Predestined for Hell?

Sword of the Lord Publishers, 2000 - 103 páginas

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Poor thought process. It just goes to show that a man can have a doctorate and still not be very sharp. Calvinists who actually believe in Calvinistic Theology are labeled as "hyper-Calvinists" in an effort to discredit the Biblical position. Similar dishonest, and quite frankly, childish "scholarship" is employed in another anti-Gospel book written by Norman Geisler titled "Chosen But Free".
Both of these men are somewhere between Arminianism (a slightly progressive form thereof since they seem to like the Perseverance of the Saints part of Calvinism) and Semi-Pelagianism. Man-centered theology rather than Christ-centered Theology.
Disturbing, to say the least, to observe someone who claims the name of Christ, and who supposedly respects the Word of God, to disregard the teaching therein. These men obviously haven't been paying attention to the clear and irrefutable teaching of Paul in the 9th chapter of Romans. Nor do they seem to take seriously the depth of their own sin, and the truthfulness of Christ's words in John chapter 6, when he says that "No one CAN (has the ability) to come to me, UNLESS the Father draws him, and I will raise him up at the Last Day".

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