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No 1. SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 1779.

Quis novus hie hospes ?-VIRG. WHEN

a stranger is introduced into a numerous company, he is scarcely seated before every body present begins to form some notion of his character. The gay, the sprightly, and the inconsiderate, judge of him by the cut of his coat, the fashion of his periwig, and the ease or awkwardness of his bow. The cautious citizen, and the proud country-gentlemany value him according to the opinion they chance to adopt, the one, of the extent of his rent-roll, the other, of the length of his pedigree ; and all estimate his merit, in proportion as he seems to possess, or to want, those qualities for which themselves wish to be admired. If, in the course of conversation, they chance to discover that he is in use to make one in the polite circles of the metropolis ; that he is familiar with the great, and sometimes closeted with the minister ; whatever contempt or indifference they may at first have shewn, or felt themselves disposed to shew, they at once give up their own judgment; every one pays a compliment to his own sagacity, by assuming the merit of having discovered that this stranger had the air of a man of fashion ; and all


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