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Wood-work made of cherry, oiled; bottoms of brass spring wire; black walnut sash ; double thick French glass. All complete, and numbered ready for use. Please read what postmasters that have used them say.

Myself and all that have seen them are well satisfied I would not take three times the price paid and be with the boxes. II. IIOXIE, P. M., Shannock Mills, R. I. without them. J. F. WEAVER, P. M., Colfax, Iowa.

Occupy less room, are always free from dust, and easy They are neat, clean, cronomical, and rent without to remove.

II. LITTLE, P. M , Auburn, Me. trouble. I would not do without them. I cannot speak too highly of the wire-bottomed boxes.

G. HALL, P. M., Spearsville, Kan. It is very easy to see the contents from either side. Not

Well pleased with it. Would not be without it for eveu a single postal card deed escape notice.

twice its cont. O. PINKSTON, P. M., Cedar Point, Kan. A. WRIGIIT, P. M., Graniteville, Mass. They come up to my most sanguine expectations. Hlave used your boxes seven years. I do not believe

E. LINNEY, P. M., Concordia, Kan. they can be improved upon.

I am more than satisfied. They are all you claim for J. II. EAMES, P. M., Medford, Mass. them. C. L. SIIERWOOD, P. M., Dowagiac, Mich. There has been an increase in box-rents since putting

your boxes. I would have them at twice the price to the “ spirit of the times." in

The boxes are in every respect complete, aud'fully up paid for them in preference to any other I have seen.

B. MgCLANAHAN, P. M., Sigourney, Iowa. J. W. EDWARDS, P. M., Winooski Falls, Vt. They are perfect in every respect. A child can see Have used your boxes five years ; they have given into the highest box as easily as the low ones. No ponto perfect satisfaction. As compared with solid bottoms, 1 master wanting boxes should think of buying any other should prefer paying for these to taking them as a gift. kind.

W. B. KEEFER, P. M., Chicago, Obio. J. A. WOODWARD, P. M., Franklin, Mass. They have given the most perfect satisfaction. I con be improved upon. J. L. TUNNELL, P. M., Ozark, No.

Give perfect satisfaction. I do not see that they could sider them superior to any other. P. P. WILSON, P. M., Putnam, Conn.

Myself and patrons are perfectly delighted with your The boxes once seen and used will recommend them-boxes. F. C. CANTWELL, P. M., Richmond, Mo. Belves, and please any community.

I rent about four times as many as when I had the E. II. CARROLL, P. M., Warner, N. H. old-fashioned ones. I would not be compelled to use Nave used your boxes seven years. They surpass any the old boxes for five times what yours cost. other I have seen. J. S. FAY, P. M., Marlboro*, Mass.

P. S. JENKINS, P. M., New Liberty, Ky. Give perfect satisfaction, being greatly superior to any I am very much pleased with your boxes. They can other I have seen. C. BRIGITAM, P.M., Natick, Mass. not fail to give satisfaction. The wiru bottoms are a decided improvenient over the

M. L. GANS, P. M., Moundsville, W. Va. ordinary wooden boxes.

For convenience and elegance they are without a rival L. C. LONGWELL, P. M., East Brady, Pa.

F. M. GOAR, Tupelo, Miss. I think that they are a great improvement over the old They combine in the highest degree neatness, constyle pigeon-boles. A.J. ENGLE, P. M., Shoemak ton, Pa. venience, and economy of space and money, and give

I cousider your cabinet the best I ever saw, and such is myself and the St. John public great satisfaction. the opinion of all. W. VAN DEUSEN, P. M., Odebolt, la.

JOIN B. ELLIS, P. M., St. John, N. B. Wie manufacture and keep on hand the following P. O. Cabinets :No. 20, price $20.00,

POSTMASTERS 8 ft. 7 in. wide, 3 ft. 3 in. high, contains 96 Call Boxer,

Purchasing any of these Delivery, Doors and Guards

cabinets, and remitting to delivery, six boxes over delivery for transient let

the money within 10 da vs ters, and box for receipt of

after the receipt of the letters. See cut.

goods, will be allowed to No.30, price $30.00,

deduct the amount of 4.ft. 64 in. wide, 3 ft. 7} in.

freight paid to their nearbigb, contains 144 Call Box

est large railroad centre es, Delivery, Doors and Guards to delivery, six boxes

on through lines, if withover delivery for transient

in one thousand miles of letters, and box under de

Boston, Mass. livery for receipt of letters.

