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letter; the letters of introduction, of recommendation, excuse, sympathy, and business — all these practical epistolary forms, such as enter into the every-day transactions of life, should be thoroughly taught in our schools.

The gathering of news for the press, the rules and typographical marks for proofreading, the illustrations of printing types, visiting and business cards, notes of invitation, etc. — all these exercises and more, can be introduced with great benefit to pupils. In short, nearly every chapter of this Manual, much of which has never been published before in any form, can be used to supply practical lessons in the schoolroom.

In the business walks of life, a work of this kind has long been required. In penmanship, use of capital letters, punctuation, letter - writing; the forms of notes, bills, orders, receipts, checks, drafts, bills of exchange, articles of agreement, bonds, mortgages, deeds, leases, and wills; in selecting the kind of type in which to print the hand-bill or card; the marking letters; the law of the different States concerning the limitation of actions, rates of interest, usury, and amount of property exempt from forced sale and execution, — all this and much more contained herein, will be of especial service for reference in the transaction of business.

By the lady, much will be found in a Manual of this kind that will particularly serve her in the writing of her social forms. As a text-book and self-instructor in writing, it admirably serves to give her that delicate and beautiful penmanship which pleases the eye as does fine music the ear. The rules of composition, writing for the press, the letter - writing, the marriage anniversaries, the notes of invitation to the cotton, paper, leather, wooden, tin, silk and other weddings; the fancy alphabets for needle-work; the selections for the album, lists of common Christian names, and synonyms, abbreviations, foreign words and phrases, the rules for writing poetry and the laws of etiquette —all these will meet her especial favor.

The mistress of the household will find here the form of the testimonial suitable to be given the seryant upon his or her departure to seek a situation elsewhere. The mother will find the written excuse to the teacher for the non-attendance of her child at school; the servant, the form of letter when applying for a situation; and the bashful, blushing maiden, the cautious, carefully worded letter, that will aid her in giving expression to the hitherto closely guarded secrets of the heart.

The sign-painter has daily use for a reference book of this kind, arranged and adapted, as it is, to the comprehension and wants of the knights of the pencil and brush, with the rules of punctuation, prepared for his especial use, and abundant examples of signs, so as to enable him not only to paint the letters and words beautifully, but to punctuate the same correctly. In this department is given a large number of plain and fancy alphabets, while the book throughout contains beautiful emblems and different kinds of lettering. The fine specimens of penmanship and pen-sourishing, including round-hand writing, old English, German-text, and orna


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mental script letters, will particularly please, presenting, as they do, much that is entirely new, calculated to aid the young sign- painter in doing his work elegantly and correctly.

The artist in lettering on marble finds in this work a chapter 'presenting tombstone inscriptions and epitaphs, giving the modern and best forms of wording by which to perpetuate the memory of the departed. More especially will this be valued by the marble - worker as giving him the grammatical wording of the inscription, the abbreviation of words, and their correct punctuation. The grand and costly monument, designed to stand for a thousand years, to be gazed upon by multitudes, and the record that it bears to be read by millions! How important that, in this con spicuous place, in such enduring form, the inscription, in grammar, capitalization, and punctuation, should be given absolutely correct. The ornamental scripts, with the plain and fancy alphabets, will also admirably serve the wants of marble-workers. This chapter will likewise assist the mourner who is desirous of selecting an appropriate inscription to mark the last resting place of the departed.

The reader will appreciate the forms herein relating to inscriptions suitable for use by the engraver, when marking the spoon, the ring, the cane, the watch, the modest birth-day gift, or the costly wedding present. The engraver will more especially value these examples, from the fact that they enable the customer to select at once the words desired, and the style of lettering in which they shall be executed; while the forms of punctuation and arrangement of wording will teach the youngest apprentice at the bench how to execute the same correctly.

The secretary of the public meeting, the presiding officer, every member of the assemblage; in fact, every American citizen that aspires to discharge the duties of a freeman, will be aided by the chapter on parliamentary rules, the forms of resolutions appropriate for various occasions, petitions to public bodies, etc.

