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On the Receipt of my Mother's Pic- ! ROGERS (Samuel), 570.

ture, by William Cowper, 365. Rosabelle, by Walter Scott, 484.
Once on a time a paper kite, 348. Roscommon (The Earl of), 198.
One day I wrote her name upon the Rudely thou wrong'st my dear heart's
sand, 43.

desire, 43.
Our bugles sang truce-for the night. Rule Britannia, by Jos, Thomson, 286.

cloud had lower'd, 550.
Over hill, over dale, 72.

SACKVILLE (Charles), 227.

(Thos.), Earl of Dorset, 28.
PACK, clouds, away, and welcome

St. Agnes' Eve-Ah, bitter chill it
day, 224.

was, 406.
PARNELL (Thomas), 325.

Saint Cecilia's Day (Song for), 219.
Pastoral (A), by John Byrom, 276.

Sally in our Alley, by H. Carey, 279.
Passionate Shepherd to his Love (The), Scott (Sir Walter), 478.
by Marlow, 57,

SEDLEY (Sir Charles), 222.
PAYNE (John Howard), 606.

See the chariot at hand here of love, 99.
PERCY (Thomas), 374.

SHAKSPEARE (William), 64.
Peschiera, by Arthur H. Clough, 620.

Shall I, wasting in despair, 155.
PHILIPS (John), 233.

SHELLEY (Percy Bysshe), 467.
PHILLIPS (Ambrose), 231.

SHENSTONE (William), 293.
Piers Ploughman, I.

Shepherd Boy (The), by L. E. Mac-
Piozzi (Mrs.), 400.

lean, 607.'
POLLOK (Robert), 586.

Shepherd's Commendation of her
POMFRET (John), 225.

Nymph, 25.
Poor Jack, by Charles Dibdin, 397.

Shepherd's Resolution (The), by
POPE (Alexander), 269.

George Wither, 155.
PRAED (Winthrop Mackworth), 613. She was a queen of noble Nature's
PRIOR (Matthew), 247.

crowning, 531.
Procrastination, from Young's “Night SHIRLEY (James) 140.
Thoughts," 292.

SIDNEY (Sir Philip), 46.
PROCTOR (Adelaide Ann), 631. SKELTON (John), 12.
Prothalamion, 38.

Skylark (To a), by P. B. Shelley, 467.
Pulteney (To Miss Charlotte), by Am Sleep (The), by Mrs. E. B. Browning,
brose Phillips, 231.

Sleep on, and dream of heaven awhile,

QUARLES (Francis), 122.

Sleepest or wakest thou, jolly Shep-

herd, 74.

Sleeping Beauty, by S. Rogers, 571.
RAINBOW (The), by T. Campbell, 542. So cruel prison, how could betide, 21.

- (The), by Rev. John Keble, 647. Soldier's Dream (The), by Thomas
RALEIGH (Sir Walter), 58.

Campbell, 550.
RAMSAY (Allan), 274.

Solitude, by Henry Kirke White, 451,
Resignation (The), by Thomas Chat Some glory in their birth, 64.
terton, 383.

Some years ago, ere Time and Taste,
Retirement, by Charles Cotton, 202,
Retreat (The), by Henry Vaughan, 208. SOMERVILLE (William), 264.
Ride on! ride on in Majesty, 649. Song for St. Cecilia's Day, 219.
Rime of the Ancient Mariner (The), Sonnets, by David Gray, 624.

So now is come our joyful'st feast, 151.
Robin Goodfellow, 142.

Soote Season (The), 24.
Robin's (A), Requiem, by John Web- SOUTHEY (Robert), 533.
ster, 214.

SOUTHWELL (Robert), 63.

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Splendid Shilling (The), by John The voice which I did more esteem,
Philips, 233.

! 156.
SPENSER (Edmund), 34.

The waters are flashing, 471.
Spring, by Robert Bloomfield, 434. The way was long, the wind was cold,
Spring of the year (The), by Allen 479.
Cunningham, 590.

The World and Death one day them
Squire's Pew (The), by Jane Taylor, cross-disguised, 51.

The World's a bubble, and the Life of
SUCKLING (Sir John), 131.

Man, 77.
Sunday, by George Herbert, 91. There's a bower of roses by Ben-
Supplication (A), 20.

demeer's stream, 574,
Surrey's (Earl) Reflections, while a There is a flower, a little flower, 490.
prisoner in Windsor, 21.

There is nae luck about the house, 379.
Sweet are the thoughts that savour of There was a sound of revelry by night,
content, 52.

Sweet Auburn ! loveliest village of the There was a time when meadow, grove,
plain, 318.

and stream, 563.
Sweet bird ! that sing'st away the There was three kings into the East,
early hours, 128.

1 342.
Sweet country life, to such unknown, These as they change, Almighty Father,

these, 281.
Sweet day! so cool, so calm, so They come! the merry summer months
bright, 94.

of beauty, song, and flowers, 579.
SYLVESTER (Joshua), 48.

