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Village to City," and is intended, if I rightly understand it, to explain the progressive development and improvement in the municipal administration of Grand Rapids, Mich., which is in some respects typical, and in some others exceptional.

This paper will be read by Mr. John Ihlder, who, as Secretary of the Committee on Municipal Affairs of the Board of Trade of that town, has had a large part in the work of which he will give you the results.

MR. IHLDER: When Mr. Woodruff asked me to prepare this paper, I had to select a title without taking much thought, and the title that first suggested itself to my mind was the one given in the program. Grand Rapids is one of the smaller cities. It has about 120,000 population, and has grown to that figure comparatively recently. It not so very long

ago since it was not much more than a village. It is From Village not on the main lines of travel and has therefore kept to City

village characteristics probably a little longer than it

would if it had been situated on a main line of railway. But as I began to work out the paper I thought that the original title selected was perhaps not the best one, and so I changed it to “The Development of Civic Spirit." I may also state that the Municipal Affairs Committee of the Board of Trade do not aim to be reformers but to be performers.

For Mr. Ihlder's paper see the Appendix.

Pres. BONAPARTE: You will, of course, consider that these meetings of the National Municipal League are in the nature of revival meetings, such as Mr. Ihlder has described, and that the results following therefrom will be more perceptible in the future than in the present.

We will now hear a report on “ Municipal Publications" by Mr. William B. Howland, N. Y., the publisher of The Outlook. [Applause.)

MR. HOWLAND: This report is really a very brief one which I submitted to the Executive Committee as the chairman of a committee appointed to consider the question whether the League should establish for itself a medium of communication among its members, and for the general dissemination of the sort of education for which the League stands, or whether it should postpone the publication of such a periodical.

The committee has held two meetings, both of them well attended, and both of them marked by very vigorous differences of opinion. There were, broadly speaking, two views held by members of the committee; one, that it was due to the work for which the League stands that a periodical should be issued, not less than once a quarter and probably once a month, of a really impressive and dignified style, aided by the very best experts in their various lines, and in presenting in a strong way the general work of the League and treating the objects for which the

League is organized. The other view of it was that that of course would cost a good deal of money, and that it was impossible to undertake that

at once unless something in the form of a subsidy, or Municipal contribution, or guarantee, should be in some way proPublications vided; therefore the need being well defined and urgent,

a small beginning should be made, not quite small, but small enough so that the League with its present funds could undertake it without subsidy, or contribution, or general guarantee.

On the whole, the committee decided that it would be wiser not to make a specific recommendation at this time, but that we offer merely a report of progress, and practically refer the matter back to the League itself.

In connection with our work we present a list of periodical publications, which has been prepared by the Secretary of the National Municipal League, with his usual painstaking care.


Representing Organisations of Municipal Officials.
The City Hall, Des Moines, Iowa.
Canadian Municipal Journal, Montreal.
Proceedings of state leagues of municipalities.

Ohio (discontinued).

The Municipality, Madison, Wis.
Midland Municipalities, Marshalltown, Iowa.
Pacific Municipality, San Francisco.
Municipal World, St. Thomas, Ontario.

City Record, Boston.
The City Record, New York.
Progressive Houston.
Denver Municipal Facts.
The Municipal Record, San Francisco.
Proposed municipal bulletins :

Des Moines.
St. Louis.

National Municipal League, clipping sheets.
American Civic Association, clipping sheets and bulletins.
Bureau of Municipal Research, New York, various publications.
The American City, 93 Nassau Street, New York.
The Christian City, 150 Fifth Avenue, New York.
Municipal Journal and Engineer, New York.
Municipal Economist, Chicago.
Municipal Engineering, Indianapolis.
Engineering News, New York.
Engineering Record.
Good Roads Magazine, New York.
Park and Cemetery, Chicago.
Contract Record.
The California Weekly.
The Townsman, Caxton Building, Cleveland.
Sanitary News, Chicago.
The Village, New York.
The Outlook, New York.
The Survey, New York.
The Public, Chicago.
The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
Good Government, New York.
National Civic Federation bulletins.
American Political Science Review, Baltimore.
Government, Boston.
Chief, New York.
Police Chief, New York.
Fireman's Herald, New York.
Fireman's Standard, Boston.
Western Fireman, Chicago.
Municipal Affairs, New York (1897-1902).
City Government, New York (1897-1900).
City and State, Philadelphia (1897-1902).
Construction, Pittsburgh (1905-6).
Public Improvements, New York (1899-1903).
American Journal of Politics (American Magazine of Civics, New York)
The Municipality and County, Buffalo, New York (discontinued).

