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Vay, but you who do not love her, RB 605
Near Avalon, M 838
Near Dover, W 32
Neidpath, The maid of, Sc 113
Never the time and the place, RB 681
New age, The (Bacchanalia), Ar 764
Newborn death, R 807
New Sinai, The, Cl 689
Night, To, Sh 357
Night and morning, RB 605
Nightingale, Ode to a, K 408
Night-piece, A, W 5
No master, M 860
No more, no more (Don Juan), B 242
No, my own love of other years, L 441
". Non dolet" Sw 889
Northern farmer (old style), T 538
Northern farmer (new style), T 541
Not as these, R 804
Noveniber, 1806, W 50
November, 1, W 55
Nuns fret not at their convent's narrow

room, W 48
Nutting, W 13
Nymph's song to Hylas, The (Life and

Death of Jason), M 839

Oak, The, T 553
Obermann, Stanzas in memory of the

author of, Ar 725
Obermann once more, Ar 768
O bitter sea (Life and Death of Jason) M 839
Oblation, The, Sw 889
Ocean, The (Childe Harold), B 239
Octogenarian, Toan, W 63
Ode (Bards of passion), K 406
Ode composed upon an evening of extra-

ordinary splendor, W 55
Ode, Dejection, An, C 94
Ode, France, An, C 88
Ode, Intimations of immortality, W 39
Ode on a Grecian urn, K 407
Ode on indolence, K 405
Ode on melancholy, K 409
Ode on the death of the Duke of Welling-

ton, T 514
Ode to a nightingale, K 408
Ode to duty, W 4
Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte, B 184
Ode to Psyche, K 406
Ode to tranquility, C 94
Ode to the west wind, Sh 297
Oenone, T 464
Of old sat Freedom on the heights, T 479
Of such is the kingdom of heaven, Sw 900
Ogier the Dane, Song from, M 855 [186
Oh ! snatched away in beauty's bloom : B
Oh that 't were possible (Maud), T 523
Old and new art, R 804
Old pictures in Florence, RB 622
o, let the solid ground (Maud), T 519
On a country road, Sw 903
On a faded violet, Sh 293
On a Grecian urn, Ode, K 407
On an autumnal evening, Lines, C 66
On a picture of Leander, K 380

On a poet's lips I slept, Sh 310
On Burns, R 811
One hope, The, R 808
One way of love, RB 629
One word is too often profaned, Sh 368
One word more, RB 654
One year ago my path was green, L 441
On Fame, K 423
On first looking into Chapman's Homer, K

On his own Iphigeneia and Agamemnon,

L 440
On his seventy-fifth birthday, L 456
On Lucretia Borgia's hair, L 438
On melancholy, Ode, K 409
On Montorio's Height, C1 692
On music, L 455
On refusal of aid between nations, R 778
On seeing the Elgin marbles, K 380
On Southey's death, L 457
On the cliff's, Sw $92
On the death of Robert Browning, Sonnets,

Sw 909
On the death of Southey, L 456
On the deaths of Thomas Carlyle and

George Eliot, Sw 899
On the extinction of the Venetian republic,

W 31
On the grasshopper and cricket, K 374
On the Hellenics, L 444
On the Mermaid Tavern, Lines, K 390
On the monument erected to Mazzini at

Genoa, Sw 907
On the sea, K 380
On the smooth brow and clustering hair, L

On the verge, Sw 1906
On this day I complete my thirty-sixth year,

B 272
Orpheus and the Sirens, Songs of (Life and

death of Jason), M 840
Orpheus' song of triumph (Life and death

of Jason) M 840
O ship, ship, ship, CI 702
Osorio, Song from, C 73
O swallow, swallow, flying, flying south, T

O that 'twere possible (Maud), T 523
Our gaieties, our luxuries, C1 695
Overhead the tree-tops meet (Pippa passes),

RB 591
Over the sea our galleys went (Paracelsus),

RB 568
Ozymandias, Sh 293
Pacchiarotto volume, Epilogue to the, RB

Pains of sleep, The, C 98
Palace of Art, The, T 468
Palladium, Ar 765
Pan, Hymn of, Sh 346
Pan, Hymn to (Endymion), K 382
Pantheon, The, CI 692
Paracelsus, Songs from, RB 568
Parting at morning, RB 605
Passion and worship, R 794

