Essays social and political, 1802-1825. With memoir


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Página 143 - THE condition of man after the fall of Adam is such, that he cannot turn and prepare himself, by his own natural strength and good works, to faith and calling upon God : Wherefore we have no power to do good works, pleasant and acceptable to God, without the grace of God, by Christ, preventing us, that we may have a good will, and working with us, when we have that good will.
Página 143 - Pelagians do vainly talk); but it is the fault and corruption of the Nature of every man, that naturally is engendered of the offspring of Adam; whereby man is very far gone from original righteousness, and is of his own nature inclined to evil, so that the flesh lusteth always contrary to the spirit; and therefore in every person born into this world, it deserveth God's wrath and damnation.
Página 15 - ... chapters are so lively in themselves, so mingled with shrewd views of human nature, so full of illustrative anecdotes, that the reader cannot fail to be amused.
Página 119 - ... had been so base as to instigate the insurgents to rob the clergy of their tithes, not in order to alleviate the distresses of the tenantry, but that they might add the clergy's share to the cruel rackrents they already paid. The poor people of Munster lived in a more abject state of poverty than human nature could be supposed equal to bear.
Página 19 - Fifty Celebrated Men : Their Lives and Trials, and the Deeds that made them Famous.
Página 9 - BEETON'S SCIENCE, ART, AND LITERATURE : A Dictionary of Universal Information ; comprising a complete Summary of the Moral, Mathematical, Physical, and Natural Sciences ; a plain Description of the Arts ; an interesting Synopsis of Literary Knowledge, with the Pronunciation and Etymology of every leading term. The work has been with great care Revised, Enlarged, and newly Illustrated.
Página 1 - Farm," &c. 690 pp., demy 8vo. Just Published, crown 8vo, cloth, price 7*. &£, New and Revised Edition. A Million of Facts of Correct Data and Elementary Information in the Entire Circle of the Sciences, and on all Subjects of Speculation and Practice.
Página 1 - BEETON'S LAW BOOK. A Compendium of the Law of England in reference to Property, Family and Commercial Affairs, including References to about Ten Thousand Points of Law, Forms for Legal Documents, with numerous Cases, and valuable ample Explanations. With a full Index — 25,000 references, every numbered paragraph in its particular place and under its general head.

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