No.40, price $40.00, 6 It. 4 in, wide, 4 ft. bigh, contains 200 Call Boxes, Delivery, Doors and Guards to delivery, six boxes over delivery for transient letter, and box under deliv. ery for receipt of letters.

Sample of Numbers. Patented Nov. 5, 1867. We furnish wood-front Lock Boxes of any size, with Sargent & Greenleaf's Lock, at $2.00 each. Also, Letbor Cares, etc. Numbers, like sample above, mailed to any port-office in United States at the following prices, ris · Plain black on white gummed paper, 20 cents per 100. Bronze on steel blue gummed paper, 50 cents per 100. Send stamp for Illu ted Circular and Pr List. All persons are cautioned against infringing on this Patent.

W. W. ROBBINS & CO., Milford, N. H.

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St.Denis Hotel,


Made from Wamsutta Muslin. Bosoms, 3-ply Linen
The very best.

Keep's Patent Partly-Made Shirts, 6 for $7.

Only plain seams to finish. ON THE EUROPEAN PLAN, Keep's Custom Shirts, very best. To Measure,

6 for $9. Fit guaranteed.

Night Shirts, all styles, extra long, $1 each.
Boys' Complete Shirts, $1 each.

An elegant set of extra-heavy gold-plated Buttons pre

Rented to purchasers of six shirts.
Broadway and Eleventh Street,

White Cashmere Shirts

50c. each.
Summer Merino Shirts (whole or half sleeves) 60c. each.
Scarlet Gauze (anti-rheumatic)....

$1.25 each. Canton Flannel Shirts and Drawers..

75c. each. Best Pepperell Jean Drawers .....

..50c. each. This establishment is located in the midst of the great

KEEP'S UMBRELLAS. retail trade of the city, and very near to the principal Best Gingham, Patent Protected Ribs, $1 each. places of amusement. It is directly opposite Grace Church Fifty per cent. stronger than any other umbrellas. and the Methodist Book Rooms.

Regina and Twilled Silks in all styles.

Novelties in Ladies' Sun and Rain Umbrellas. The Hotel is

KEEP'S KID GLOVES First-class in all its Appointments. for Gents, the very best, plain or embroidered, $1 a pair.

Handkerchiefs. Hosiery, Ties, etc. The rooms are large and well ventilated. The BROADWAY All goods warranted. Ir Shirts only delivered free. PROMENADE is a great attraction.

Merchants will be furnished with Trade Circulars on The Restaurant has an established reputation of the application, as we furnish the trade on the most favor

able terms. past twenty years, and is said by travelers to have no superior.

Samples and Circulars mailed free on application. WILLIAM TAYLOR, Proprietor. Good Commission paid to POSTMASTERS

POSTMASTERS on orders influenced by them.

Should use my P. 0. Daters and other Stamps. THE BEST AND CHEAPEST

They never need cleaning, and you cannot wear ROOFING, PAVEMENTS, AND PAINTS

them out. Every impression is perfect. That can be safely guaranteed by a responsible firm to re- No pay until goods are received, and you sist the wear and tear of our changeable climate and dan

see they are as represented. ger from FIRE, are made by EDW'D VAN ORDEN & CO.


I would not do without your stamps now. I have given them Who refer by permission to these well-known practical a fair trial.