The individual who would appear at ease in general society, who would do the right thing at the right time, be self-possessed and free from embarrassment, will appreciate the chapter on etiquette. More especially will this be valued because of its beautiful and instructive illustrations.

The chapter assigned to the writing of poetry, and the dictionary of rhymes, will instruct and aid a certain class; while the poetic selections will be valued by all lovers of poetry, as, presenting some of the most beautiful and charming poems in existence.

In short, the varied character of this work appeals alike to the wants of the old and young of all classes. Realizing this, the book is launched on the sea of literature with the confident belief that it is demanded, and that it will accomplish its mission of usefulness.


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PAGE. Abbreviations, Modern List of .....

Letters Accompanying Gifts, Forms of............

.105 Alnums, Selections for:.....

Letters of Advice, Forms of ...

101 Alphabets of Plain and Mark

Letters Applying for Situations, Forms of..

91 Articles of Agreement, Forms of........ 194 Letters Asking Favors, Forms of ...........

104 Balls, Rules that should Govern them....

Letters of Congratulation, Forms of ..

.... 97 Letters of Excuse, Forms of ...

103 Bills of Purchase, Form of........


Letters of Friendship and Relationship, Forms of... Bills of Sale, Form of...


Letters of Introduction, Forms of ......... Bonds, Form of......



Letters of Love and Courtship, Forms of... Book and Newspaper Type, Sizes and Names of ..


Letters of Recommendation, Forms of..... Bookkeeping; Directions for Keeping Books of Account ...


Letters of Sympathy, Forms of.... Bathing, Directions for ......

170 Letter. Writing: General Directions for Correspondence Beauty, Personal Habits which Make it..

170 Limitation of Action in Different States......... Blondes, Colors They Should Wear .... Brunettes, Colors They Should Wear.. 172 Marriage Anniversaries; When to Celebrate Them ....


Marriage Certificate, Form of... Calls for Public Meetings, Form of ........

Marriage License, Form of ......... Capacity of a Freight Car...

Marriage Notices, Form of .... Capital Letters, Rules for Use of.....


Men that Went to the War, Number from Each State.. China Weddings, Form of Invitation to ... .133 Metric System of Weights and Measures...

215 Coal, Where it Comes From .......

Mortgages, Forms of.

198 Composition, Rules of ......

Marriage Ceremonies; How to Conduct Them ....

160 Common Christian Names, List of..

236 Comparative Vale of Different Woods for Fuel .226 Notes of Invitation to Weddings and Parties...

.184 Collection of Debts: How to Proceed.... .216 Number of Soldiers Called for during the late

232 Constitution and By-Laws, Forms of.....

Neighbors; How they may be Improved ...

.....176 Copyright, Law of ...

No; Importance of Saying it Politely...

168 Correcting Proof; Typographical Marks.

278 Countries of the World; Population, Size, Government, etc.


Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Mountains; Length, Height, etc. ....... Crystal Wedding, Form of Invitation to......

Orders, Forins of ..

192 Calling: When, Where, and How to Call .... -...144 Paper Wedding; When it Occurs....

.132 Carriage Riding: How to Make it Agreeable..

Parliamentary Rules for the Use of Public Meetings

.259 Church Etiquette; What is Proper....

Partnership; Form of Partnership Agreement....

205 Conversation; When, Where and What to Speak

Pen and Pencil Flourishing ......

280 Courtship and Marriage; Danger of Mismating


Penmanship; Rules and Copies ....... Card Playing, Etiquette of...


Petitions to Public Bodies, Form Charming Ilomes; How to make them....

Poetry, Rules for Writing .... Colors Suitable for Different Complexions ......

Population, Area, etc., of Each of the United States Colors Suitable to Wear at Different Seasons


Population of Cities at last Census..........
Colors in Dress Most Beautiful at Night....

Precautionary Measures in Transacting Business....

