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JOHN A. LAPP, Director Social Action Department, National Catholic Welfare Council

Chicago, Ill.

FREDERICK C. HICKS, Law Librarian,

Columbia University,

New York City

Chamber of Commerce of the U. S. A.

Washington, D. C.


Printed in the U. S. A.


With this volume the Public Affairs Information Service completes its tenth year as a printed index, for though it was organized in 1913, it printed the first Annual Cumulated Bulletin in 1915. With so many years behind it the Service may be said to have earned for itself a permanent place in library work.

Conducted almost from the start in a period of rapidly rising prices it has in the past given the Publication Committee cause for considerable anxiety lest its cost might become prohibitive. Under these circumstances the Committee has been doubly grateful for the constant support of most of the libraries which subscribed from the beginning. Many other libraries have subsequently subscribed to the complete service or to the cumulated issues with the result that it has never been necessary to increase the price of the complete service. The bulletin has paid its way, eliminated the deficit which inevitably attended its organization, and has gradually accumulated a small surplus which is held as a reserve against unexpected withdrawals or expenses.

The editorial policy has always been to provide a selected list of references. No periodical is indexed, no book is listed merely because it is received. Everything is listed which appears to the editors to be important, or timely, or unusual. Particular pains have been taken to list new publications which might easily escape general notice. The annual volumes are unique in the field of indexing in that they include publications of every description, wherever printed, the only limitation being that nothing in foreign languages is listed.

The present volume contains references to books, separate chap. ters in books, periodical articles, pamphlets, government documents, proceedings of associations, and typewritten compilations by the Library of Congress, the New York State Legislative Reference Library, the Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library and others. The key to periodical references at the beginning of the volume contains the names, addresses and prices of nearly six hundred and fifty periodicals which were indexed once or more during the year. In the directory of publishers and organizations are found the names of about two hundred associations whose proceedings or publications were listed and in many cases indexed. Numerous books have been analyzed to give immediate access to information which would not otherwise be readily available. Another important feature is the indexing of laws. Session laws of every English-speaking legislature received during the year, and English translations of laws of other countries are entered under the appropriate subject headings. A list of all the volumes of laws analyzed will be found under the heading Legislation.

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