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Mayors: W. E. Walsh

David Lavery

G. J. Johnson

Aldermen: R. R. Fulk

Elmer H. Johnson Urbana
Chas. C. Clark

T. H. Trevett

R. T. Little

City Attorneys: Leon U. Everhart Urbana
A. D. Stevens

Supt. of Water: Ross P. Beckston Rockford
Geo. A. Trotter

L. D. Upson

Dayton, Ohio The following papers and addresses were presented : Municipal Home Rule,

Russell M. Story, University of Illinois. The City Manager Plan,

L. D. Upson, Director, Bureau of Municipal Research

of Dayton, Ohio. A Municipal Reference Bureau,

John A. Fairlie, University of Illinois.

After which, at 12 o'clock noon, the convention was adjourned for luncheon and an automobile ride around the twin cities.

THIRD SESSION. Thursday, October 15th, 1914, 2:30 P. M., President Bennett in the chair.

The meeting opened with a paper on the Importance of the Municipal Engineer in the Efficient City.

Professor Ira 0. Baker, University of Illinois. After which the methods of the State Public Utilities Commission of Illinois were ex

plained by Walter A. Shaw of the State Public Utili. ties Commission.

Short talks were made by the Mayors present, discussing local problems.

A verbal invitation to attend the drill of the University of Illinois Cadet Battalion after adjournment was received. The regular program was then taken up and addresses were made on the Chicago Department of Public Service, by

Montague Ferry, Commissioner of Public Service. The Springfield Gas Case, by

A. D. Stevens, City Attorney of Springfield.

The Committee on Constitution, through its chairman, Professor Fairlie, reported an amended draft of a constitution, which upon motion was unanimously adopted.

Mayor Smart, Chairman of the Committee on Resolutions, reported the following, which were adopted.

Resolved: That the Illinois Municipal League endorses the steps taken by the University of Illinois in collecting the materials for a Municipal Reference Bureau, and respectfully urges the further development of this work; and recommends that the General Assembly appropriate funds for utilizing this collection for the benefit of the cities of the state.

Resolved: That the Illinois Municipal League express their hearty thanks to the University of Illinois and the Mayors and City Councils of Champaign and Urbana for the welcome and courtesies received at the Annual Convention of the League and the splendid programs, and the excellent facilities and entertainments furnished.

Mayor Browder, Chairman of the Committee on Nomi. nations, reported the following nominations for the officers of the league.

President Mayor W. W. Bennett Rockford
Vice President Mayor G. J. Johnson


Alderman John A. Fairlie Urbana Statistician William G. Adkins Chicago

Nominations for members of the Executive Committee were made from the floor as follows:

[blocks in formation]

Upon motion duly seconded, the nominations of the Committee and those made from the floor were unanimously elected as officers of the league.

After discussion as to the time and place of the meeting of 1915, upon motion duly seconded, it was ordered that the meeting for 1915 be held during the second week of October at the University of Illinois, the Executive Committee being instructed to fix the dates and duration of the meeting and arrange the program.

In the absence of Mr. Paul Hansen of the State Water
Survey, an address upon
Municipal Water Supplies, was given, with illustrations, by

Professor Edward Bartow, Director of the State Water
The convention then adjourned.


Secretary Pro tem.




Section 1. This organization shall be known as the Illinois Municipal League.

Section 2. The purposes of the League are the improvement of municipal conditions in Illinois, and to that end to hold an annual convention for the discussion of municipal problems, and to promote the establishment of a municipal reference bureau.

ARTICLE II—MEMBERSHIP AND FEES. Section 1. Membership in the League is open to any incorporated city or village in Illinois; to the mayors, aldermen, commissioners and other city and village officials; to chambers of commerce, boards of trade and civic clubs; and to other interested citizens, on application and payment of the membership fee.

Section 2. The annual membership fees shall be as follows:

For cities and villages of less than 5,000 population, $5.00.

For cities and villages of more than 5,000 population, $10.00.

The annual membership fee for chambers of commerce, boards of trade, civic clubs and other organizations shall be the same as for the city or village.

The annual membership fee for individual persons. shall be $3.00.

ARTICLE III—MEETINGS Section 1. An Annual Convention and other meetings: of the League shall be held at such times and places as may be determined by the annual convention or by the executive committee.

Section 2. Each city, village and organization holding membership in the League shall be entitled to such representation as may be determined by its council or managing body. In electing officers and selecting the place of meeting, each city or village represented shall be entitled to one vote. On all other questions all representatives and members present shall be entitled to vote.

ARTICLE IV. OFFICERS. Section 1. The officers of the League shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and Treasurer, and a Statistician, who with three other members shall constitute an executive committee. These officers shall be elected at the annual convention.

ARTICLE V. AMENDMENTS. Section 1. This Constitution may be amended at any annual convention by a two-thirds vote of those present and voting

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