Light and Electricity: Notes of Two Courses of Lectures Before the Royal Institution of Great Britain

Appleton, 1874 - 194 páginas

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Página 202 - ON SOUND. A Course of Eight Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain.
Página 104 - In its case the sine of the angle of incidence is to the sine of the angle of refraction...
Página 204 - IMPORTANT TO CLUBS. THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY will be supplied at reduced rates with any periodical published in this country. Any person remitting Twenty Dollars for four yearly subscriptions will receive an extra copy gratis, or five yearly subscriptions for $20. THE POPULAR SCIENCE MONTHLY and APPLETONS' JOURNAL (weekly), per annum, $8.oo l^j^' Payment, in all cases, must oe in advance.
Página 198 - They have heard of changes in the science; the clash of the battle of old and new theories has stirred them from afar. The tidings, too, had come that the old had given way ; and little more than this they knew. . . . Prof. Cooke's ' New Chemistry ' must do wide service in bringing to close sight the little known and the longed for.
Página 195 - Bagehot's Physics and Politics. I vol., I2mo. Price, $1.50. " If the * International Scientific Series ' proceeds as it has begun, it will more than fulfil the promise given to the reading public in its prospectus. The first volume, by Professor Tyndall, was a model of lucid and attractive scientific exposition ; and now we have a second, by Mr.
Página 204 - In our opinion, the right idea has been happily hit in the plan of this new monthly/* —Buffalo Courier.
Página 195 - ... from giving a fuller account of these suggestive essays, only because we are sure that our readers will find it worth their while to peruse the book for themselves ; and we sincerely hope that the forthcoming parts of the 'International Scientific Series
Página 202 - LIGHT AND ELECTRICITY. Notes of Two Courses of Lectures before the Royal Institution of Great Britain. One vol., I2mo. Cloth, $1.25. " In thus clearly and sharply stating the fundamental principles of Electrical and Op* tical Science, Prof. Tyndall has earned the cordial thanks of all interested in education.
Página 199 - With an Appendix treating of the Vital and Mental Applications of the Doctrine. I vol., I2mo. Cloth. Price, $1.50. " The author has succeeded in presenting the facts in a clear and satisfactory manner...
Página 200 - RELIGION AND SCIENCE. A Series of Sunday Lectures on the Relation of Natural and Revealed Religion, or the Truths revealed in Nature and Scripture. By JOSEPH LE CONTE, LL.

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