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IT, Jos. C., motion on currency bill, 588.

CORBETT, TIENNY W., motion on funding bill w
SSION of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas, 572-579. Cox.Jacob D., Secretary of the Interior, 507
DIAN, AMOs T., Attorney General, 507.

Cox, SIMUEL S. general amnesty resolutiv., 682; DOCIJE
BAMA, vote on XVth amendment, 557.

on income tax. 605.
SX, WM. B., motion on curency bill, 594.

Creswell, John A. J., Postmaster General, 307.
INDENT, XIVth, text of, 548; XVth, ratifying votes, Cubi, message as to, 642-511.
proclamation, bills enforcing and votes thereon, CUBAY QUESTION, 019.
515-572; votes of States on, 557-562.

Currency, increasing the, 550, 581; &LO, usu-
ENDMENTS, bill to regulate mode of ratifying consti- 596.
tutional, 621.

DAVIS, GARRETT, motion on enforcing bili, 555; currency
INESTY, general, 582.

bill, 589; financial bill, 599; incori; tax, 608.

DAVI“, VOANI, funding bill motions, 603, 60+; intre l'ices

naturalization bill, 618.
(XKS. NATHANIEL. P., reports Cuban resolution, 619. DAVIS, Justice, 523.
AXK, right of the United states to tax state, 523-530; | !AWES, IL ENRY L., moves substitute to Georgia bill, 614.
right of States to tax National, 530-532.

Deer, act to authorize the refunding; of the national,
YARD, Tros. F., funding motion, 601; motion to tax 597; statements of national, 627-130.
bonds, 607.

DECISIONS, judicial, 519-532.
CK, JAMES B., substitute for Mississippi bill, 577; for DELAWATIE, vote on XVth amendment, 557.

Texas bill, 579; motion to tax interest on bonds, | DICKEY. OLIVER J., motion on Georgia. bill, 615.

DOUGLAS, STEPHEN A., introduces Illinois Central Rail.
OKNAP, WILLIAM W., Secretary of War, 507.

road bill, 50+.
GUIAM, JOHN A., reports enforcing bill, 550; substi- DRAK, CHARLES D., amendment to Virginia bill, 575;
tute for Virginia bill, 574; proviso to Georgia bill, motion on apportionnient bill, iSt; on Georgia bill,
bll; motion on Cuban resolution, 620; substitute 613.
for same, 621; reports bill to regulate mode of rati- EDMUNDS, George T., proviso to Vi ginja admission bill,
Slying constitutional amendments, 021.

575; motion as to apportic nownt, 58+; income tax,
NE, JAMES G., Speaker House of Representatives, 608; gross receipts, 605; 17cm gia bill. 614.

ELA, JACOB 11., motion on Noitnern Pacific Railroad bill,
er, Austin, funding motion, 602.

»s, purchasing, 68).

ILDI:IDGE. CHAS. A., motion or riban resolution, 6:20.
AAN, ARTUUR 1., funding motion, 601.

EXPORCING ACT, text of and action upon, 546-550).
WELL, GEORGE S, Secretary of the Treasury, 507. FARNSWOKT!I, JOHN F., report: Virginia bill, 573; motion
LEY, Justice, 523.

on Georgia bill, 615.
INGHAM, WILLIAM A., motions on funding bill, 600. FENIAN INVASION, proclairstic n against. 514.
DARL, TÍORATIV C., motion on currency bill, 594. FERDI-S. ORANGE, resolution as to validity of XIVth and
SER, BEXJ. F., reports Texas bill with conditions,

th amendinents, 63:
0978; motion on funding bill, 603; reports bill for HIELD, Justice. 523.
Destoration of Georgia; reports Senate amendment l'ISH, 11 ANILTON, Secretary of State. 507; certificate rati-
) Georgia bill, 614.

fication XVth amor linent, 545, 516.