216 Colors in Dress Most Beautiful by Daylight


Presidents of the U. S.; Historical Facts Relating 1
Colors that Contrast, yet Harmonize

Presidents of the U, S.; Where they were Educated

232 Courtship; Suggestions Concerning it.....


Principal Exports of Various Countries......
Promissory Notes, Forms of ...

179 Days of Grace on Drafts, Notes, etc., in Different States ........

Public Celebrations; How to Conduct them Deeds, Forms of.. 200 Public Meetings; Directions for Conducting them..

256 Degrees at which Substances Melt, Boil, Freeze, etc..

Punctuation, Rules of..... Dictionary of Synonyms, Giving over 11,000 Words....

Parental Government, Rules for..... Distances to Principal Cities by Land and Water...


Partners for Life; Whom to Marry ....... Drafts, Forms of...

189 Dinner Parties, How to Conduct Them....

Proposal of Marriage; How to make it .... 153

Receipts, Forms of......
Engravers' Inscriptions, Forms of ............

Resolutions, Forms of ....

249 Epitaphs, Forms of ...

299 Exemptions from Forced Sale in Different States ... 212 Skin: How to make it Pure and Clear.......

170 Exteinpore Speaking, Directions for......

Selections from the Poets; Fifty Standard Poems .... Etiquette, Important Rules of Conduct...

Senators and Representatives: Number from each State. Employer and Employe, Relations Between ...


Short-Hand Writing, Rules and Copies for......

Silk Wedding, Form of Invitation to.. Family Records, Form of ........

Silver Wedding, Form of Invitation to.... Fast Trotters, Time of.....

Sign-Writing; Wording and Punctuation
Flowers, Language and Sentiment of..

Spelling, Rules and Directions for....

.... 48 Foreign Words and Phrases, with Pronunciation...

State Laws Relating to Interest .......

..183 Funeral Notice, Form of..


Strength of Ice ..... : Feet, How to Care for them..... ..... 171 Subscription Papers; How to Draft them

211 Fashion, Hints to Gentlemen.. 173 Superscriptions on Envelopes, Directions for Writing...

.... 84 Fashion, Hints to Ladies...

173 Funerals, Rules for Conducting them ........

Temperaments that Should go Together in Marriage ...

....159 Teeth, How to make them Clean and White..

......171 Golden Wedding, Form of Invitation to........

Toilet, Rules and Directions for........


Tables for Reference; Coins, Value, etc. ..... Grammar, Leading Rules of ...

2024 Time Required to Digest Different kinds of Food ...

229 Hair, How to Make it Abundant and Beautiful

Titles: His Excellency, Hon., Rev., Dr., Prof., Esq., e Ilusbands and Wives; Duty to Each Other...

Toasts and Sentiments Suitable for Public Occasions.

161 Husband's Duty to Wife ......

Tombstone Inscriptions, Forms of......

297 161 Hand, How to Make it Handsome......

171 Underscoring; Rules for Italicizing .... Horseback Riding; Cautions and Suggestions...


United States; When, Where and by Whom Settled ... Highest Tovers, Monuments, etc., in the World..

229 United States Army; Its Strength at Various Dates ...... How to Teach Writing: Programme of Lessons .. How to Ascertain the Present Value of a Widow's Dover

Visiting and Business Cards, forms of ........... Introductions, Directions for ......

141 Vocabulary of Rhymes; Rhyming Dictionary........ Influence of the Moon on the Growth of Plants. Insurance Tables.........

Wages Table; Showing Earnings per Hour, Day, etc. ........ .226 Interest Tables; How to Compute Interest ..

Wedding Ceremonies, Etiquette of ...........
Invitation to Receptions, Forms of .................

Weights, Measures, Variations of Time, etc...
Weights of a Cubic Foot of Metals, Liquids, etc...

.226 Kindness to the Erring ..........


Wills, Forms of .....

206 Wedding Dresses, Directions for ..

160 Landlord and Tenant; Forms of Leases .. 202 Wife's Duty to Husband.....

....161 Largest Churches and Theaters; Their Capacity .. ..229 | Writing for the Press, Rules and Directions for.