Street Railway Journal.
Fire and Water Engineering, New York.
Power, Boston,
Square Deal, New York.

Public Service Journal, Chicago.
Street Railway Review, Chicago.
Public Policy, Chicago (1900-1905).
Municipal and Railway Record, New York (1899-1900).
Concerning Municipal Ownership, New York (discontinued).

PUBLICATIONS ISSUED BY Civic BODIES. City Affairs, Boston. Civic League Bulletin, Newport, R. I. Municipal Art Society of Hartford, bulletins. Municipal Art Society of New York, bulletins. Citizens' Union, New York, Bulletins. Bulletins of City Club of New York. Woman's Municipal League Bulletin, New York. Washington Square Association Bulletin, New York. Civic Union, Brooklyn, Bulletins. The Albany Citizen, Albany. City Club Bulletins, Philadelphia. Civic Club of Philadelphia. Roland Park Review, Baltimore. Washington Civic Center, bulletins. The Citizens' Bulletin, Cincinnati. Citizens' Association of Chicago, Bulletins. The Suburbanite, Seattle, Washington. The Oregon City, Portland, Oregon. Municipal Affairs, Los Angeles (Succeeded by The Pacific Outlook). Civic News, Detroit (1905 to 1907).

Municipal Facts, 50 Pine Street, New York.
Taxpayers' Magazine, New York.
Taxpayers' News, Broadway and 41st Street, New York.
Taxpayers' Hamilton County Review, Cincinnati.

Portland (Me.) Board of Trade Monthly.
Boston Chamber of Commerce Bulletin,
Worcester Magazine, Worcester, Mass.
Providence Board of Trade Monthly.
Merchants' Association (New York) Bulletin.
New York Chamber of Commerce Bulletin.
Brooklyn League, Year Book.
Municipal Record and Advertiser, New York.
Commerce, Rochester,

Progress, Atlanta.
Greater Dayton.
Chicago Commerce (Chicago Association of Commerce).
Grand Rapids Board of Trade Bulletin.
Merchants Association, Milwaukee, Bulletin.
Texas Commercial Secretaries Bulletin.
The Merchant Association's Review, San Francisco.

CANADIAN PUBLICATIONS. Canadian Municipal Journal (see above). Municipal Gazette, Montreal. Municipal Bulletin of the Ontario Bureau of Industries, Toronto. Canadian Contract Record, Toronto. Western Municipal News, Winnipeg.


Municipal Journal, London,
Council Journal, London.
County and Municipal Record, London.
Tramway and Railway World, London.
Local Government Journal, London.
The Journal of Gas Lighting, London.
London Municipal Notes, London.
Municipal Record and Sanitary Journal, Glasgow.
Les Annales Municipales, Paris.
Bulletin Municipal Official de la Ville de Paris, Paris.
La Chronique Municipale, Paris.
L'Ecole des Communes, Paris.
L'Journal des Communes, Paris.
L'Journal Municipal, Paris.
Annals des Sciences Politiques, Paris.
Le Municipal, Paris.
La Municipalite Francaise, Paris.
Revue Municipale, Paris.
Revue Pratique d'Hygiene Municipale Urbaine et Rurale, Paris.
La Vigie Municipale, Paris.
L'Art Publique, Brussels, Belgium.
Schweizerisches Zentralblatt fur Staaten, Berlin.
Gesundheits-Ingenierin, Munich.
Der Staedtebau, Berlin, Germany.
Zeitschift fur Transportwesen nd strassenbau, Berlin.
Staedtebaulische Vortrage, Berlin.
Archiv fur Stadt Kunde, Stuttgart.
Archiv für Socialwissenschaft und Socialpolitik, Tubingen.

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