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Página 63 - An Act making appropriations for the service of the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1918, and for other purposes...
Página 12 - It must be formed of printed paper sheets, without board, cloth, leather, or other substantial binding, such as distinguish printed books for preservation from periodical publications.
Página 34 - Any article of correspondence may be registered. Packages of merchandise are subject to the regulations of either country to prevent violations of the revenue laws; must not be closed against inspection, and must be so wrapped and enclosed as to be easily examined.
Página 12 - That the rate of postage on newspapers, excepting weeklies, and periodicals not exceeding two ounces in weight, when the same are deposited in a letter-carrier office for delivery by its carriers, shall be uniform at one cent each; periodicals weighing more than two ounces shall be subject, when delivered by such carriers, to a postage of two cents each, and these rates shall be prepaid by stamps affixed.
Página 39 - Letters and sealed packages, or packages the wrappers of which cannot be removed without destroying them, which are supposed to contain articles liable to customs duties, and which are addressed to persons residing outside of the delivery of the United States exchange office where they were first received from abroad, shall be forwarded, without longer detention than twenty-four hours, to their respective destinations, marked ".supposed liable to customs duties...
Página 12 - SEC. 11. Publications of the second class except as provided in section twenty-five, when sent by the publisher thereof, and from the office of publication, including sample copies, or when sent from a news agency to actual subscribers thereto, or to other news agents, shall be entitled to transmission through the mails at two cents a pound or fraction thereof, such postage to be prepaid, as now provided by law.
Página 16 - ... written or printed card, circular, book, pamphlet, advertisement or notice of any kind giving information, directly or indirectly, where, or how, or of whom or by what means...
Página 15 - That mailable matter of the fourth class shall embrace all matter not embraced in the first, second, or third class, which is not in its form or nature liable to destroy, deface, or otherwise damage the contents of the mail bag, or harm the person of any one engaged in the postal service...
Página 3 - Divisions : Division of Finance. — The duty of issuing drafts and warrants in payment of balances reported by the Auditor to be due to mail contractors or other persons ; the superintendence of the collection of revenue at depository, draft, and depositing offices, and the accounts between the Department and the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurers and special designated depositories of the United States.
Página 56 - ... or harm the person of any one engaged in the postal service, may be transmitted in the mails when they conform to the following conditions: 1st, They must be placed in a bag, box, or removable envelope made of paper, cloth, or parchment 3d.

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