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IN MUNICIPAL GOVERN MENTProf. W. B. Munro, Chairman, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. Dr. W. B. Bailey, Yale University, New Haven, Conn. Prof. Charles A. Beard, Columbia University, New York City. Prof. R. C. Brooks, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Prof. John A. Fairlie, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. Pres. Harry A. Garfield, Williams College, Williamstown, Mass. Prof. J. W. Garner, University of Illinois, Urbana, Ill. Prof. Frank J. Goodnow, Columbia University, New York City. Prof. Jeremiah W. Jenks, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. Prof. Isidor Loeb, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Prof. C. E. Merriam, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Prof. Samuel Peterson, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Prof. L. S. Rowe, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. Prof. W. A. Schaiper, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Prof. S. E. Sparling, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Prof. F. A. Updyke, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H.


Horace E. Deming, Chairman, New York City.
Charles C. Binney, Philadelphia.
Richard S. Childs, New York.
Richard H. Dana, Cambridge.
Arthur S. Ludington, New York.
Thomas Raeburn White, Philadelphia.
Clinton Rogers Woodruff, Philadelphia.


SCHOOLS— Prof. James J. Sheppard, Chairman, 155 West 65th St., New York

City. Dr. George Groat, 166th St, and Boston Road, Bronx, N. Y. Dr. Frederick L. Luqueer, 86 Marlborough Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. George H. Martin, Board of Education, Boston, Mass. Dr. M. J. O'Shea, District Superintendent, New York City. Prof. John L. Tildsley, High School of Commerce, New York City. Dr. Frank V. Thompson, South Boston High School.


Horace E. Deming, Chairman, New York City.
Dr. Frederick A. Cleveland, New York City.
Clinton Rogers Woodruff, Philadelphia,


M. N. Baker, C. E., Chairman, Montclair, N. J.
Dr. Alexander C. Abbott, Philadelphia.
Frederic Almy, Buffalo, N. Y.
Prof. Irving Fisher, Yale University.
Homer Folks, New York City.
Dr. George A. Soper, New York City.
Clinton Rogers Woodruff, ex-officio, Philadelphia.


Dr. Horace E. Flack, Chairman, Municipal Reference Librarian, City

Hall, Baltimore, Md. Dr. William H. Allen, Bureau of Municipal Research, New York. Milton J. Foreman, Chicago, Illinois. Horace E. Deming, ex-officio, New York City. George Godard, State Library, Hartford, Conn. Clarence B. Lester, State Library of New York, Albany, New York. Hon. Oscar Leser, Tax Court, Baltimore, Md. Dr. Charles McCarthy, Legislative Reference Librarian, Madison, Wis. Hon. Thomas L. Montgomery, State Librarian, Harrisburg, Pa. Prof. Charles E. Merriam, University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Robert Treat Paine, Jr., 85 State Street, Boston, Mass.


Marwick, Mitchell & Co., Chartered Accountants,

79 Wall St., New York.
Drexel Bldg., Philadelphia.

State Secretaries.


Reginald Mott Hull, 631 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge. MARYLAND

Dr. Horace E. Flack, City Hall, Baltimore. DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA

T. Hubert Jones, 611 G St. N. W., Washington. VIRGINIA

Hon. J. Davis Reed, Portsmouth. West VIRGINIA

R. B. Naylor, Board of Trade, Wheeling.


G. A. Gordon, Savannah. SOUTHERN OHIO

John R. Schindel, Carew Bldg., Cincinnati. Оно

E. A. Binyon, Garfield Bldg., Cleveland. MICHIGAN

Frank M. Byam, Grand Rapids. WisCONSIN

Ford H. MacGregor, Madison. IOWA

Irving B. Richman, Muscatine. KANSAS

Carl Dehoney, Mercantile Club, Kansas City. KENTUCKY

Louis B. Wehle, Louisville. TENNESSEEM

T. L. Campbell, Memphis Trust Bldg., Memphis. LOUISIANA

Charles A. Duchamp, 826 Common St., New Orleans ARKANSAS

Robert E. Wait, 210 West 2nd St., Little Rock. COLORADO

Dunbar F. Carpenter, Colorado Springs. IDAHO

Eugene A. Cox, Lewiston. WASHINGTON

L. G. Monroe, Chamber of Commerce, Spokane. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA

Edwin 0. Edgerton, Equitable Bldg., Los Angeles.

New York Conference on Methods of Instruction in

Municipal Government

The second round table conference on the Methods of Instruction in Municipal Government was held under the auspices of the National Municipal League's Committee on the Co-ordination of Instruction, at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York, on the evening of Thursday, December 30th, at 8:30, Professor F. J. Goodnow, of Columbia University, in the chair. About forty members of the American Political Science Association were present.

Hon. Clinton Rogers Woodruff, Secretary of the National Municipal League, was the first speaker. He laid emphasis upon the advisability of having college students make use of first-hand material in the course of their instruction in municipal government and of studying out elementary questions of municipal administration for themselves. From his own experience as an undergraduate, he expressed the belief that this method of instruction was the one which proved most useful to a man in later life. He called attention to the increasing store of material available for the study of city government in the United States and illustrated this by reference to several serviceable reports which had been published by various cities during the past year. It was pointed out that the assistance of the National Municipal League was at the service of all college instructors seeking information or data for use in their various courses of instruction.

Professor J. A. Fairlie, of the University of Illinois, spoke particularly of the need of a regular publication devoting its pages exclusively to the field of municipal government. Such publication, it was asserted, would be of high service to college instructors in this subject and might reasonably be counted upon, in view of the increasing interest in the field of municipal administration, to pay its own way. Professor Fairlie expressed the opinion, however, that such a publication ought to have the auspices of some powerful national organization, such as the National Municipal League, in order to reach its highest point of usefulness. He made the suggestion that the League might establish such publication, publishing in it some of the papers read at its annual convention and thereby reducing in bulk its volume of annual Proceedings.

Professor A. R. Hatton, of Western Reserve University, spoke of the need for a syllabus of instruction which might be used by teachers, particularly in smaller colleges and in high schools, as a guide in their work. It was his opinion that such syllabus, in order to be of permanent service must be somewhat broad and elastic in character, so that allowance might be made for differences in the tastes, opinions, and capabilities of different instructors. The suggestion was made that the preparation of such a syllabus ought to be undertaken by a committee of instructors rather than by any single teacher. Professor Hatton also referred to the need of a source book or volume of selected readings on American city government such as might be used in college classes to supplement assigned reading in text books and stated his views as to what such a volume might profitably contain. The discussion was continued by Professor Hayes of Columbia University, Professor Munro of Harvard University, Mr. Horace E. Deming of New York City, and the Chairman. The Conference adjourned at 10 p. m.

WILLIAM BENNETT MUNRO, Chairman Committee on Co-ordination of Instruction in Municipal God

crnment in Colleges and Universities.

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