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Monument of Lysikrates-Convent of Missionaries—View from it-Acropolis of Athens-Dispute

with the Disdar— Theatre of Herodes Atticus-A portico-Another theatre-Monument of

Thrasyllos-Tripodial columns-Cave in the east end of the Acropolis rock—Another with

viches—Ancient steps cut in the rock-Makrai Petrai-Cave of Pan—Turkish burying-place

-Walls of the Acropolis-Walls of the town

. 288

Attic rivers—Ilissos—Remains on its banks—Mystic caves-Fount Enneakrounos--Cascades, and

overflowing of the Ilissos— The Cephissos— The Eridanos-Attic mountains Laurion, Anudros,

Hymettos-Its monasteries, villages, and antiquities-Discovery of an ancient city near the

marble quarries-Panorama from its summit-Mount Pentelikon-Its monasteries, villages, and

antiquities–Marble quarries-Mount Parnes-Its monasteries, villages, and antiquities-

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