ORMUS The Secret Alchemy of Mary Magdalene ~ Revealed ~ [Part A]

ORMUS® USA/Japan, 2007 - 304 páginas

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A book for genuine seekers of truth and lovers of the hidden mysteries. Knowledge is power, and if evil might be defined as "abuse of power" then it stands to reason that only those who are patient and inquire wisely, should be rewarded with the Wisdom of the Stone... For "only the true king can pull the sword from the stone." There was a good reason why the Essene Community required a period of seven years probation. The "Holy of Holies" should be protected from those who merely want a "wham-bamm-thank-you-ma'me" experience. Those who are impatient and greedy should look elsewhere for their instant gratification. This is a book for serious inquiry and devout study. There is a very good reason why alchemical texts were ALWAYS written in cryptic language and in code. 

Crítica de los usuarios - Marcar como inadecuado

ive started reading it and it dosent get to the point about ormus unless you read it more as for the clues through the book well if we don't find them why bother it would of been easier to stop being the joker with cryptic clues and get strait to the point

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section one the politics of ecstasy
chapter three part one if it bleeds it leads
chapter four maryam magdalenes icons
chapter five maryam the migdaleders objective
section two overview
ormus what is
part six ormus miraculous seasalts
mary magdalenes secret alchemy
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