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PENMANSHIP. Introductory Remarks, System of Penmanship,- Copies,— Principles,— Im

portance of Practice,- Pens, . . . Paper,— Ink,— Other Writing Materials,– How to

Practice, - - Position while Writing, Position for Sitting and Holding the Pen, . Legibility,– Proportion of Small Letters,— Relative

Proportion of Letters in Large Round-hand,- Ele.

ments of Small Letters, . . . . General Hints for Small Letters, – Principles of Capi.

tal Letters - Capital Letters, Views of the Correct Positions for Holding Hand and

Pen while Writing, - - - Views Representing Incorrect Positions for Hand and Pen while Writing,

Nature's Rules,- Curved Lines, Proportion, . Contrast, — Position of Hand in Flourishing,— Plain

Penmanship and Flourishing, - - . Correct Position for Standing while Writing, . Correct and Incorrect Positions for Sitting and Hold

ing the Pen, . . Small Letters Contrasted, Showing Probable Faults,

Right and Wrong, - Description of the Plates Lithographic Copies of Alphabets, Figures, Words, and

Sentences, - . Blackboard Flourishing,– Teaching Penmanship,

The Twelve-lesson System, How to Organize the Writing Class - How to Main

tain Interest, - - - - Lithographic Copies Representing Ladies' Penmanship,

Containing Alphabets, Figures, Words, and Sentences,Business Penmanship, Showing Letter of In

troduction, - - - - - How to Arrange Copies,— Commencement of the

Writing School, - - - - Programme of Exercises for Each Lesson. First

Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Lessons Lithographic Copies Comprising Off - hand Capitals,

Round - hand, and Flourishing, - - Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, Ninth, and Tenth Lessons, Eleventh and Twelfth Lessons, . . Lithographic Copies Representing Fine Penmanship

and Flourishing, - Pen-pictures of Birds, etc., Suggestions to Teachers, - - -

General Directions for Writing Short-Hand, -Posi-

tion for Holding the Pen when Writing Short-
Hand, - - - - - - - 44

Spelling,—Names of Elementary Sounds, - Letters -

Rules for Spelling,-Classified list of Words of
Similar Pronunciation that are Spelled Differently,
-Spelling by Sound, - - - - 48-51

Capital Letters,—Rules for the Use of Capitals - 52

Examples,— Punctuation Marks ,- Rules for Punc-

tuation, - - . - - - 52-53
Marks of Pronunciation, Marks Directing Attention,

Grammar, - Mistakes Corrected, - -
30-31 Slang Phrases and Profanity,--Declamation of Origi-

nal Composition, . . -
Writing as an Aid to Exte. opore Speaking, -
Composition, - .
Brevity in Telegrams,
Rhetorical Figures,—Metaphor.-Allegory,—Personi-

fication,- Metonymy,—Synecdoche,–Irony,-Par34 alipsis, -Climax, - - .

Allusion,— Exclamation, - Interrogation.— Euphem

ism, -Apostrophe,–Vision,

Summary,-Laws of Language, -Specific Directions, 34-35 -Rules of Construction, - - -

35 Examples Given of over Eleven Thousand Synonym-

ous Words, Whereby the Writer is Not Only
Given the Spelling of all Common Words, but is

Enabled with this Table to avoid the Disagreeable 36-37 Fault of Tautology or Repetition of Words,

63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70 38

71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78

LETTER-WRITING. 38–39 | Style and Manner,-Originality, - -

39 | Parts of a Letter,—Purity of Expression,-Form,


[blocks in formation]


Recommending a Salesman, — Recommending a

School-Mistress,-Recommending a Book-keeper,

Recommending a Waiter, — Recommending a

Cook,-Recommending a Washerwoman,-Recom-

mending a Porter,—Declining to Recommend a

Cook, . . . . . .


Expressions of Condolence, — To a Friend, on the

Death of a Husband,-Reply to the Foregoing -

On the Death of a Mother,—On the Death of a

Brother, - - -

On the Death of a Wise,—On the Death of a Sister,

-On the Death of a Daughter,-On the Death of

an Infant,-On a Sudden Reverse of Fortune, .


