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The premises 5th year of the reign of his late Majesty King to be described William IV., intituled, " An act for the amendin the margin.

ment and better administration of the laws relating to the poor in England and Wales," held at

in the said parish, on the day of 184 , pursuant to notice of such meeting duly given.

It was resolved, by a majority of such rate-payers

and owners, present in person or (as respects
owners) by proxy at such meeting: -

That this meeting do consent to the guardians of the poor of the union selling the premises described in the margin hereof, under the provisions of an act passed in the sixth year of the reign of his late Majesty King William IV., intituled, “ An act to facilitate the conveyance of workhouses and other property of parishes and of incorporations, or unions of parishes, in England and Wales," in such manner, and subject to such rules, orders, and regulations touching such sale, the conveyance of such property, and the application of the produce arising therefrom, for the permanent advantage of this parish, as the poor-law commissioners shall in that behalf direct.

[To be signed by the minister, churchwardens, and overseers.]

No. 7. Certificate of Minister, Churchwardens, and

Overseers, of the Forms of Act having been com-
plied with.
Parish of S.

L. Union,
County of L.
We, the minister, church wardens, and overseers,
of the parish of S. do hereby certify, that, at a meet-
ing of the rate-payers of the said parish, and owners
of property therein, whose claims to be entitled to
vote have been duly registered in the books of the
said parish, held at in the said parish, on

the day of the resolution, of which a true copy is hereunto annexed, was duly passed. And we do further certify and declare, that such meeting was duly convened and held for the purpose expressed in such resolution, after public no. tice of the time and place of holding such meeting, and the purpose for which the same was intended to be held, had been given in like manner as notices of vestry meetings are given in the said parish. And we do further certify, that the paper marked (A.) hereto annexed, and signed by us, is a true copy of the notice of such meeting, and that such notice, fairly written, (or printed,) was affixed, on the day of on the principal door of the church (or chapel) of the said parish, and that the paper hereto annexed, marked (B.) and signed by us, is a true extract from the vestry books of the said parish.

Witness our hands, this day of 184

[To be signed by the minister, church wardens, and overseers.]

No. 10. Conditions of Sale. 1. In case any purchaser shall be desirous of investigating the title, an abstract shall be prepared and furnished at his cost, and all expenses attending such investigation, or arising out of the same, or of completing the title, and the costs of procuring or making all official and other copies, or extracts, counterparts or duplicates of deeds, wills, or other documents, and of preparing, perusing, and approving deeds of covenant, and the like, shall be paid by the purchaser to the vendors, previously to, or as the same shall be incurred; and the purchaser shall not be entitled to require any further investigation or evidence, while any previous expenses of, or connected with, the investigation of the title, or the evidence, shall remain unsatisfied ; nor shall the purchaser have any claim whatever for reimbursement, or be entitled to refuse or delay payment in respect of any expenses incurred in case the purchase shall not be completed ; and the vendors shall not be required to do any act for completing the sale beyond obtaining the approbation by the poor-law commissioners and guardians, of a draft of conveyance in the form set forth in the schedule to the act of the 6th William IV., c. 69, and the affixing of their respective seals to the conveyance, when approved. But unless the purchaser shall, by writing under his hand, or the hand of his solicitor, call for such abstract, and state his intention of investigating the title within seven days from the day of sale, he shall be deemed to have waived his right to do so ; and notwithstanding such abstract being called for, the purchaser shall be deemed to be satisfied with the title of the vendors, unless he shall have delivered to the vendors his objections to the title or requisition for completing the same, in writing, within fourteen days from the delivery of such abstract.

2. The purchase-money shall be paid to the treasurer of the

union, and the conveyance executed on or before the day of , and the purchaser, on the payment of the purchase-money and the execution of such conveyance, shall be let into possession, or become entitled to the receipt of the rents and profits, and the purchaser shall accept the receipt of such treasurer as a sufficient discharge.

3. In case the completion of the purchase shall, from any reason whatever, be delayed beyond the

day of the purchaser shall pay to the vendors interest after the rate of L.5 per cent. per annum, on the amount of his purchase-money unpaid, and shall not be entitled to any compensation, on any pretext, for his purchase-money, or any part thereof, having been unproductive.

4. The seal of office of the poor-law commissioners, affixed to any document, shall be conclusive evidence as to all the facts therein stated or noticed, and as to the powers of the vendors as guardians of the poor of the union.

5. No covenant shall be required of the conveying parties, except that they have done no act to incumber the property disposed of.

6. If the purchaser shall neglect or fail to comply with the above stipulations, or any of them, or any part thereof, the deposit paid by him, and all other payments previously made by, or due from the purchaser, under or in respecť of the sale, or of these conditions, shall be absolutely forfeited to the vendors; and they shall be at full liberty to re-sell the property either by public auction or by private contract, on such conditions of sale, and in such manner, as they shall think fit, and the deficiency (if any) occasioned by such second sale, together with all expenses attending the same, shall, immediately after the same sale, be made good to the vendors by the said purchaser at this sale ; and in case of the non-payment of the same, the whole thereof shall be recoverable by the vendors as and for liquidated damages, and it shall not be necessary to previously tender a conveyance to the purchaser.

Form of Conveyance applicable either to Freeholds

or Leaseholds. This deed,u made the day of in the year of our Lord 184 , by virtue of an act passed in the session held in the fifth and sixth years of the reign of King William IV., intituled, “ An act to facilitate the conveyance of workhouses, and other property of parishes, and of incorporations, or unions of parishes, in England and Wales," and with the approbation of the poor-law commissioners, testified by their seal being hereunto affixed, witnesseth, that [If any special recital be necessary to show the operation of the deed, it may be here introduced thus :-_" Witnesseth, that whereas by indenture of lease,&c., briefly stating the effect, and continuing

u The appropriate conveyance stamp is to be affixed on the deed.

thus:-Now the guardians, &c., in consideration, &c. And the said, &c., do, &c.

But matter which would be implied, as the facts of the parish officers being entitled, of a sale haring been ordered and effected, &c., need not be recited.] The guardians of the poor of the Shiffnall union in the county of Salop, and A. B. and C. D., the churchwardens, and E. F. and G. H., the overseers of the poor of the parish of Shiffnall, in the said union, and in the county of Salop, [Insert the names simply of the present churchwardens and overseers. Parish officers are not, however, necessary parties, but as the property is vested in them, they usually concur in these conveyances,] in consideration of the sum of L.1000 sterling, paid by R. M., of, &c., to P. O., the treasurer of the said union, to be placed to the “Shiffnall parish property account," do grant and convey all the [Here describe the premises,] belonging to the said parish of Shiffnall, and lately used for the reception of the poor thereof. Together with all the appurtenances thereto belonging ; and all the right, title, and interest of the conveying parties, in and to the same, unto and to be holden by the said R. M., his heirs, and assigns for ever. [If the property be leasehold, substitute the words executors, administrators, and assigns, for all the residue of the said term of years, created by the said indenture, subject to the rent, clauses, or covenants, therein reserved and contained,for heirs and assigns for ever."] ["Nevertheless, to such uses upon such trusts, and for such intents and purposes as the said R. M. shall, by any deed or deeds, writing or writings, with or without a power of revocation by him, duly executed and attested from time to time, or at any time or

If the property be leasehold, substitute the word “assign" here, for “grant and convey."

w The words between the brackets to be omitted, unless expressly required by the purchasers to be inserted.

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