Coal Mine Safety: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Eighty-second Congress, Second Session, on H.R. 268, a Bill Amending Public Law 49, Seventy-seventh Congress, Providing for the Welfare of Coal Miners, and for Other Purposes. Hearings Held at Washington, D. C.. February 18, 19, 20, and 21, 1952


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Página 136 - The power of Congress over interstate commerce is not confined to the regulation of commerce among the states. It extends to those activities intrastate which so affect interstate commerce or the exercise of the power of Congress over it as to make regulation of them appropriate means to the attainment of a legitimate end, the exercise of the granted power of Congress to regulate interstate commerce.
Página 121 - Although activities may be intrastate in character when separately considered, if they have such a close and substantial relation to interstate commerce that their control is essential or appropriate to protect that commerce from burdens and obstructions, Congress cannot be denied the power to exercise that control.
Página 16 - ... any applicable form of legal action (including actions for declaratory judgments or writs of prohibitory or mandatory injunction or habeas corpus) in any court of competent jurisdiction. Agency action shall be subject to judicial review in civil or criminal proceedings for judicial enforcement except to the extent that prior, adequate, and exclusive opportunity for such review is provided by law.
Página 221 - Relating to certain inspections and investigations in coal mines for the purpose of obtaining information relating to health and safety conditions, accidents, and occupational diseases therein, and for other purposes...
Página 39 - The Committee members while engaged in the performance of their duties shall be paid by the Union, but shall be deemed to be acting within the scope of their employment in the mine within the meaning of the Workmen's Compensation Law of the state where such duties are performed.
Página 16 - REVIEW. — Any person suffering legal wrong because of any agency action, or adversely affected or aggrieved by such action within the meaning of any relevant statute, shall be entitled to judicial review thereof.
Página 303 - But there has been no serious attempt to establish a working compromise between the Federal Government on the one hand and the States on the other.
Página 124 - That the terms of a penal statute creating a new offense must be sufficiently explicit to inform those who are subject to it what conduct on their part will render them liable to its penalties, is a well-recognized requirement, consonant alike with ordinary notions of fair play and the settled rules of law.
Página 125 - This section applies, according to the provisions thereof, in every case of adjudication required by statute to be determined on the record after opportunity for an agency hearing...
Página 263 - In a gassy mine, permissible junction or distribution boxes shall be used for making multiple-power connections in working places or other places where dangerous quantities of methane may be present or may enter the air current, except that where nonpermissible junction or distribution boxes are...

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