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MR. MARTIN, who projected and commenced this work, died after having published the First Part (comprising the Introduction and the First Book) of this Volume, and the whole of the Second Volume, and without leaving any Materials for the subsequent Parts, or any indication of their intended Contents or Arrangement beyond that supplied by the short Prospectus which was printed as an Advertisement. The present Editor is responsible for the Second and Third Books of this Volume, and for the whole of the

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Volumes.

It is right to mention, that it has been found impossible to enter at length into the various subjects intended to have been treated of in the Second Part of this Volume without increasing the bulk of the

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sideration, it clearly appeared that there was no useful alternative between a series of complete Treatises, which would have required several Volumes, and that, which has been adopted, of a few practical Remarks on the different parts and kinds of Assurances, with references to the Text Books treating of the various subjects.

An Appendix, containing several additional Precedents, has been subjoined, which, it is believed, will be found extremely useful.

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