Past ruin'd Illion Helen lives, L 431
Patriot, The, RB 633
Pearl, A girl, A, RB 683
Peele Castle, W 45
Penumbra, Ř 780
Perchè pensa ? Pensando s'invecchia, Ci

Personal talk, W 49
Peschiera, Cl 693
Phantom or fact, C 103
Philomela, Ar 741
Pibroch of Donald Dhu, Sc 163
Pictor ignotus, RB 606
Pied piper of Hamelin, The, RB 598
Pilgrims, The, Sw 884
Pippa passes, RB 570
Pis-aller, Ar 764
Pleasure! why thus desert the heart, L 431
Plighted promise, R 788
Poet! he hath put his heart to school, A,

W 62
Poet, The, T 461
Poetical commandments (Don Juan), B 242
Poetics, RB 683
Poet's epitaph, A, W 15
Poet's song, The, T 497
Political greatness, Sonnet, Sh 358
Popularity, RB 632
Porphyria's lover, RB 569
Portrait, The, R 776
Portrait, The (House of Life), R 794
Pot of basil, The, K 391
Pray but one prayer for me, M 827
Prelude to the Earthly Paradise, M 842
Pride of youth, R 797
Primrose of the rock, The, W 59
Princess, Lyrics from the, T 497
Prisoner of Chillon, B 206
Proem (Endymion), K 381
Prologue (Fifine at the fair), RB 677
Prologue La Saisiaz), RB 677
Prologue (Two poets of Croisic), RB 677
Prometheus, B 213
Pro netheus unbound, Sh 299
Proserpine, Hymn to, Sw 872
Proserpine, The garden of, Sw 877
Prospice, RB 667
Proud Maisie, Sc 164
Proud word you never spoke, L 443
Psyche, Ode to, K 406
Psyche, Song from the story of Cupid and,

M 854

Rarely, rarely, comest thou, Sh 347
Real question, The, Cl 693
Rebecca's hymn, Sc 164
Reflections on having left a place of retire-

ment, C 69
Refusal of aid between nations, On, R 778
Regeneration, L 429
Remain, ah not in youth alone, L 442
Requiescat, Ar 727
Resolution and independence, w 28
Respectability, RB 630
Retro me, Sathana, R 806
Revenge, The, T 543
Reverie of poor Susan, The, W 5
Revolt of Islam, Dedication of, Sh 291
Riding together, M 825
Rime of the ancient mariner, C 73
Ring and the book, From the, RB 668
Ring out wild bells (In memoriam), T 510
Rivulet crossing my ground (Maud), T 521
Rizpah, T 548
Robert Browning, To, L 443
Robert Browning, Sonnets on the death of,

Sw 909
Robin Hood, K 388
Rome (Childe Harold), B 236
Rome, CI 692
Rondel, Sw 876
Rose Aylmer, L 428
Rose Aylmer's hair, given by her sister,

L 456
Rosny, RB 682
Roundel, The, Sw 902
Roundelay (Endymion), K 386
Round us the wild creatures (Ferishtah's

fancies ), RB 681
Rudel to the lady of Tripoli, RB 602
Rugby Chapel, Ar 766
Sailing of the sword, The, M 834
Sailor boy, The, T 536
Saint Agnes' eve, T 479
Saint Agnes', The eve of, K 398
Saint John, The eve of, Sc 108
Saint Luke the painter, R 804
Saint Mark, The eve of, K 404
Salt of the Earth, the, Sw 900
Same flower, To the (celandine), W 27
Same flower, To the (daisy), W 35
Sapphics, Sw 878
Sap;ho (On the cliffs), Sw 892
Sappho to Hesperus, L 437
Saul, 53 611
Saul before his last battle, Song of, B 197
Say not the struggle nought availeth, CI

Sceptic moods, CI 693
Scholar gipsy, The, Ar 741
Scorn not the sonnet, W 58
Seaboard, The, Sw 903
Sea, On the, K 386
Sea, To the (Life and death of Jason), M 839
Sea-limits, The, R 779
Sea-shell, The (Gebir), L 427
Seasons, The, M 857
Second best, The, Ar 714

Qua cursum ventus, Cl 688
Quatrains, L 443
Queen Mary, Lyrics from, T 543
Queen's song, The (Chastelard), Sw 872
Question, The, Sh 347
Questioning spirit, The, Cl 690
Quiet work, Ar 708
Qui laborat, orat, Cl 698

