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NOVEMBER 1, 1853.



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29 Abbott, Jacob: A Summer in Scotland, 12mo; New-York,

1948. 10 Abdy, E. S.: Water Cure-Cases of Disease Cured by Cold

Water, (translated from the Germans) with Physiological Illustrations from Orthodox Medical Authors, ad. dressed to People of Cominon Sense; 2d edition, with

corrections, &c., 8vo; London, 1813. 13 Abel-Remust, J. P.: Elémens de la Gram naire Chinoise,

ou Principes Généraux du Kou-Wen ou Style Antique, et du Kouan-Hoa, c'est-à-dire, de la Langue Commune généralement usitée dans l'Empire Chinois, gr. 870;

Paris, 1822. 10 Abernethy, John: Surgical Observations on the Constitu

tional Origin and Treatment of Local Diseases; and

on Aneurisms; 8th edition, 8vo; London, 1825. 3 Account of the English Stage, from the Restoration in 1660

to 1830, 10 v. 8vo; Bath, 1832. 13 Acosta, Christoval: Tractado de las Drogas, y Medicinas

de las Indias Orientales, con sus Plantas, 8vo; Burgos,

1573. 5 Acta Concilii Tridentini, Anno 1562 et 1563, usque in finem

Concilii Pio IV. Pont. Max.; et alia multa circa dictum Concilium Fragmenta a Gabrielle Cardinale Paleotto descripta; nunc primum in lucem vindicata e codice MS. olim penes Fridericum comitem de Guilford; edente Jo.

sepho Mendham, 8vo; Londini, 1812. 15 Act for Limiting the Tine of Service in the Army, passed

21st June, 1817; and an Act for Punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters, passed 20th April, 1852 ; together with

Rules and Articles of War, 12mo; London, 1852. 29 Adair, James: History of the American Indians; particu

larly those Nations Adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina,

and Virginia, 4to; London, 1775. 10 Adair, James M.: Philosophical and Medical Sketch of the

· Natural History of the Human Body and Mind, &c.,

8vo; Bath, 1787. 29 Adalbert, W. (Prince of Prussia): Travels in the South of

Europe and in Brazil, with a Voyage up the Amazon

and the Xingu; iranslated by Sir Robert H. Schom

burgk and John E. Taylor, 2 v. 8vo; London, 1849. 29 Adams, John Quincy: Letters from Silesia, written during

a Tour through that Country in the Years 1800, 1801,

8vo; London, 1804. 10 Adams, Joseph: 'Observations on Morbid Poisons, Chronic

and Acute; 2d edition, 4to; London, 1807. 15 Adams, William B.: English Pleasure Carriages; their

Origin, History, Varieties, Materials, Construction, Defects, Improvements, and Capabilities: with an Analysis of the Construction of Common Roads and Railroads, and the Public Vehicles used on them, 8vo; Lon

don, 1837. 2 Adamson, John: Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Luis

de Camoens, 2 v. royal 8vo; London, 1820. 2 Addison, C. G.: The Knights Templars; 3d edition, 8vo ;

London, 1852. 43 Adelung, Johann Christoph: Mithridates, oder allgemeine

Sprachenkunde, mit dem Vater Unser als Sprachprobe in bey nahe fünfhundert Sprachen und Mundarten, 4 v.

8vo; Berlin, 1806. 34 Æsop: Fables; with a Life of the Author, 2 v. in 1, royal

8vo; London, 1793. 15 Agricola, Georgio: Opera de l'Arte de Metalli; e de Gl

Animali di Sotto Terra; tradotti in lingua Toscano da

M. Michelangelo Florio Fiorentino, folio; Basilea, 1563. 17 Aguilar, Grace: The Women of Israel; or, Characters and

Sketches from the Holy Scriptures and Jewish History; Illustrative of the Past History, Present Duties, and Future Destiny of the Hebrew Females, as Based on the

Word of God; 2d edition, 2 v. 16mo; London, 1852. 15 Aide-Mémoire à l'usage des Officiers d'Artillerie; 2e édition,

(1844), deuxième tirage, 8vo; Paris, 1851. 10 Aikin, C. R.: Concise View of all the most Important Facts

which have hitherto Appeared concerning the Cow Pox;

2d edition, 16mo; London, 1801. 2 Aikin, John, and others: General Biography; or, Lives,

Critical and Historical, of the most Eminent Persons of all Ages, Countries, Conditions, and Professions, 10 v.

4to; London, 1799–1815. 15 Ainslie, C. P.: Cavalry Manual; 2d edition, 24mo; London,

1843. 31 Ainslie, George Robert: Illustrations of the Anglo-French

Coinage, 4to; London, 1830. 28 Airy, George Biddell: Astronomical Observations made at

the Observatory of Cambridge, from the Year 1828 to 1842, 6 v. 4to; London, 1829–45.

--- Astronomical Observations made at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from the Year 1836 to 1842, 7 v. 4to; London, 1837-'44.

03 Airy, George Biddell: Mathematical Tracts on the Lunar

and Planetary Theories, the Figure of the Earth, Pre-
cession and Nutation, the Calculus of Variations, and
the Undulatory Theory of Optics; 2) edition, 8vo; Cam-
bridge, 1831.

-- Reports of the Astronomer Royal to

the Board of Visitors: Read at the Annual Visitation

of the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, 1936-51, ito;


29 Aiton, John: The Lands of the Messiah, Mahomet, and the

Pope; as Visited in 1351 ; 21 edition, 8vo; London,


13 Aiton, Willian: Hortus Kewensis; or, a Catalogue of the

Plants Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew;

the 2d edition, enlarged by Williain Townsend Aiton,

5 v. 8vo; London, 1810-'13.

ft Akerman, John Y.: Archeological Index to Remains of

Antiquity of the Celtic, Romino-British, and Anglo.

Saxon Periods, 8vo; London, 1817.

31 -

- Vumismatic Illustrations of the Var-

rative Portions of the New Testament, 8vo; London,

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10 Alderson, James: Brief Outline of the History and Progress

of Cholera at Hull; with some Remarks on the Pa-

thology and Treatment of the Disease, 8vo; London,


35 Alexander, Charles A.: The Fall of Aztalan, and other

Poems, royal 8vo; Washington, 1839. (Present.)

29 Alexander, James E.: L'Acadie; or, Seven Years' Explo-

rations in British America, 2 v. 12mo; London, 1810.
2 Alfieri, Vittorio: Vita di, Scritta da Esso, 2 v. 8vo; Lon-

dra, 1807.

- - Tragedies; translated from the Italian,

by Charles Lloyd, 3 v. 24mo; London, 1815.
2 Alison, Archibald: History of Europe, from the Fall of

Napoleon in 1815, to the Accession of Louis Napoleon
in 1852, 1st v. 8vo; London, 1852.

---- Epitome of Alison's History of Europe,
from the Cominencement of the French Revolution in
1789, to the Restoration of the Bourbons in 1915; 6th

edition, p. 8v0; Edinburgh, 1852.
3 Allen, John : Inquiry into the Rise and Growth of the Royal

Prerogative in England; new edition, Biographical No.
tices, &c.; to which is added, an Inquiry into the Life

and Character of King Eadwig, 8vo; London, 18 19.

21 Almuach Viztional, Annuaire de la Republique Française,

pour les Années 1919, 1913, 1850, 1851, et 1852, J v.

8vo; Paris, 1819–52.

35 Alte und Neue Studenten-, Soldaten- und Volks-Lieder, mit

Bildern and Singweisen; herausgegeben von L. Richter,

ovati Inquiry inhaburgh, 185, Bourbons

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