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THE subscribers have great pleasure in offering to the public a new volume of tales by the celebrated, although until recently unknown author of those masterly productions, the “ Passages from the Diary of a late Physician.” From his long silence it was feared that his store of material was exhausted that he would no more appear to charm or sadden the world of readers at his will. The advent of a new story with that well-known phrase at its beginning, “ From the Diary of a late Physician,” in a recent number of Blackwood, was a signal for eager impatience and for great delight—the latter marred only by the unwelcome discovery that the tale was left unfinished in that number, and that a month at least must elapse before the exciting narrative could be resumed. The subscribers are happy in being enabled to supply the want, having received the remainder of the story from the author himself, through the agency of a friend in Europe. The other tales in the present volume are acknowledged by the author of the Diary, Mr. Warren, to be his own performances; it may be observed, however, that such acknowledgment is scarcely needful, to any one at all conversant with the style, and turn of thought and sentiment which characterize the previously collected “Passages."

The publishers think it unnecessary to eulogize these writings, although much might be said in high commendation, not only of the mental power disclosed in them, of the deep interest they inspire, and of the profound knowledge of human nature which without any ostentation they evince, but also of the noble and excellent moral tone by which they are distinguished, and of the skill with which the deeply interesting narrative is made to convey the valuable lessons of experience and wisdom. These are indeed things worthy of praise; but the public voice and the large demand for the two volumes already published, have long since borne ample testimony to the abilities of the author, and the merit of his productions.

H. & B.

New-York, Sept. 1836.

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