Annual Report of the State Corporation Commission of Virginia, Volumen10,Parte1912


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Página 273 - Shipments of explosives and other dangerous articles which are refused by the consignees, or which can not be delivered within 48 hours after arrival at destination, must be promptly disposed of (1) by return to the shipper, if in proper shipping condition, or (2) by storage, provided a suitable storage place for such articles is available, or (3) by sale, or (4) when necessary to safety, by destruction: Provided, That charged electric batteries may be held for 30 days...
Página 262 - This Is to certify that the above articles are properly described by name, and are packed and marked and are In proper condition for transportation according to the applicable regulations prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission and the Commandant of the Coast Guard.
Página 249 - Holes in the floor or lining must be repaired and special care taken to have no projecting nails or bolts or exposed pieces of metal which may work loose or produce holes in packages of explosives during transit.
Página 271 - This is to certify that the contents of this package are properly described by name and are packed and marked and are In proper condition for transportation according to the regulations prescribed by the Interstate Commerce Commission.
Página 618 - When not sealed or when accompanied by instructions requiring agents, before delivering the bill of lading, to obtain signatures to notes or to place mortgages for record, secure insurance, or to render other service than simply collecting the amount of the C.
Página 232 - Whenever the weather during the period of free time is so severe, inclement or rainy that it is impracticable to secure means of removal, or where, from the nature of the goods, removal would cause injury or damage, such time shall be added to the free period; and no demurrage charges shall be allowed for such additional time.
Página 14 - The name of the carrier or carriers complained against must be stated in full, and the address of the petitioner, with the name and address of his attorney or counsel, if any, must appear upon the petition. The complainant must furnish as many copies of the petition as there may be parties complained against to be served.
Página 15 - The testimony of any witness may be taken by deposition, at the instance of a party, in any proceeding or investigation before the Commission, and at any time after the same is at issue. The Commission may also order testimony to be taken by deposition, in any proceeding or investigation pending before it, at any stage of such proceeding or investigation. Such...
Página 247 - Empty cartridge cases, primed, must be packed in strong, tight, outside wooden or flberboard boxes. (c) Small-arms primers containing anvils must be packed in cellular inside packages, with partitions separating the layers and columns of the primers, so that the explosion of a portion of the primers in the completed shipping package will not cause the explosion of all the primers.
Página 15 - In case of failure to answer, the Commission will take such proof of the facts as may be deemed proper and reasonable, and make such order thereon as the circumstances of the case appear to require.

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