Bulletin (United States. Office of Experiment Stations), Tema 178

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1907

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Página 57 - To entitle a new fruit to the award or commendation of the society, it must possess (at least for the locality for which it is recommended) some valuable or desirable quality or combination of qualities, in a higher degree than any previously known variety of its class and season.
Página 57 - Rule 4. — Should the question of priority arise between different names for the same variety of fruit, other circumstances being equal, the name first publicly bestowed will be given precedence.
Página 57 - Rule 2 — The Society reserves the right, in case of long, inappropriate, or otherwise objectionable names, to shorten, modify, or wholly change the same, when they shall occur in 'its discussions or reports; and also to recommend such changes for general adoption.
Página 99 - Proceedings of the Eighth Annual Meeting of the American Association of Farmers' Institute Workers, held at Toronto, Ontario, June 23-26, 1903.
Página 51 - XXX, finest, best, or extra good quality, unless such fruit consists of well-grown specimens of one variety, sound, of nearly uniform size, of good color for the variety, of normal shape, and not less than 90 per cent. free from scab, worm holes, bruises, and other defects, and properly packed.
Página 99 - Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Meeting of the American Association of Farmers' Institute Workers, held at Washington, DC, November 9-11, 1905.
Página 99 - No. 6. Syllabus of Illustrated Lecture on Essentials of Successful Field Experimentation 300 No.
Página 30 - ... Do not dig up the tree or shrub until you are ready to reset it, and never allow the roots to dry out between digging and setting. 3. Dig the tree or shrub carefully and retain a good supply of roots. Trim off broken or split roots, leaving the ends with a clean, sharp-cut surface. 4. Make the hole large enough to receive the roots without crowding, and deep enough to set the tree or shrub about two inches lower than it originally grew. 5. In digging the hole in which the tree or shrub is to...
Página 43 - Whale-oil soap. — For vines in foliage, whale-oil soap is used at the rate of 1 pound to 8 or 10 gallons of water. There are several grades of this article on the market, but a potash whale-oil soap is best, especially one that does not contain more than 30 per cent of water. Kerosene emulsion. — This doubtless will be equally satisfactory as a spray against the grape leaf-hopper, and...
Página 51 - They must also be marked in addition to the word " ungraded " with the name and address of the packer, the name of the variety and the minimum size of the apples contained therein.

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