M. COADY, P. M., Fort Omaha, Neb. men: R. Hoe & Co., Printing Press and Saw M'f’rs, New You can't buy my stanıps back for double their cost. York; HARPER & Bros., Publishers, New York ; LAWRENCE

N. B. WHITTEN, P. M., Holderness, N. H. Bros. & Co., Bankers, 16 Wall St., New York.

The stamps exceed my expectations. The names of those who have used these materials from

SAM'L' P. LARGE, P. M., Putnam, O. three to twenty years should be a sufficient guarantee of

It works like a charm. P. M. DAYTON, Wash. Territory. their merit. A good business can soon be established by

Your P. O. Dater is a complete thing. active men of good character in their sale or application.

H. H. PURDY, P. M., Arlington, Kansas. Circulars, etc., free! Exclusive territory granted. also.

I like the Dater very much. Please send me a M. O. B. Dater

W. P. HUNT, P. M., Lewiston, Idaho. Correspondence invited.

Your Stamps are the best I ever purchased or used.

CHAS. H. FASSETT, P. M., Clarkesville, Tex.

I cannot praise them too highly.

CALVIN FLEMING, P. M., Allentown, Ill.

We think your Official Note Heads a very necessary article in $4 Self-inking “ Best” Printing Press, our office.

L. CHRISTESON, P. M., Miffin, Pa. Outfit and Press, $5.50. $5 Self-inking

Send 3-cent stamp for circular of the above goods, and “Best” with Outfit, $6.50. $10" Uncle samples of my latest styles of Note Ileadings for Post Office Sam,” Self-inking, with Outfit, $15.

Also samples of Letter Heads, Bill leads, StateRotary Presses, $45 to $80. Catalogue ments, and Advertising Envelopes for business purposes. free.

H. HOOVER & CO., Phila. E. S. MILLER, Stamp and Printing House, Newark, O.

KEEP MANUFACTURING COMPANY, 631,633, 635, and 637 Broadway, New York.



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An Alphabetical List of Post Offices in the United States, with County, State, and Salary; Money-Order Offices, Domestic and International; Chief Regulations of the Post Office Department; Instructions to the Public; Foreign and

Domestic Postage Tables,




Revised and published Quarterly,

No. 20.-- JULY, 1879,



Copyright, 1879, by HOUGHTON, Osgood & Co.

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FOREIGN MAILS. On and after July 1, 1879, the Leeward Islands, British, viz: Antigua, Dominica, Montserrat, Nevis, St. Christopher, and the Virgin Isles, become a part of the Universal Postal Union.

CHILI. Upon official information received by the Post Office Department to the effect that the adhesion of Chili to the Paris Convention had been indefinitely postponed, the name of that country has been stricken from the list of countries embraced in the Postal Union, and inserted, with rates of postage applicable thereto, in the list of Non-Union Countries in the Foreign Postage Table.

REGISTERED CORRESPONDENCE FOR ABROAD. - An inportant direction respecting the forwarding of registered matter for foreign countries will be found under the head of “ Exchange Ofices for Foreign Mails.”

NEW REGULATIONS. The attention of postmasters is called to the entire reading matter of this number, the whole having been re-written to conform to the new Laws and Regulations, copies of which will reach all post offices at an early date. Important changes will be found in chapters on Organization, Special Instructions to Postmasters, Sugrestions to the Public, Domestic Rates of Postage, Registration, and especially in the Rulings.

For List of Orders issued by the Postmaster General against parties conducting fraudulent lotteries, see p. 22.

A circular respecting the use of Official Penalty Envelopes will be found on p. 31.

An Important Notice to Postmasters concerning the admission of new publications to second class rates, with forms for temporary permits and formal entry, is given on pp. 61-65.

On and after July 1st special stamps for postage due will be used. See the circular of the Third Assistant Postmaster General on p. 65.

OFFICES ESTABLISHED, DisconTINUED, AND NAMES CHANGED.— The corrections made in the Alphabetical List of Post Offices are summarized in the list on pp. 261–267.

MONEY-ORDER OFFICES. A list of offices discontinued is given; and the entire list of offices in operation has been carefully revised. See pp. 268–291.

For a letter of the Postmaster General to the postmaster of New York respecting the construction of the term “printed commercial papers filled out in writing," as used in section 232, Postal Laws and Regulations, ed. 1879, see page 296.

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