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8. The mussulman's mirror-Its wonder-

ful properties; in a letter from Vi-

treus . . . . . . Richardson

9. Censure of a particular piece of inde-

corum at the theatre, in a letter

from A. W. with the author's re-

flections upon it: Abercromby.

Note from Ignoramus . i . Unknown

10. Effects of excessive delicacy and refine-

ment-Character of Mr. Fleetwood . Craig

11. On duelling-Regulations proposed

Story of Captain Douglas . . Mackenzie

12. Consequence to little folks of intimacy

with great ones, in a letter from John

Homespun .

13. Remarks on the poems of Ossian Cullen

14. On indolence ..


15. Of education--A classical contrasted

with a fashionable education, Home

16. Of spring-Effects of that season on

some minds . . . . . Mackenzie

17. Description of a shopkeeper virtuoso in

a letter from his wife Rebecca Prune:

Tytler.-Observations suggested by

it : ,, . .

18. Of national character-Comparison of
' that of France and England


19. Some farther particulars in the character

of Mr. Umphraville . . . . Craig

20. On the acrimony of literary disputes;

Narrative of a meeting between Syl-

vester and Alcander

21. Description of a nervous wife, in a letter

from Joseph Meekly: Lord Hailes.-

Of the connexion formed by misan-

thropy, in a letter from Adelus . Mackenzie

22. On the restraints and disguise of mo-

dern education.—Character of Cle-

one, in a letter from Lælius , . Unknown

23. History of a good-hearted man, no one's

enemy but his own . . . Mackenzie

unknown--Anecdotes of Michael

Bruce . . . . . · Craig

37. Happiness drawn rather from prospect

than possession-exemplified in the

history of Euphanor , . . Tytler

38. Scheme of lectures on politeness, by


. Mackenzie

39. Danger, incident to men of fine feelings,

of quarreling with the world. . Home

40. Second part of the lecture on simula-

tion . . . . . . Mackenzie

41. Description of a tour through the High-

lands, by a London family .

42. Importance of religion to minds of sen-

sibility: Craig. Story of La Roche

43. Story of La Roche continued .

44. Story of La Roche concluded i. .

45. Of the character of a man of fashion Abercromby
46. Humorous account of a cross-purpose

conversation, in a letter from Eutra-
pelus: Lord Hailes.-Answer to the

masters of taverns in relation to the

Mirror club . . . . . Bannatyne

47. The effects of delicacy and taste on hap-

piness, illustrated by a description of
certain characters . .

. Craig
48. Whether in the pleasure derived from

the fine arts, the artist or connoisseur
has an advantage over the common
spectator ? - This question considered

with regard to painting . . . Cullen
49. Distresses of the families of soldiers-

Story of Nancy Collins, . · Mackenzie
50. Genius and talents rendered useless to

society by indolence and inactivity-

Anecdotes of Mr. Mordaunt. . Hume
51. Danger of too refined an education to

girls in certain circumstances, in a

letter from Harriet B . . Abercromby
32. Whimsical proposal for an improve-

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