Rabbi ben Ezra, RB 659
Rain, rain and sun (Coming of Arthur), T

Rapunzel, Songs from, M 827

see what a lovely shell (Maud), T 522
Self-deception, Ar 714
Self-dependence, Ar 721
Sensitive plant, The, Sh 338
September, 1819, W 55
Sequence of Sonnets on the death of Robert

Browning. Sw 909
Serenade, Indian, Sh 299
Seventy-tifth birthday, On his, L 456
Severed selves, R 799
Shades of Agamemnon and Iphigeneia, L

Shakespeare, Ar 708
Shakespeare, William, Sw 899
Shakespeare and Milton, L 454
Shameful death, M 833
Shame upon you Robin (Queen Mary), T

She dwelt among the untrodden ways, W

Shelley, R 812
Shelley (Cor cordium), Sw 888
She walks in beauty, B 186
She was a phantom of delight, W 42
Shipwreck, The (Don Juan), B 243
Sibylla palmifera, R 804
Silent noon, R 796
Simon Lee, w 6
Simplon Pass, The, W 12
Singing lesson, A, Sw 902
Sir Galahad, T 493
Sir Giles' war-song, M 838
Sister Helen, R 780
Sisters, The, T 467
Sister's sleep, My, R 774
Sisters, Song from the, T 549
Skylark, To a, W 45
Skylark, To a, W 58
Skylark, To a, Sh 344
Sleep, To, W 50
Sleep, To, K 423
Sleep and poetry, K 374
Slumber did my spirit seal, A, W 15
Small celandine, To the, W 27
So fair, so sweet, withal so sensitive, W 62
Sohrab and Rustum, Ar 728
Soldier rest, thy warfare o'er, Sc 159
Solitary reaper, The, W 38
Solitude, W 18
Solitude, A, Sw 902
Solitude, To, K 372
Some future day, Ci 701
Song, Sh 347
Song, Child's, Sw 892
Song, Mary Beaton's (Chastelard), Sw 871
Song, Nay, but you who do not love her,

RB 605
Song, The Queen's (Chastelard), Sw 872
Song from Charles the first, Sh 369
Song from Hellas, Sh 367
Song from Mary Stuart, Sw 899
Song from Ogier the Dane, M 855
Song from Osorio, C 73
Song from the Sisters, T 549
Song from the story of Acontius and Cy-

dippe, M 855

Song from the story of Cupid and Psyche,

M 854
Song from Zapolya, C 101
Song in time of order, Sw 866
Song of Saul before his last battle, B 187
Song of spirits (Prometheus unbound), Sh

Song of the echoes (Prometheus unbound),

Sh 314
Songs from Chastelard, Sw 871
Songs from Ferishitah's fancies, RB 681
Songs from Paracelsus, RB 568
Songs in absence, Cl 700
Songs of Orpheus and the sirens (Life and

death of Jason), M 840
Song-throe, The, R 802
Song, The miller's daughter, T 463
Song, Where shall the lover rest, Sc 126
Sonnet, The, W 48, 38
Sonnet, The, R 793
Sonnet, England in 1819, Sh 297
Sonnet on Chillon, B 206
Sonnet, Political greatness, Sh 358
Sonnet, Scorn not the, W 58
Sonnets from the Portuguese, EBB 555
Sonnets on the death of Robert Browning,

Sw 909
Sonnets on the thought of death, Cl 705
Sonnet, To an octogenarian, W 63
Sonnet to Lake Leman, B 214
Soon, O Ianthe! life is o'er, L 442
Soothsay, R 810
So then, I feel not deeply, L 455
Soul's beauty, R 804
Southey, On the death of, L 456
Southey's death, On, L 457
So we'll go no more a-roving, B 271
Sparrow's nest, The, W 26
Splendor falls on castle walls, The, T 498
Stanzas, April, 1814, Sh 275
Stanzas for music (There be none of

beauty's daughters), B 189
Stanzas for music (There's not a joy), B 187
Stanzas for music (They say tinat hope is

happiness), B 212
Stanzas from the Grande Chartreuse, Ar 734
Stanzas in memory of the author of Ober-

mann, Ar 725
Stanzas to Augusta, B 209
Stanzas written in dejection near Naples,

Sh 296
Stanzas written on the road between Flor-

ence and Pisa, B 271
Statue and the bust, The, RB 637
Stepping westward, w 38
Stillborn love, R 800
Strange fits of passion have I known, W 14
Strayed reveller, The, Ar 710
Stream of life, The, Cl 702
Stream's secret, The, R 789
Sudden light, R 788
Summer dawn, M 827
Summer-night, A, Ar 721
Summum bonum, RB 683
Sunbows, The, Sw 905
Sunrise in 1818, At the, R 778

