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Sola o Potofs of laYASTRA3
SESSION 1833–34.

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1. An act providing for tho election of a Senator to represent this
State in the Senate of the United States,
2. An act for the relief of Thomas Milliken and Jesse M'Quaid,
3. An act to provide for the divisibility and transfer of the certificate
of loan granted to the Union Canal Company of Pennsylva-
nia, in like manner with the other loans of this Common-
4. An act making an appropriation for the repair of the Pennsylva.
nia Canal and Rail-Road,
5. A supplement to an act incorporating the city of Pittsburg, passed
the eighteenth day of March, one thousand eight hundred
and sixteen,
6. An act to authorize the Orphans' Court of Dauphin county, to
appoint William Ayres, of Dauphin county, trustee of Mrs.
Mary Elizabeth Ayres, and her children,
7. A supplement to the act to enable the Governor to appoint No.
taries Public, and for other purposes,
An act for the relief of George Hood, John Spering, John Ulrich,
and Valentine Stober, soldiers, and Margaret Loeb, the
widow of a revolutionary soldier,
9. An act to recharter the Bank of Pittsburg,
10. A supplement to an act entitled, An act to authorize an assign-
ment of the concerns of the Philadelphia and Pittsburg trans-
porting company,
11. An act authorizing the sale of the real estate of Samuel Mellick
late of Northampton county, deceased,
12. An act to repeal the several acts laying a tax on dogs in the
county of Washington,
13. A supplement to the act for incorporating the Philadelphia Con-
tributionship for the Insurance of houses from loss by fire,
14. An act to authorize the trustees of the Associate Presbyterian
or Secession congregation of Mercer, to execute a deed to
James Magoffin, junior, for two lots of ground in the borough
of Mercer,
15. An act for the relief of Peter Gerhart, Henry Snyder, and John
Wilsong, soldiers, and Catharine Nungesser, Catharine Cur-
ry and Barbara Stahle, the widows of revolutionary soldiers,
16. An act making an appropriation for the repair of the Pittsburg
and Rutler turnpike road,


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