FIFTEENTI AMENDMENT, rotes of States on. 557-562; proc-
NIN, vote on XVth amendment, 557.

lamation of ratification, 515, 546; bills to enforce,
tox, Simon, proviso to Northern Pacific Railroad and votes thereon, 540-550; House vote on validity
S11, 569; funding motion, 01.

of, 583.
ELL, JAMES H., reports Union Pacific Railroad bill, FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. act enforcing XVth and, 546-

650; House vote on validity of, 553,
INTER, MATTHEW C., motion on enforcing bill, 556. FUNDING ACI, 597.
DLY, EUGENE, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on GARFIELD, JAMES A., resolution condemning repudiation,
orthern Pacific Railroad bill, 568; on currency 579; substitute for currency bill, 591; motion on,
111, 590,

1, Joux, motion on amnesty, 582.

LER, ZACHATIA11, motion on currency bill, 589 GEORGIA. vote on XVth amendment, 557; reconstruction

Chief Justice, 5:23; opinion of United States Su- and restoration of, C09-01..
eme Court on validity of contracts in Confeder-GORHAM, G FORGC., Secretary of the Senate, 507.
e money, 509-511; on constitutionality of legal | Grant, President, first annual message, 5:33-540; special
Ander clause as to prior contracts, 512-519; on messages, on commerce, 510, 511; urging ratifica-
ght of United States Government to tax State tion of San Domingo treaty, 5+1, 512; Cuban affairs,

5+:-5++; proclamation against Fenian invasion, 54t;
PSC NATURALIZATION, direct vote in the Senate on, 619. announcing ratification XVth amendment, 515;

message on European war and American ship-
, SYDNEY, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad ping, 616.

GRANTS, land, 563–572, 625.
D), Justice, 523.

GRIEK, Justice, 5 3,
Juix, motions on Northern Pacific Railroad GISWOLD), JOHN J., funding motion, 603.

081; apporuionment proposition, 585; motion 11AMLIY, VANNIBAL, motion on enforcing bill, 555; on
currency bill 59t; on funding bill, 602.

funding, 600: on Georgia bill, 613; naturalization
SCHUYLEK, Vice President, and President of the

bill, 619.
nate, 507.

IIAMILTON, W'm. 1., motion to tax interest on public debt,
RCE, inessage as to, 540-541.

ERITE Money, on the validity of contracts in, 509- HARLAN, JAMES, motion on Northern Pacific Railroad

bill, 267.
NG, ROSCOE, motion on currency bill, 588, 589; to ILAWLEY, Joux B., motion on Northern Pacific Railroad
ike out income tax, 607, 608; reports naturaliza- bill, 568; as to income tax, 605.
in bill substitute, 018.

IIENDICKS, WILLIAM, reports Wabash and Erie Canal

bill, 563.
TUTIONAI. AMLNDMENT, text XVth, 545, 546; text IIOAR, E ROCKWOOD, Attorney General, 507.
(V01, 518; votes of States on XVih.567-562. ICOLMAY, WILLIAN S, resolution as to land-grant policy,
TUTIONAL. AMENDMENTS, Lill to regulate mode of 572; funding motions, 602, 603; as to taxation of
fifying, 621.

bonds, C05.
TUTIONALITY OF LEGAL-TENDER CLAUSE, as it relates IIOWARD, MACH1 M, motion on enforcing bill, 556; on
contracts made prior to its adoption, 511-523.

funding bill, 600.
TS IN CONFEDERATE JUNEY, on the validity of. 509- Ilow:, TIMOTHY (). motion on currency bill, 59!; on nat-

uralization, 619; motions on funding, 601.
CTS PRIOR TO ADPTION OF LEGAL-TENDER CLAUSE, 511- IIOWELL, JAMES B., proviso on Northern Pacific Railroad

bill. 568.



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The foregoing
June, 1870.

March 3, 1863.-.--I Cortifs

4,734,014 35

az the close of business on the last day of

Secretary of the Treasury.