Sun upon the Weirdlaw Hill, The, Sc 164
Superscription, A, R 807
Surprised by joy, impatient as the wind,

W 55
Swallow, swallow, flying, flying south, T

Sweet and low, T 498
Sweet-briar, Upon a, L 432
Switzerland, From, Ar 756
Switzerland, Thought of a Briton on the

subjugation of, W 50

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Tables turned, The, W9
Tamar and the sea-nymph, Loves of, L 426
Tears, idle tears, T 497
“ There is no God," the wicked saith, Cl 694
There ! said a stripling, W 61
There's a woman like a dewdrop, RB 602
There was a boy, W 13
Theseus and Hippolyta, L 457
This lime-tree bower my prison, C 70
This world is very odd, we see, Cl 695
Thomas Carlyle and George Eliot, On the

deaths of, SW 899
Thomas Moore, To, B 234, 271
Thought of a Briton on the subjugation of

Switzerland, W 50
Thought of death, Sonnets on the, Cl 705
Thrasymedes and Eunoe, L 444
Three Roses, The, L 457
Three shadows, R 809
Three years she grew in sun and shower,

W 15
Throstle, The, T 253
Through a glass darkly, Cl 699
Through death to love, R 799
Through the Metidja to Abd-el-Kadr, RB

Thyrsis, Ar 757
Thy voice is heard through rolling drums,

T 498
Time, Se 163
Time, Sh 357
Time long past, Sh 348
Time real and imaginary, C 70
Time's revenges, RB 606
Time to be wise, L 441
Tintern Abbey, Lines composed a few

miles above, W 9
Tithonus, T 535
To-(I fear thy kisses), Sh 345
To-Music when soft voices die), Sh 358
To-One word is too often profaned), Sh

To a bride, L 441
To a cyclamen, L 442
To a friend, Ar 708
To age, L 455
To a gentleman, C 99
To a Highland girl, W 37
To Ailsa Rock, K 389
To a lady, Sc 108
To a nightingale, Ode, K 408
To a sky-lark, W 45
To a sky-lark, W 58
To a skylark, Sh 344

To Augusta, Stanzas, B 209
To Augusta, Epistle, B 210
To autumn, K 409
To a young lady, W 46
To B. R. Haydon, W 55
To Chaucer, Invocation (Life and death of

Jason), M 842
To Coleridge, Sh 275
To Hartley Coleridge, W 33
To Hesperus, Sappho, L 437
To Homer, K 389
To Ianthe, Lyrics, L 430, 441
To Jane, With a guitar, Sh 368
To Joseph Ablett, L 438
το καλόν, Cl. 688
To Leigh Hunt Esq., K 380
To Louis Kossuth, Sw 891
To Marguerite, Ar 756, 757
To Mary (Revolt of Islam), Sh 291
To Mary Lamb, L 440
To-morrow, Sh 368
To Mr. Murray, B 270, 271
To my ninth decade, L 458
To my sister, W 8
To-night, Sh 357
To one who has been long in city pent, K

To Psyche, Ode, K 406
To Robert Browning, L 443
To sleep, W 50
To sleep, K 423
To solitude, K 372
To the cuckoo, W 42
To the daisy (three poems), W 34, 35
To the moon, Sh 348
To the Queen, T 513
To the sea Life and death of Jason), M 839
To the same flower (celandine), W 27
To the same flower (daisy), W 35
To the small celandine, W 27
To the west wind, Ode, Sh 297
To Thomas Moore, B 234, 271
To Toussaint l'Ouverture, W 33
To Tranquility, Ode, C 94
Touch him ne'er so lightly, RB 680
Toussaint l'Ouverture, W 32
To Virgil, T 550
To William Wordsworth, C 99
To Wordsworth, L 438
To Wordsworth, Sh 603n.
To Youth, L 454
Tranquillity, Ode to, C 94
Transfigured life, R 802
Tray, RB 679
Trees of the garden, The, R 806
Triads, Sw 892
Trosachs, The, W 60
Troy Town, R 789
True love, an thou be true, Sc 164
True woman, R 801
Trumpet song (Coming of Arthur), T 540
Twenty years hence, L 442
Twist ye, twine ye, even so, Sc 162
Two April mornings, The, W 17
Two in the Campagna, RB 628
Two poets of Croisic, The, RB 677