Think not 'cause men flatt'ring say, 104.

THOMSON (James), 281.

Those evening bells ! those evening
TAYLOR (Ann and Jane), 597.

bells ! 573.
Tell me not, sweet, I am unkind, 138. Thought on the Seashore (A), by John
TENNYSON (Alfred), 650.

Newton, 349.
THACKERAY (Wm. Makepeace), 638. Thoughts in a Garden, by Andrew
Thames (The) and Windsor Forest, 163. Marvel, 185.
That which her slender waist confined, Three Warnings (The), by Mrs. Piozzi,

The Assyrian came down like the wolf Thrice happy he who by some shady
on the fold, 464.

grove, 128.
The boy stood on the burning deck, 593. Thrice, oh thrice happy, shepherd's
The Curfew tolls the knell of parting' life and state! 129.
day, 298.

Through the blue and frosty heavens,
The day of wrath, that dreadful day, 198. 632.
The forward youth that would appear, Thrush (To the), by Wm. Drummond,

The glories of our birth and state, 141. , Thrush's Nest (The), by J. Clare, 616.
The lopped tree in time may grow TICKELL (Thomas), 258.
again, 63.

Timely blossom, Infant fair, 231.
The lovely purple of the moon's be- | Times go by Turns, by Robert South-
stowing, 609.

well, 63.
The mourner, by George Crabbe, 403. Tired nature's sweet restorer, balmy
The night is come, like to the day, 183. sleep! 289.
The shepherd's dog, like his master, 'Tis gone, that bright and orbed blaze,
was grey, 385.

The spacious firmament on high, 184. 'Tis instinct that directs the jealous
The stately homes of England, 590. 1 hare, 267.
The tree of deepest root is found, 400. 'Tis time this heart should be un-
The twentieth year is well nigh past, 370. moved, 465.

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To all you ladies now at land, 227. When maidens such as Hester die,
To those we've left behind us, by 488.
Thomas Moore, 577.

When Phoebus lists his head out of the
Triumphal arch that fill'st the sky, 542. winter's wave, 82.
'Twas at the royal feast, for Persia When the sheep are in the fauld, and
won, 215.

the kye at hame, 476.
'Twas when the seas were roaring, 255. / Where the bee sucks, there suck I, 67.
TUSSER (Thomas), 30.

Where, where now are the great re-

ports, 50.

WHITE (Joseph Blanco), 456.
Una and the Red-Cross Knight, 34. Who fed me from her gentle breast,
Underneath this sable hearse, 99.

Unwin, Mary (To), two Sonnets, by : Whose imp art thou, with dimpled
William Cowper, 370.

cheek, 489.
Why so pale and wan, fond lover, 131.

Wilí (The), by John Donne, 87.
Vanished Blessings, by George Wither, W

by George Wither. | WILMOT (John), Earl of Rochester,

VAUGHAN (Henry), 206.

Wish (A), by Samuel Rogers, 570.
VERE (Edward), Earl of Oxford, 25.

| With how sad steps, O Moon, 46.
Vicar (The), by W. M. Praed, 613.

WITHER (George), 151.
Victorious men of earth no more, 121.

Within a thick and spreading haw-
Vision of Piers Ploughman, 1.

thorn bush, 617.
Vital spark of heavenly flame, 273.

Wolcot (John), 384.
Vulcan, contrive me such a cup, 194.

WOLFE (Rev. C.), 457.
WORDSWORTH (William), 552.
WOTTON (Sir Henry), 101.

Wrathful Winter (The), 28.
Waken, lords and ladies gay, 482.
WALLER (Edmund), 199.

WYATT (Sir Thomas), 18.
WALTON (Isaak), 195.
WARWICK, to the Earl of, on the
death of Addison, 258.

Yarrow Visited, by William Words-
We are Seven, by William Words worth, 555.
worth, 559.

i Yarrow Unvisited, 552.
WEBSTER (I.), Robin's Requiem, 214, Ye Mariners of England, by Thomas
Weigh me the fire; or cansi thou find, Campbell, 548.

| Ye Nymphs of Solyma ! begin the
We watch'd her breathing thro' the song, 269.
night, 605.

Yes! there are real mourners: I have
What is the world? tell, worldling, if seen, 403.
thou knowest, 48.

Yet once more, O ye laurels, and once
What shepherd can express, 25.

more, 176.
What voice did on my spirit fall, 621. You meaner beauties of the night, 102.
When Britain first at Heaven's com- “You are old, Father William," the
mand, 286.

young man cried, 539.
When first thy eyes unveil, give thy You must wake and call me early, call
soul leave, 206.

me early, mother dear, 651.
When God at first made man, 95. ; Young (Édward), 289.
When Love with unconfined wings, : You spotted snakes, with double

tongue, 69.

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