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ILLINOIS, new constitution of, 621; Central Pailroad bill, | RESTORATION OF GEORGIA, act

REVENUE, receipts and reduc

RHODE ISLAND, vote on Xith
INDIANA, Republican platform for 1870, 622; Democratic, RuBES », Gerge M., Secretary

Ross, EDMUND (., motion on ci
INGERSOLL, Ecos C., substitute for currency bill, 593, SAN DUMINGO TEATT, message:

594; introduces currency bill, 596; funding mo- SARGENT, AARON A., motion on N
tions, 602, 603, 601,

bill, 509.

SAUL-BURY, WILIAD, motion on

SCUENCK, ROBERT C., reports subse
IOWA, vote on XVth amendment. 558.

ing bill, 6 1; funding motion.
JONES, ALEXANDER II. introduces apportionment bill, 583. reduce internal taxes. 005; ta.
JUDD, NORMAN B.. motion on apportionment, 585; on cur- statement of reductions unde
rency. 591; on funding, 603.

SCOFIELD, GLENNI W.. motions on

on currency bill, 596.
KELLOGG, WM. P.. motion on currency bill. 589.

Scott. Jous, motion on enforcing bill
KELSEY, WILLIAM H., motion on tariff, 581; on appor- Pacific Railroad bill, 568.
tionment bill, 584.

SHERMAN, Jillx, motion on Texas bill,
LANDS, 623.

rency bill. 687; motions to strike
LAND SUBSIDIES, 503-572, 625.

558; on currency bill, 589, 09.); LAWRENCE, WILLIAM, motion on Northern Pacific Rail- bill. 599; motions thereon, 600; as road bill, 571; on Georgia bill, 615.

ceipts, 607; on Georgia hill, 615.
LEGAL-TENDER CLAUSE, as it relates to prior contracts, SIELDS, JAMES, reports Illinois Central

LOGAN, John A., motion on Cuban resolution, 620, SHIPPING, message of President Grant
LOUGHRIDGE, William, resolution on in asing cur- war and American shipping, 616.
rency, 580.

SUITII, J.SEPI S., motion on currency bill,
LYNCH, Jols, substitute to currency bill, 594.

SPINK, S. L., resolution on tarifl, 551.
MARSHALL, SAMUEL S., resolutions on tariff, 581, 582; on State Banks, right of United States Gove.
apportionment, 555; on funding bill, 602.

tax, 5-3-530.
MARYLAN)), vote on XVth amendment, 559.

MYALAN, STEPHEN L., funding motion, 60-.

STATE TAXATI N of national banks, 530-532.
Mynr), HIOR ACE, funding motion. 604.

STATISTICAL TABLE---Public lands, revenue, and
MCCARTHY, DENNs, motion to abolislı income tax, 606. debt statements, 625-6:30.
MCNEELY, Thompsox W., resolution as to purchase of STEWART, WILLIAM M., moves substitute to er
bonds, 580: as to issue of greenbacks, 596

bill, 5:2; funding motion, 601
M¢PHERSON, EDWARD, Clerk House of Representatives, STOKES, WILLIAN B., motion as to disability bill,

STRONG, Justice, 523.
MESSAGE OF PRESIDENT GRANT, first annual, 53:3-540: on SUBSIDIES, land, 563-572.

commerce, 510, 5,41; San Domingo treaty, 5+1, 512: SUMNER, CHARLES, motion on currency bill. 59;
Cuban affairs, 542-511; ratification of XVth amend- from naturalization laws the word “wh
ment, 5+5; European war and American shipping, 019.

SUPREME COURT, United States, 523.
Miller, Justice, dissenting opinion in Hepburn vs. SWAYNE, Justice, 023,

Griswold, 519–523; opinion of United States Su. TAPIFF, 581; internal tax and, 605. preme Court on the right of States to tax National TAX AND TARIFF, internal, 605. Banks, 530-532.

TAXATION, of national banks by State gon MINNESOTA, vote on XVth amendment, 558.

530-532; of State banks by United State MISSISSIPPI, vote on XVth amendment, 558-559; text ment, 523-530; receipts from and reducti

and votes on act to admit, 576-577; under civil au- TENNESSEE, vote on Xyth amendment, 560. thority, 579.

