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THE FORM of PRAYER and CEREMONIES used at the CONSECRATION of CHURCHES, CHAPELS, and CHURCHYARDS, as used by the Lord Bishop of London, and in other Dioceses. Price 1d. Clergymen may be supplied for distribution at Consecrations at 58. per 100, in quantities of 500.

... This Edition may also be had with the Hymns as used by the Lord Bishop of Winchester.


Children's Books, First Series,

Neatly printed in 32mo, with coloured Wrappers, and Woodcuts.

1. Good and Bad Temper. .2d. 7. The Bunch of Violets. ld.

2. Prayers at Church and Pray- 8. The Apple-Tree. Id. ers at Home. ld.

9. Lessons upon the Apostles' 3. An Offering of Affection to a Creed. 2d. Young Child. id.

10. Amy's Earnings. id. 4. Margaret Fletcher. 2d. 11. Lessons upon the Calendar. 5. The Pink Bonnet. 2d.

2d. 6. Jenny Crowe, the Orphan 12. Lessons on Attention. 2d. Girl, 2d.

13. The Prayer-Book. ld. Any of the above may be had singly, or they may also be had in

packets, containing one of each, price 18. 6d.; or bound in a vol., 28.

THE GREGORIAN CHANTS; adapted to the Psalter as pointed and sung in English Cathedrals and Churches.

AN ENGLISH GRAMMAR for SCHOOLS. Printed on Six Leaves of Cartridge Paper. Price 3d. each, or 17s. per 100.

This is an original Grammar, which, while it retains as much as possible the terms in common use, is constructed upon the true principles of the language, and is free from the vulgarisms and errors so common in the popular grammars of the day.

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HORÆ SACRÆ: a Manual of Private Devotion, selected from the Writings of old English Divines; with an Introduction by the Rev. JOHN CHANDLER, M.A., Vicar of Witley, Surrey. Cloth, 28. 6d.; roan, 3s. 6d.; morocco, 58.

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