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ACADEMY, the French, Voltaire's re- | Clock, Uses of Mr. Puff's Striking, 53.

monstrance against Shakespeare I note.
addressed to, 40.

Coleridge, S. T., His Shakespearian
Actors, Illegal Status of in Shake-

Criticism, 37.
speare's Day, 103.

Coke, Sir James, Makes Himself Ri-
Architectural Works of Inigo Jones, diculous in Raleigh's Trial, 203.
List of, 77.

Companies, The Children's, see Chil-
Art, First Object not to Counterfeit dren's Companies, The.
Nature, 44.

Constance, Queen, How Shakespeare
Shakespeare's, Inseparable from

Vivified Character of in Old
the Theatre, 32.

Play, 54.
Rules Cannot Be Made for, until | Contention, The Whole, see Henry the
Object of Ascertained, 31.

Sixth : True Tragedie.
Work of, Cannot be Tampered Earlier Forms of the, 99-106.

with without Destroying, 96. Cowley, Richard, Name of One of
BARANTE, M. de, His Criticism on

Shakespeare's Actors, 112.
Hamlet, 93.

Played Part of Dogberry, 112.
Bartholomew, St., Fair of, the Cloth | Criticism, Shakespearian, History of
Fair of England, 16.

is a History of Literary Taste,
Beauty, The Masque of, see Masque of

Beauty, The

Crown Inn, The, at Oxford, Engrav-
Birthplace, Shakespeare's, 230.

ing of, to face p. I.
Belch, see Sir Toby Belch.

Shakespeare Breaks His Journeys
Blackness, The Masque of, see Masque at, see D'Avenant, Sir William,
of Blackness, The.

113. .
“ Breeched with Gore," What it is to Cuts, Shakespeare's Remorseless, in
be, 46.

the Old King John, 54.
Browning Society, Dissolution of the D'AVENANT, John, Proprietor of
London, 61.

Crown Inn at Oxford, see Crown
CADE, Jack, Shakespeare's Abusive
Treatment of, 103, 104.

D'Avenant, Sir William, Paternity of
Carré, Jerome, A Pseudonym of Vol-

Discussed, 113.
taire's, 41.

Deighton, The Macmillan Edition, 246.
Chancery Suit of Shakespeare vs. Lam Deschamps, M., His Alterations of
bert, 199.

Macbeth, 96.
Children's Companies, The, Paper by Desfontaines, Abbé de, Voltaire's Let-
Appleton Morgan on, 131.

ter to, 39.
Shakespeare's Satire Concerning, Doak, H. M., Esq., Paper on the Su-

pernatural in Shakespeare, 213.
Jonson's Complaint Against, 131. Doubtful Plays, a List of, 48.
The Puritan Attack upon, 137.

Not Actually "Doubtful," 49.
Allusion to in Jack Drum's Enter Drama, Difference between the Eng-
tainment, 138.

lish and French, 45.
List of Masters of, 139.

A Mirror not of Life, but of Epi-
Petition in Chancery Against, 140. 1 sodes, 34.
Excellence of Entertainment Ren- | Dramatic Treatment and Theatrical,
dered by, 141.

Difference Between, 33.
Final Silencing of, 141.

Dryden, His Shakespearian Criticism,
Episode of not Creditable to Prot-
estantism, 131.

Ducing, M., His Shakespearian Criti-
Chlorinda, The Masque of, 69.

cism, 95.
Cause of Quarrel Between Ben English and French Dramatic Taste,
Jonson and Inigo Jones, 69.

Difference Between, 45.
Classical, Former French National | Expenses of Masques, Curious Bill
Drama Always, 42.

Showing the, 22.

Inn, 113.


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