Ulysses, T 487
invoç dvuvoç. CI 699
Unremitting voice of nightly streams, The,

W 63
Up at a villa-down in the city, RB 619
Upon a sweet-briar, L 432
Vale of Chamouni, In the, C 96
Valley of Cauteretz, In the, T 539
Various the roads of life, L 443
Vastness, T 550
Venetian pastoral, For a, R 779
Venice (Childe Harold), B 234
Venus victrix, R 798
Verse-making was least of my virtues (Fer-

ishtah's fancies), RB 681
Villon, Ballad of François, Sw 891
Violet, On a faded, Sh 293
Violet, The, Sc 108
Virgil, To, T 550
Vision of judgment, The, B 257
Vision of sin, The, T 494
Vivien's song (Merlin and Vivien), T 524
Voice and the peak, The, T 542
Voice by the cedar-tree, A (Maud), T 519
Voice of Toil, The, M 859
Voyage, The, T 537
Wages, T 540

Walter Savage Landor, In memory of, Sw
Walt Whitman in America, To, Sw 866
Wanting is-- What, RB, 680
Wasted, weary, wherefore stay, Sc 162
Waterloo, Battle of, B 192
We are seven, W 6
Weirdlaw Hill, The sun upon the, Sc 164
Wellington, Ode on the death of the Duke

of, T 514
Well I remember how you smiled, L 458
Were you with me (Songs in absence), CI

West London, Ar 762
Westminster Bridge, Composed upon, W 31
West wind, Ode to the, Sh 297
When a man hath no freedom, B 271
When Helen first saw wrinkles in her face,

L 130
When I have borne in memory, W 33
When I have fears that I may cease to be,

K 381
When the enemy is near thee, Cl 695
When the lamp is shattered, Sh 369
When we two parted, B 171
Where are the great, Cl 695
Where lies the land (Songs in absence), CI

Where shall the lover rest (Marmion), Se

Whirl-blast from behind the hill, A, W 8
Whitman, To Walt. Sw 886
Who kill'd John Keats, B 271
Why from the world (Ferishtah's fancies),

RB 082
Why I am a Liberal, RB 682
Why, why, repine, L 410

Will, T 524
William and Helen, Sc 105
William Shakespeare, Sw 899
William Wordsworth, To, C 99
Willowwood, R 799
Wind, A word with the, Sw 908
Wind, Ode to the west, Sh 297
Winter Weather, M 824
Wish no word unspoken (Ferishtah's fan-

cies), RB 681
With a guitar, To Jane, Sh 368
With flowers from a Roman wall, Sc 108
Without her, R 800
With rosy hand a little girl pressed down,

L 412
With whom is no variableness, Cl 702
Woman's last word, A, RB 617
Woodspurge, The, R 788
Wordsworth, To, Sh 276
Wordsworth, To, L 438
Wordsworth, To William, C 99
Word with the wind, A, Sw 98
Work without hope, C 101
World is a bundle of hay, The, B 271
World is too much with us, The, W 50
Worldly place, Ar 761
World's great age begins anew, The, Sh 367
Worlds on worlds are rolling ever, Sh 366
World's wanderers, The, Sh 348
Wrestling-match, The (Gebir), L 427
Written among the Euganean Hills, Sh 293
Written in dejection near Naples, Sh 296
Written in early spring, W7
Written in Kensington Gardens, Ar 724
Written in London, W 32
Written in March, W 26
Written in the album at Elbingerode, C 93
Written on the road between Florence and

Pisa, B 271
Yarrow revisited, W 59
Yarrow unvisited, W 39
Yarrow visited, W 54
Year's at the spring, The (Pippa passes), RB

Years, many parti-colored years, L 455
Yes, I write verses now and then, L 441
Yes, it was the mountain echo, W 48
Yew-trees, W 36
You ask me why, tho' ill at ease, T 479
You'll love me yet (Pippa passes), RB 588
Young lady, To a, W 46
Young Lochinvar (Marmion), Sc 141
You smiled, you spoke, L 442
Youth, to, L 454
Youth and age, C 101
Youth and art, RB 666
Youth and calm, Ar 761
Youth of nature, The, Ar 719
Youth of the year, The (Atalanta in Caly-

don), Sw 866
Youth's antiphony, R 795
Youth's spring-tribute, R 795

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Zapolya, Song from, C 101

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