Form of a Letter Congratulating a Friend upon

Election to Office, - . -


Congratulating a Friend upon Receiving a Legacy,-

Congratulating a Gentleman upon his Marriage.-

Congratulating a Friend upon the Birth of a Son,-

Congratulating a Friend upon the Twenty-fifth

Anniversary of his Wedding, -Congratulating a

Lady upon her Approaching Marriage, -Congrat-

ulating a Friend upon passing a Successful School

Examination,-Congratulating an Author upon the

Success of his Book, — Congratulating a Friend

upon Obtaining a Business Situation, - -


General Directions,-Form of Superscribing a Letter

of Introduction, -Letter Introducing one Gentle-

man to Another,—Introducing one Lady to An-

other,-Introducing a Young Musician to a Lady

Friend,- Introducing an Officer to a Brother Officer.

Introducing a Gentleman Seeking a Clerkship,-In-

troducing a Sister to a Schoolmate,- Introducing

a Clerk to an Old Fellow-clerk, - Introducing a

Student to the Writer's Mother,--Introducing a

Friend to a Member of Congress,— Introducing a

Literary Lady to a Publisher,- Introducing a

Daughter about to Make a Visit, • •


General Directions,-Letter Advising a Young Lady

to Refuse Gifts from Gentlemen, - - -

Letter of Advice to a Young Man to Beware of Bad

Company,-Advising a Young Gentleman against

a Hurried Marriage, -Advice to a Gentleman on

the Subject of Health,—Advice to an Orphan Boy,


General Directions,—Letter Apologizing for a Broken

Engagement, — Apologizing for Failure to Pay

Money Promptly,–Excuse to a Teacher for Non-

attendance of Child at School, — Apology for

Breaking a Business Engagement, — Apology for

Delay in Returning a Book, . . .

To Royalty,—To Nobility, -

To Baronets,—To Knights,—Titles of Honor, Profes-

sion, and Respect,


How to Write Straight on the Envelope, - -

Form of Superscription on Envelope, to Circulate

within the United States, - - - -

Letter to England,

. .

Letter to Germany,—Letter to Ireland, -Letter from

Germany,-Letter to be Returned in Ten Days, -
Suggestions, - - - - -


General Directions, -Ordering Goods - .

Form of a Letter Ordering Books, - Form of an

Order to a Dry-Goods Merchant,-From a Young

Man Commencing Business to a Wholesale House,

Enclosing Order,-Requesting Information Con-

cerning the Opening of a Store, -Answer to the


- - - - -

Enquiry Concerning Real Estate --- Letters of Res.

ignation,- Letter Complaining of Error in Bill,

-Answer to the Foregoing—An Application for

Situation on a Railway,–Recommending a Suc-

cessor in Business,—Notice of having Forwarded

Goods,—Requesting a Friend to make Purchases,

Requesting Settlement of Account, Reply to the

Foregoing, -Urging Payment of Rent,—Letter to

a Pioneer Settler in the West, —Answer to the

Foregoing, . - - - -


Letters Answering Advertisements,– Miscellaneous

Advertisements,—“ Wanted,"—Answer to an Ad-

vertisement for an Assistant Editor, - .
General Directions,-Letter from a Boy Applying for

a Clerkship,-From a Young Lady Applying for a
Clerkship in a Store, —Answering an Advertise-
ment for a Book-keeper, -Answering an Advertise-
ment for a Cook,—Answer to an Advertisement for
a Chambermaid, — Application for a Situation as a

Gardener, - - - - - -
Application for a Situation as a Coachman,-Appli-

cation from a Governess Answering an Advertise-
ment.-Requesting Information as to the Character
of a Governess,-Favorable Reply to the Foregoing,
-Unfavorable Reply to the Foregoing,-Answer-
ing an Advertisement for an Apprentice to a Dress-
maker,-Answer to an Advertisement for a Music-
teacher, - Answering an Advertisement for an

Apprentice to a Printer, · · · ·

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