Texas, text of and votes on ict to admit, 577,57 MISSOURI, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

civil authority, 579; vote on XVth ame MORGAN, George W., substitute to curency bill, 5.93.

500. MORPILI, JUSTIN S., inotion on currency bill, 591; on THURMAN, ALLEN G., amendments to Northerr funding bill, 600.

Railroad bill, 507, 568; motion on curre Morton, OLIVER P.. motion on enforcing bill, 555; 590; to tax interest on bonds, 607.

amendment to Virginia bill, 576; motions on cur- | TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON, funding motion, 603. rency. 588-590; on funding bill, 600. 601; on Georgia | TREATY, message as to San Domingo, 5+1, 542. bill, 611, 612.

TRUMBULL, LYMAN, reports apportionment MUNGEN, WILLIAM, funding motion, 603.

moves to amend, 58+; moves direct vote : N: TIONAL BANK Notes, increase of, &c., 586,

on Chinese naturalization, 619. NATIONAL DEBT, act to authorize the resunding of the, UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD bill, 561, 515. 597; statements, 027-630.

VALIDITY, of contracts in Confederate money NATURALIZATION LAW's, act to amend and punish crimes of XIVth and SVth amendments, 583. against, 61:

VERMONT, vote on XVth ameniment, 560. NEBRASKA, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

VICKERS, GEORGE, motion on eliforcing bill, 55 Nelson, Justice. 523; dissenting opinion in the Veazie

rency bill, 559. Bank vs. Jeremiah Fenno, 5:18-5:30.

VIRGINIA, act of admission and votes on, 57 NEW ILAMPSHIRE, vote on XVth amendment, 559.

to amend said act, 576; under civil auth. New York, vote on XVth amendment, 500.

vote on XVth amendment, 560. NORTHERN PACIFIC RULROAD bills, 505-507.

WABASH AND ERTE CAXAL bill, 563. Notes, increase of National Bank, &c., 586.

WARD, HAMILTOX, motion on currency resolut: Ouro, vote on XVth amendment, 560; Democratic plat- resolution abolishing tariff' on coal, 582. form, 621.

WARNER, WILARD, motion on currency bill, 584 PLATFORMY, 622-624.

amendment to naturalization bill, 619. POMEROY, SAMUEL C., motions on Georgia bill, 612-614. WAINE, Justice, 5:23. POOL, Johx, motions on enforcing bill, 5.55, 556.

WELKER, MARTIN, motion on Northern Pacific POTTER, CLARKSON N., motion as to income tax, 605.

bill, 509, PIIR CONTRACTS in coin, 511-523.

WAITTEMORD, B. FRANK, motion as to perjury, a PROCLIMATION against Fenin invasion of Canada, 544. Willey, WAITMAN T., motion on enforcing bil PULLIC LANDS statistics as to, 625.

Mississippi bill, 577. RAMSEY, ALEXA VDER, introduces Northern Pacific Rail-Williams, GEORGE H., motion on enforcing bil road resolution, 567.

Georgia bill, 612; as to naturalization or RA!ALL, SAMUEL J., motion on Northern Pacific Rail- 619. roart bill, 570; substitute for currency bill, 592.

WILLIAMS, WILLIAM, motion on Northern Pad REC N-TRUCTIUY of Virginia, Mississippi, and Texas, road bill. 572; resolution as to currency,

57::-379; of Georgia, act to promote and votes Wilsox, HENRY, amendment to Virginia will, thereon, 609-615.

tion on Northern Pacific Railroad bill,567 REEVES, LEXRY A., resolution abolishing tariffon salt, 582. rency bill. 590; funding, 600, 601; income REPRESENTATION, apportionment, 583-585.

Georgia bill, 612. REPUDIATION, 579, 580.

Woon, FERNANDO, moves to admit Texas with RESOLUTIONS on repudiation, 579; purchasing bonds, tions, 578; motion on tariff, 581; on fun 580; increasing currency, 580; tariff, 581; general

603. amnesty, 582; apportioninent, 583-585.

WOODWARD, GEORGE W., motion to tax bonds,




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