out ye had seen it, repented not his vineyard unto other husafterward, that ye might be- bandmen, which shall render lieve him.

him the fruits in their seasons. 33 | Hear another parable: _42 Jesus saith unto them, There was a certain house- Did ye never read in the holder, which planted a vine. Scriptures, The stone which

before you.

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